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Be A HeadCase turns your iPhone into a bottle opener

Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 544x360px
(image credit: Be A HeadCase) Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener Case | from US$19.99 |

what do you know? your iPhone can assist you in popping open your next booze, announcing with an anthem and keeps count on how many bottles you have popped. sounds impossible? you can, with the Be a HeadCase Bottle Opener case. basically, the Be a HeadCase is a ABS hard shell iPhone case coated with rubber with a stainless steel bottle opener built into its back.

so how does the case knows that you are popping your bottle of booze? well, your iPhone is the one that is going to know that, not the case. for a complete experience with the Be a HeadCase bottle opener case, first you gotta download and install the Bottle Opener Case app available free on the iTunes store. once installed and launched, the iPhone’s accelerometer will detects when there’s an opening action and displays an image and sound of your choice to celebrate the occasion.

in case you are those who keeps count of everything that you do, the app also keep tracks of how many bottle of booze you have opened. Be a HeadCase bottle opener case is available in black or pink and has cases for both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. there’s a blackberry version coming soon too. prices starts from $19.99 for iPhone 3GS, $24.99 for the iPhone 4 and Blackberry versions.

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Be a HeadCase bottle opener case img1 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case action shot 600x600px Be a HeadCase bottle opener case free app 400x600px

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SwitchEasy Odyssey is the first 3-piece iPhone case

SwitchEasy Odyssey - Black img1 544x311px
(image credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEassy Odyssey | US$29.99 |

new from SwitchEasy is this 3-piece hybrid iPhone 4 case, dubbed the Odyssey. yea, it’s a hybrid alright. hybrid in the sense that a few materials were used to form up this 3-piece case. aesthetically, the Odyssey has a very retro feel to it and it kind of reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey (MGM, 1968). the Odyssey uses materials like the ADSP (adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) for the inner casing, super tough polycarbonate for the frame and a scratch-resistant hydro polymer for the back panel. looks like SwitchEasy really takes the iPhone case design very seriously and took great effort to ensure the Odyssey is not only aesthetically beautiful but also provides serious protection for your iPhone 4.

it came as a surprise that the Odyssey iPhone 4 case’s retail price remains affordable, at $29.99, despite the 3-piece construction and the choice of materials used. with this price, it comes packaged with a full suite of accessories which include two interchangeable back panels (choice of two color options), two anti-static screen protectors, one micro-fiber wipe, one squeegee screen protector applicator, two universal dock adapters (in pearl white and piano black), one video dock stand, two power jack connector protectors and two 3.5mm headphones jack protectors. wow. that sounds like a lot of ‘freebies’ that comes with a modest $29.99 retail price tag.

the Odyssey comes in a choice of seven colors combo for you to choose from. no dimensions were given, but judging from the photos, it is safe to say it might just add a little bulk to the slim iPhone 4. well, the bulking up is the price to pay (beside paying for price of the case) for that extra protections.

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SwitchEasy Odyssey - 3-piece construction 579x600px SwitchEasy Odyssey - the package 600x600px

check out this awesome transparent iPhone 4 case mod

transparent iPhone 4 case mod img1 544px
(image credit: wkmarken)

if you think the ‘tear down’ look decal for iPhone 4 is way too lame, perhaps you would like to go one step further like this person, known only as wkmarken, did: replacing both the front and back covers with true transparent versions. once installed, you will get to see the full glory of its innards, well, actually not a lot to be seen. really. perhaps, more of a novelty than anything else.

apparently, the cover wasn’t transparent originally but the owner managed to remove the paint from the replacement cover, turning them into a transparent item. i find it hard to believe. how did he managed to remove the paint of the covers while keeping the Apple logo, iPhone text and those almost unreadable tiny text perfectly intact? if he actually did, he’d be one hell of a craftsman. or perhaps, the logo and text are on the inside while the paint on outside?

images bar 150x67 wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img1 600px wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img2 540px wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img3 540px

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adding juice to your iPhone 4 without adding the bulk

