It looks like if you are contemplating turning Prometheus or even Die Hard into a play, it is not entirely farfetched as proven by students and teachers of North Bergen High School in U.S. state of New Jersey. Around 16 students and three teachers from the school’s drama club, scripted, produced and performed a play based on Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror flick, Alien.

North Bergen High School Alien The Play

Well, it looks like the idiom of “when there’s a will, there’s a way” played out perfectly here – even when you are strung on budget. According to a report, the play, which was performed on March 19 and 25 at the school’s auditorium, was made on a “relatively shoestring budget.” The play, entitled Alien: The Play, features props and costumes made from discounted and donated materials.

North Bergen High School Alien The Play

Most impressively were, they managed to create the xenomorph costume, several convincing spacesuits and recreated the classic face-hugger scene too. Who would have thought that an Alien movie as a play was even possible? I bet nobody even dream of it. I guess these bunch of students and teachers weren’t those ‘nobody’. Talk about boldly going where no one would.

Now we wait for a musical version. Any taker?

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