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Huawei concept phone reminisces of the Nokia banana phone

Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone 544x228px
(credit: Claesson Koivisto Rune/Huawei via Akihabara) Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone | US$tbc(concept) |

remember the Nokia 8110 mobile phone? which also was affectionately known as the ‘Banana’ phone due to its curve profile and further made famous by the movie ‘Matrix’? good. you remember it, don’t you? that was the phone i would vote as my all time favorite, until now when the concept Huawei Leaf appears before my eyes. aesthetically, it is significantly different from the 8110 but somehow the profile reminisces of the banana phone. commissioned by Huawei, Claesson Koivisto Rune designed this minimalist styled phone with quite a visual impact. though keypads are so passe but i think the phone still looks great. i love the folded side profile but do we need to have a bulked up front profile? it looks just plain weird and toy-like. if it has a straight front profile, it would be perfect. good thing that it is a concept and there’s a chance to make amends but would they?
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Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone 800x578px Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone 800x578px Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone 800x578px Huawei Folded Leaf Concept Phone 800x578px

via Akihabara News

Hasbro my3D lets your experience 3D on your iDevices

Hasbro my3D viewer for iPhone / iPod Touch 544x308px
(credit: Hasbro) Hasbro my3D viewer | US$34.99 |

joining the iPhone 3D race is the Hasbro’s my3D viewer. based on the same split image concept and special apps combo, user will be able to immerse themselves in the world of 3D with their iDevices. instead of looking like Cyclops from X-men with the viewer strapped over your head, the Hasbro item resembles more like a binocular with a receptacle at the end that holds your iPhone or iPod Touch and yes, you have to hold on to the gadget like you are peeping at your neighbors with a binocular. Hasbro’s my3D compatible apps are on the AppStore but it is currently still US-only apps. which means international buyers will have to wait it out.
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the Hasbro my3D viewer cost $34.99 a pop and is available on Target online store. oh, just in case black isn’t your color, there is also a white/blue model.

images horizontal 544x38px

Hasbro my3D viewer for iPhone / iPod Touch 500x500px Hasbro my3D viewer for iPhone / iPod Touch 500x500px Hasbro my3D viewer for iPhone / iPod Touch 500x500px

RokStand: would you spend $169 to prop your iPhone up?

RokForm RokStand 544x388px
(credit: RokForm) RokForm Rokstand V.1 Adjustable Desktop Stand | US$169.00 |

i have an insatiable penchant for beautifully designed gadgets and accessories, which also explains why i’m blogging about them. i’ll be honest: when i first laid eyes on the RokForm RokStand V.1 Adjustable Desktop Stand, i like it immediately. that is, until i saw its $169 price tag. i wonder how many would love to prop up their iPhone so much that would justify such an amount for a stand? sure, it’s CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 aluminum and anodized finished, and it has precision high speed bearing and cam adjustment et cetera. but do we really need ‘high speed bearing’ for something that we probably adjust like once or twice a month?
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price aside, the RokForm is no doubt a beautiful stand and it features a 6 angles of adjustment and has a built in natural sound amplification. well, it can hold up an iPad too, if that’s what you are thinking. i guess other factors such as hand assembled, manually quality checks and individually numbered, does add all to the cost. RokForm Rokstand V.1 Adjustable Desktop Stand is available via RokForm web store and are available in several colors.

images horizontal 544x38px

RokForm RokStand 600x400px RokForm RokStand 600x400px RokForm RokStand 600x400px RokForm RokStand 600x400px RokForm RokStand 600x400px

RokForm via Oh Gizmo!

new Commodore 64: classic exterior with modern tech

Commodore 64 544x308px
Commodore 64 PC | from US$250.00 |

how many of us here remember the Commodore 64? if you’re feeling nostalgic about this classic piece of (almost) all in one PC and wishing to have a modern rendition of it. well, your wish just came true, all thanks to Barry Altman, president and chief executive of Commodore USA. he purchased the Commodore trademark last September with the goal of reviving the company and offers a product that no longer exists.