MiPow Maca Air Power Case 544px
(image credit: MiPow) MiPow Maca Air Power Case for iPhone 4 | about US$77.00 |

iPhone users are constantly plaque by short battery lifespan and the much publicized antenna issue. users counter these problems with portable batteries and iPhone case, which in anyway, most users would have them even the antenna issue isn’t present. floating around the market these days are cases that provide additional juice to your iPhone and also double-up as a protective case and here’s one more to add to the list. this item from MiPow, dubbed the Maca Air Power Case, is touted to be “the slimmest power case in its class (i.e. 1200 mAh) measures just 13.3-mm thick.

the Maca Air Power Case features a Mac-style battery level indicator and a power on/off switch, allowing user to turn on the charging only when needed. yep, there is no automatic switching like some of the power cases have. this could be due to its slim factor that limits the circuitry allowed within. the case come supplied with a micro USB cable for recharging the case and also to sync with the iTunes which eliminates the need to remove the case when syncing with iTunes. aesthetically, the case has an anodized aluminum back plate which allow user to customize with laser etching and framing the power case is a transparent frame with full-access to all the buttons and controls of the iPhone 4.

sandwiched in this slim form factor power case is a 1200 mAh Lithium-polymer battery which is capable of providing up to180-hours standby time, 3-6 hours of talk time depending on whether it is on 3G or 2G network, 3-hours and 5-hours web surfing on 3G and WiFi respectively, 20-hours of additional audio playback or 5-hours of video playback.

this time, iPhone disguises itself as a calculator

Retro Calculator iPhone case back 544x311px
(image credit: ETSY) iPhone Retro Calculator case | US$19.50 |

at a glance, this looks just like another old school calculator complete with the staple solar-panel but wait, is that a camera peeking out at the corner that i see? yea. that’s right it isn’t really a calculator. its a clear iPhone 4 case with an old school calculator-with-solar-panel decal slapped to its back. how cool is that?

warning: do not frantically try to punch numbers with it to do your math cos’ it is, after all, a decal not a real calculator. instead, you can actually use iPhone calculator app. the Retro Calculator iPhone case is available at $19.50 at Etsy.

images bar 150x67 Retro Calculator iPhone case back 600px Retro Calculator iPhone case front 600px

old school pencil stylus for touch screen devices

Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus img1 544px
(image credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus | £7.50 |

old-school lover? love stylus? well, just whip out this stylus with electro-conductive rubber in the form of an old-school pencil that you used to scribble or doodles on your classroom desk, i mean notepad while your elementary school teacher was babbling away. i was never a fan of stylus, which is probably why i embrace the capacitive touch screen so much but the touch-screen stylus from Suck UK is too ‘comically’ cute (it’s fat, alright?) to give it a pass. at least, worthy a post. the best part is, it works with both capacitive and resistive touch screens, therefore it will works on iOS and Androids devices, and even credit card swiping machine. i heard someone asking about the eraser… no, the eraser is purely for aesthetic purpose.

just imagine grabbing hold of your bud’s touch screen device and starts scribbling with the touch screen pencil which is going to give him a shock of his life. just make sure you have the correct pencil and not the real pencil, else it will turn into a really unpleasant scenario. don’t say we didn’t warn you. touch-screen stylus retails for £7.50 and it’s available via Suck UK online store.

RedEye Mini equips your iOS devices with infrared

ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img1 544px
(image credit: ThinkFlood) ThinkFlood RedEye Mini Universal Remote for iPhone and iPad | US$49.00 |

we have seen gadgets that turn your iOS devices into an universal remote control. while some are more sophisticated, some are just straight forward simple, like the ThinkFlood RedEye mini Universal Remote which uses infrared signals to control your TV, DVD, stereo system and pretty much anything that uses infrared signals. instead of a separate hardware to translate bluetooth or WiFi signals to infrared, the RedEye mini puts infrared on your iOS devices in the form of a petite 3.5mm jack-equipped dongle. of course, you will need the free app from ThinkFlood, simply called RedEye, to work.

running the RedEye mini is as simple as plugging it into your iOS devices headphone jack, launch the accompanying app and walah, you are in control. like all faithful universal remote tailored for iOS devices, the RedEye mini supports activity-based control, multi-touch, learning capability and of course, motion gestures. i can’t help but to feel the iPhone with the RedEye mini on, does look a little like an antenna stub. well, that’s an observation. RedEye mini retails at $49 and is available over at ThinkFlood website. i guess it’s the most affordable universal remote to date.

