It looks like drone is more susceptible to ‘attack’, be it accidental or not, than we thought. This latest footage that went viral once again proves that no drone is safe. In this instance, it appears that a Typhoon H was busy minding its own business of filming U.S. Kids Golf number one player, Rudy Kavanagh while she was putting out a drive at the Magenta Shores Golf Course in NSW, Australia. The otherwise ordinary drive turns out be a costly one for the drone operator as that one drive managed to knock the $1,900 drone out of the sky, or at least it appears to be the case. A drone taken out intentionally or not always gets the Internet talking, but this particular video not only gets the Internet jury talking but also judging and for good reasons.

The thing is, when the golf ball hit the drone, something came off – a landing gear, supposedly – but it remained hovering for a couple of second before it went crashing to the side and into a grassy patch. Some ‘experts’ pointed out that it was the landing gear that was ejected out (along with some unidentified tiny bits) which shouldn’t have cause the aircraft to crash since all rotors appeared to be intact. Some even pointed that even if a rotor fail, the design of a multi-rotor vehicle like such should enable it to continue to operate.

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With all these ‘suspicious’ elements, it is only natural that the Internet comes to a conclusion that this video is nothing more than a marketing stun and the fact that the video’s description invite viewers to donate, via GO FUND ME page, to help little Rudy to get to the next year’s U.S. Kids World Golf Championship and other tournaments did not quite help with the credibility of this video. If anything, at least it proved that this little girl can drive better than me and also, she has the bragging right of being a “drone killer.” Real or staged, there’s a worthy take away for drone operators here: never fly this close in front of a golfer when he or she is teeing off.

Image: screengrab via YouTube video.

YouTube via PetaPixel

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