Alpine Alpenglow Concept Car

What you see here is the Alpine Alpenglow Concept Car revealed at last month’s Paris Motor Show. It looks like something out of sci-fi series, or a car more closely related to Vision Gran Turismo. It is a bold concept. Not just in the design but the tech.

Alpine Alpenglow Concept Car

In an era where most automakers took the quick way of sustainability by going battery electric and sacrificing the joy associated with an internal combustion engine, the French automakers proposed a new sustainable approach: a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

With its hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine, Alpenglow aims to deliver the same driving pleasure of an Alpine car on both closed circuits and the open road, with clean emissions. In other words, it strikes a balance between driving an IC-engine automobile and going clean and green.

Alpine Alpenglow Concept Car

Alpenglow is an F1-style single-seater car with the driver seated in a teardrop-shaped cockpit, flanked by two 700-bar cylindrical hydrogen tanks. The F1 vibe is unmistakable.

It is a concept that offers a peek into the Alpine future of sustainable race cars and as such, it has minimal details.

However, we do know a few things, including it has a racing-inspired steering wheel featuring two transparent, backlit paddle shifters, two selectors with a range of controls like ‘Track Control’ and  ‘Regenerative Braking’, and an ‘Overtake’ button for a boost of extra power.

Alpine Alpenglow Concept Car

We also know it is 5 meters (16.4 feet) long, 2 meters (6.6 feet) wide, and under a meter (3.3 feet) tall.

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Alpine expects the Alpenglow to be constructed partly from recycled carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the wheels are made out of transparent material.

Overall, the car projects a very sci-fi, almost too unrealistic concept and yet very exciting future for motoring. We felt like we have been transported into the vehicle just by looking at the vehicle.

You may learn more about Alpine’s radical concept HERE.

All images courtesy of Automobiles Alpine [FR].