the RedEye mini works with 2nd to 4th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3/3GS/4 and iPad running on iOS 3.0 or later.

images bar 150x67 ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img1 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img2 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img3 600px
images bar 150x67 ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img4 600px ThinkFlood RedEye Mini img5 600px

MONAX gives your iPhone muscles to cope in the battlefield

Lockheed Martin MONAX img1 544px
(image credit: Lockheed Martin)

we have reaped much benefits from iPhone and its apps, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used in the battlefield as well. Lockheed Martin has just a device, called MONAX, that adapts our everyday iPhone to suit the battlefield condition and usage. the best part? it doesn’t use your everyday telco but peg on a secured military 3G network through the MONAX XG Base Station on the ground or airborne.

what’s an iPhone without apps? there’s even a military app store with a host of of apps such as facial identification app for checkpoint use and cyber security situation awareness app among others. MONAX can be accessorized too, with optional screen-sensitive gloves, for example.

images bar 150x67 Lockheed Martin MONAX img1 800px Lockheed Martin MONAX img2 800px Lockheed Martin MONAX img3 480px


BrickCase4 lets you brick you iPhone, in a fun way

SmallWorks BrickCase4 544x311px
(image credit: SmallWorks) SmallWorks BrickCase4 | US$19.90 |

Lego fans (me included) will love this ‘Lego-compatible’ case from SmallWorks that has studs on its back (and two on top) for fans to don their iPhone with their favorite Danish bricks. it is a proper iPhone case, complete with cut-outs for camera/flash, volume, power on/off et cetera. although the cut-out for camera/flash does looks a little awkward, but what do we care as long as it works.

the BrickCase4 comes in choice of clear, white or black and retails for $19.90 on Amazon. time to gather some loose Lego bricks and let you imagination take the lead.


SuperHero and SD card has your iPhone back covered

iomega SuperHero img1 544px
(image credit: iOmega) iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone | US$69.90 |

when was the last time you backup your iPhone? regular syncing keeps your iPhone data backup on your PC or Mac updated, just in case something unfortunate happens to your iPhone. however the problem is, most of us do not religiously backup our iPhone. we only do the minimum, that is to charge it. iomega recently announced a dock for iPhone and iPod Touch that charges and backup your iOS device at the same time without having to connect to your PC or Mac. the device, called SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone, looks like any other dock from the front, but at its back is a SD card slot with a 4GB SD card that backup your iPhone while you charges it. i guess that makes the SD card the SuperHero’s sidekick. the SD card is upgradable if more storage capacity is required or switch to another SD card to backup another iPhone.

in order to get the device to work, you are required to download and install an app, aptly called SuperHero iPhone Backup app, which is available free on the appstore. the dock connects directly to a wall outlet. to charge and backup, simply dock your iPhone or iPod Touch to the SuperHero, the SuperHero app launches automatically and present you a couple of options such as ‘Backup’ or ‘Restore’. in the case of backup, it will proceed with the backup of your contacts and photos from the camera roll to the SD card while it charges your iPhone. the app also has an ‘Options’ button for user to custom what to backup or restore.

on why iomega sees the need for this device, Jonathan Huberman, president of iomega has these to say:

Our internal research and personal experiences tell us there are many iPhone users across the globe that have their entire lives on their phones and yet they rarely if ever plug their phone into their computer and back up it up… With the Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger, if disaster strikes they can restore their contacts and photos to a new iPhone by simply docking it in the SuperHero and selecting the restore button. For millions and millions of busy iPhone users, Iomega’s SuperHero Backup and Charger is the ideal alternative to a frantic cry to all your Facebook friends to resend the contact info because you lost your phone, much less never being able to retrieve those unique photos on the phone. Iomega has created an inexpensive, practical insurance policy for every iPhone user that values the data on their phones as much or more than the phone itself.

one thing to note is that the dock and app combo only supports backup of contacts and photos from the camera roll, therefore music, videos, and calendar are not covered by SuperHero backup or restore. the iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone retails at $69.90 and is available now.

images bar 150x67 iomega SuperHero - angled front view 600px iomega SuperHero - angled back view 600px iomega SuperHero - different views 800px