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designer Tokidoki released six new iPhone 4 cases

tokidoki iphone 4 cases main 544x311px
(image credit: Tokidoki) Tokidoki iPhone 4 Cases | US$34.95 |

i have always like Tokidoki oriental style ever since i first came across it on the Computer Arts magazine many years ago. years later, Tokidoki has grew from strength to strength and has a full range of merchandise under its belt, including these newly released Tokidoki iPhone 4 snap cases. there are six designs in total including the iconic ‘Discoteca’ illustration and the ‘Monogram’ design. i would think it is a must have for Tokidoki-aficionados. the Tokidoki iPhone 4 snap case retails for $34.95 and is available via Tokidoki web store. Continue reading designer Tokidoki released six new iPhone 4 cases

The Giving Tree is a charging station for iPhones

The Giving Tree main 544x408px
(image credit: Kim Joonmin & Jeong-a Choi)

sculptured like a space tree, The Giving Tree spots three ‘branches’ with a cable in each ‘branch’ that can be pulled out to reach the phone to charge them, though we are not sure if the green cords are retractable. this charging station does look like something i would buy. very simple and neat. the concept photos shows the standard 30-pin Apple connectors – so it might not be for everyone but it is something i could use for two iPhones and iPad. sweet. build it!

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The Giving Tree img1 600x500px The Giving Tree img2 600x450px

via Yanko Design

new iPhone 4 cases from A Bathing Ape x Gizmobies

BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 Cases for NIGOs Favorite Shop 544x311px
(image credit: BAPE) Bathing Ape x Gizmobies iPhone 4 Cases | ¥4,200.00 |

Gizmobies has teamed up with BAPE to release a series of iPhone 4 cases slapped with none other than BAPE signature prints. different designs will be available at different stores and reportedly “with the most vibrant being reserved for Nigo’s Favorite Shop, a Japanese members-only store.” hmmm, it simply means you are not going to have this case unless you are in Japan. aside from the members-only item, i could imagine BAPE fans hitting stores after stores just to hunt down the design that they fancy.

it is also a new area for Gizmobies as decals are what they are first known for. speaking of which, are we really talking about cases and not decals? the case is set to retail at ¥4,200 (about US$51) and fans can expect “the first few releases” to be available from February 11.

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BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 Cases for BAPE Store 800x311px BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 cases for NIGOs Favorite Shop 800x311px BAPExGizmobies iPhone 3/3GS & iPhone 4 cases 690x800px

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move over leather, quilted leather is the new name in style

HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case main 544x311px
(image credit: H by Harris) H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case | £165.00 |

black speaks of sophistication and quilted leather exemplifies classical luxurious style which is what the black quilted leather iPad case from H by Harris represents. we have seen countless leather iPad case but this one stands out from the leathery crowd. this H by Harris item features a double black zip side closure, one narrow oblong pocket and two large internal pockets, and of course, slapped with a handsome designer’s plague. the exterior is of 100% leather and the interior, cotton twill lining.

H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case measures 11-inches by 8.5-inches and retails at £165.00 (about US$266) from Browns online store. not exactly cheap, but that’s the price of luxury – just in case you don’t already know. if the quilted leather iPad case isn’t enough for the quilted leather lover folks, H by Harris has a collection of quilted leather goods including laptop case, backpack, tote, weekend bag and an very unique jacket that has a zip-on backpack on its back.

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HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - zipped 540x540px HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - opened 540x540px

DODOcase now comes in limited special Valentines Edition

DODOcase Valentines Edition main 544px
(image credit: DODOcase) DODOcase for iPad – Valentines Edition | US$74.95 |

if you are still looking for an unique iPad case, DODOcase has a very limited special Valentines Edition for yourself or your love one this Valentines’ Day. made from red faux leather instead of the standard black, and constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques, the special edition DODOcase features a gold heart embossed on the spine and a gold embossed DODOcase logo on the back. it certainly looks deliciously beautiful. Continue reading DODOcase now comes in limited special Valentines Edition

Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case main 544x311px
(image credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case | €49.00 |

not every one uses a wallet or purse (for ladies) but we still do need to carry some cash one way or another. however, there are times we just want to grab our phone, some cash or credit cards and hit the club and that’s where the Hard Graft‘s Pocket Phone Case comes in. it has a pocket that fits your phone between two layers of 3-mm thick asphalt or concrete grey wool and it also has a leather pocket that will hold two credits and some cash. ideal for those who prefer to ‘travel light’ especially on those chill out sessions. Continue reading Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards

make your iPhone your car’s black box with iCar Black Box

iCar Black Box 544x311px
(image credit: iCar Black Box) iCar Black Box app | US$0.99 |

if you ever met with a car accident, you would appreciate the importance of video evidence of the unfortunate event. a video recording can do away with unnecessary disputes, thus resulting in sooner resolution of the accident. to capture such crucial footage, you can purchase one of those costly in-car camera or you can just get an app for 99 cents to turn your iPhone into a car black box.

