can you wear a bag instead of carrying it?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - in tote bag form 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)
there are times when you feel like going empty handed to the malls and do some window shopping. but of course with some cash and credit or bank cards. as you go along, you (pretend to) unexpectedly starts to amass a whole lot of merchandise, resulting in lots of shopping bags to carry. no hands? not to worry, just take out your vest and with some structured fiddling and you will have a tote bag at hand to stuff in all your newly acquired merchandise.

sounds impossible? definitely not impossible to designer Rotem Lewinsohn. Rotem Lewinsohn concept, aptly called Wear Me Bag, is a vest, errr… bag… can do just that. starting off as a fashionable vest (in grey, a color usually associated with space-age or sci-fi), a lady wears on her and when extra storage is required, simply remove the vest and systematically converts the vest into a tote bag (see photo below). it looks pretty cool in tote bag form too. wow. can we have a version for man too?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - how to wear 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)

via Yanko Design

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