conceived by former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci, the Bang Bang Colorful Solar-powered Tents are designed with mega events, such as music festivals, in mind. breaking the tent design convention, these solar-powered tents opt to go with colorful, printed skin as oppose to unprinted dull colored item, so that your tent will stand out from the sea of typical blue or grey tents, making your tent easier to spot. additionally, each tent comes standard with a 5W solar panel and lithium battery pack, and USB charging adapters that you can use to keep your portable USB-powered devices such as your smartphone or even LED lighting, juiced while you out at the festival.

though it boast a solar panel, it is far from being integrated, which we would love to see one day. it will be cool if the fabric could one day double as a solar panel to get the most out of what Mother Nature has to offer. anyway, that’s just our wish list, but for now, having a tent with an integrated pocket inside the rear of the tent designed for the said solar panel is our best bet. these solar-powered tents are designed for up to four adults and are available in six awesome styles. so whether you are planning to camp over at the next big music or sport event, or just want to break away from those monotonous items, the Bang Bang Colorful Solar-powered Tents might be worthy of a consideration. you can get yours from Bang Bang Tents’ website for £175, or about US$288.

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Bang Bang Colorful Solar-powered Tents

Bang Bang Tents via Inhabitat

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