the iCar Black Box uses the iPhone’s GPS, accelerometer, clock and date functions to do its job. the app not only records down video but also details such as the location of the accident displayed on a map, speed of the car, time and date of the accident – all which are vital info and evidence of who’s wrong doing resulting in the unfortunate accident. in the event of an accident, the accelerometer detects sudden jerk from an emergency brake or impact and ask if you wish to save the footage. hitting the ‘OK’ on your iPhone screen, the footage leading up to the accident will be saved. user also has a choice of manually activating the recording via the Emergency Record screen button. the app will also prompt the user if he or she wants to contact the police with a pre-assignable emergency number.

of course, in order to execute the recording, your iPhone has to have a clear view of the front of your vehicle which means it has to be mounted on the windshield of your vehicle, thus not everyone (me included), will feel comfortable with the set-up and not to mention the cables that might be hanging down at the sides of the iPhone. you certainly can do without the cable, but your iPhone might run the risk of running low on juice by the time you get to your destination.

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iCar Black Box screenshot img1 480x320px iCar Black Box screenshot img2 320x480px iCar Black Box img3 480x320px

iPad jacket lets you use and keep your iPad at your chest

Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover 544px
(image credit: Alphyn Industries) Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover | US$285.00 |

we are familiar with iPad case, how about going one step further by tucking it close to your chest, literally? the Alphyn IndustriesPADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover lets you do just that. the PADX-1 has a built-in iPad case much like an upsized pocket for your iPad integrated into the jacket.

the PADX-1 looks just like another jacket with a pair of kangaroo pockets at the sides and a zipper pocket that flips out to reveal an iPad case. when unzipped, it reveals your iPad, complete with load bearing harness system at the chest and shoulders to support the iPad and distributes the weight across the upper body, reducing fatigue. well, not that the iPad adds a lot weight but the thing is, with this system, you can virtually free up both hands and use them (yes, both of them) to touch your device or do whatever things other than holding up your iPad. yep, that’s right. no holding required, as the patented LEDGE pocket flap does the job of holding the iPad for you. sounds like a jacket a geek would love to have.

the jacket itself is made of advanced waterproof, thermal soft-shell for a perfect balanced of strength, stretchability and softness. the PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover retails for $285 and is available now from Alphyn Industries online store. if you love your iPad and don’t mind looking like a hot dog seller in a Super Bowl game, the PADX-1 lets you keep your iPad closer to your heart… literally.

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Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover - this is how you use it 600x320px Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover in action 600x320px Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover - zipped up 600x320px Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover in action 500x720px Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom pullover unzipped 528x600px

Appgun uses your iPhone to see and shoot aliens

Appgun img1 544x311px
(image: Electric Pig) Apptoyz Appgun | £20.00
if you are bored with the lack of reality in shooter games on iPhone, then check the Appgun out. the plastic gun, when uses with the appropriate game, takes advantage of the augmented reality of the iPhone to let user immerse in a game of scoping out those nasty aliens.

the game uses the iPhone camera to view the environment and superimpose the aliens in it. all you have to do is to ‘aim’ at the aliens and unload some virtual rounds into them. the guns is equipped with left and right triggers to fire off normal rounds and lopping some stun bombs. slated to be available in April, the app is free while the gun cost £20.00 (about US$32). Continue reading Appgun uses your iPhone to see and shoot aliens

Be A HeadCase turns your iPhone into a bottle opener

Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 544x360px
(image credit: Be A HeadCase) Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener Case | from US$19.99 |

what do you know? your iPhone can assist you in popping open your next booze, announcing with an anthem and keeps count on how many bottles you have popped. sounds impossible? you can, with the Be a HeadCase Bottle Opener case. basically, the Be a HeadCase is a ABS hard shell iPhone case coated with rubber with a stainless steel bottle opener built into its back.

so how does the case knows that you are popping your bottle of booze? well, your iPhone is the one that is going to know that, not the case. for a complete experience with the Be a HeadCase bottle opener case, first you gotta download and install the Bottle Opener Case app available free on the iTunes store. once installed and launched, the iPhone’s accelerometer will detects when there’s an opening action and displays an image and sound of your choice to celebrate the occasion.

in case you are those who keeps count of everything that you do, the app also keep tracks of how many bottle of booze you have opened. Be a HeadCase bottle opener case is available in black or pink and has cases for both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. there’s a blackberry version coming soon too. prices starts from $19.99 for iPhone 3GS, $24.99 for the iPhone 4 and Blackberry versions.

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Be a HeadCase bottle opener case img1 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case free app 400x600px

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