so here it is, the 21st century Commodore 64 updated with today’s latest technology while maintaining the wholesome goodness look of yesteryear’s Commodore 64. the base model (C64x Barebones) is a barebone system with just the chassis, card reader and USB port, while the mid-range is the c64x Standard which is powered by an Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core processor on a mini-ITX mainboard with power supply. other specs for the ‘standard’ model includes the specs of the Barebones model plus 2 GB DDR2 667/800MHz memory, built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth, DVD RW tray drive, 250 GB hard drive and NVIDIA Ion2 graphic card with 512 MB DDR3 RAM.

the Commodore 64 will comes with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS on disk, ready for you to install. if for some reasons you still can’t live without Windows, you can install that too. the Commodore provides a graphical boot menu during the start up from which the installed Windows can be chosen to run. along with the Ubuntu OS, a copy of the Commodore OS 1.0 along with an emulation functionality and classic game package will mailed to buyers when they are available.

prices for the Commodore 64 starts from $250 for the barebone model and run up to $895 for the top spec model. specs aside, i thought the Commodore looks pretty cool but at the same time, i find it kinda of odd seeing modern technology like DVD, USB ports and stuff on a retro-looking machine. then again, that’s where the appeal is, isn’t it? just hope your mum don’t mistaken it as the old PC she bought for you ages ago and dump it on your behalf.

Commodore USA via Geekologie / NY Times

how to eliminate shaky recording with an iPhone 4

how to eliminate shaky recording with an iPhone 4 544x428px
(credits: Midnox / Steadicam. graphics: mike)

video recording with mobile devices has progressed leaps and bounds. today, using your smartphone such as an iPhone to record HD footage is not uncommon. however, there is still a problem that’s bugging us and that’s the shaky footage associated with lightweight recording device and of course, the lack stabilizing hardware. we scour the net and we found one hardware and a software that might soft the shaky ‘blair witch project’ syndrome when recording with the iPhone 4. if you like capturing video footages with your iPhone 4, you really shouldn’t miss this. iPhone 4 takes pretty awesome HD video, it would be a shame to have the HD quality marred by shakiness. i’m sure you wouldn’t want to recreate another Blair Witch Project or Cloverdale, don’t you?

the Steadicam Smoothee is a video rig that uses counterweights to steady the rig, much like its larger counterparts for movie and television cameras. a quick release bracket on top of the main body of the rig holds your phone or camcorder and a curve metal arm with a couple counterweights extends underneath. to use the rig, user simply hold on to the pistol-style grip that is joined to the main body via a freely-moving gimbal connection. the combination of the counterweights and the free-moving main body provides the rig with stability while recording. the Smoothee also features adjustment knobs, allowing the user to move the phone/camcorder from side to side or front to back in order to achieve a perfectly balanced over the Smoothee.

SteadiCam Smoothee 544x428px
(credits: Steadicam)

check out Smoothee in action in the video after the break. looks pretty convincing to me. the Steadicam Smoothee is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and FLIP Mino HD and has a retail price of around $200.

though the Smoothee looks promising in giving a more professional footage, however, from the intro video we do notice some hints of subtle wobble which is no surprise to us, it is after all, not a full fledge video camera rig. if you have an obsession with ‘anti-shakiness’, then you are in luck. there’s a new app in town for iPhone 4 called SteadyCam Pro that might help you further smooth out a few details that Smoothee might have left out.

SteadyCam uses advanced signal processing algorithms and what Midnox claimed as “a little bit of magic” to remove the shakes in your video recording and correct for rolling shutter, all in real time. needless to say, that would take quite a processing power and hence, SteadyCam Pro is only available for iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 or later. SteadyCam Pro if free download and try but that only gives you a watermarked recording of just 15 seconds. if you like what you see, you can upgrade to the full version for $2.99. the SteadyCam Pro is available on AppStore now. check out the video of the SteadyCam in action after the break.

by combining both the hardware video rig like the Smoothee and the SteadyCam Pro app, you can truly take advantage of the power of iPhone 4 HD video recording. though, the combine price tag of $200+ is not exactly cheap for non-videographing enthusiasts but perhaps, after reviewing your nausea-inducing shaky Big Foot footages, you probably would wish you had the rig and the app to stop the shaking and had much better chance of convincing the scientists that you actually saw a Big Foot. not that i am saying Big Foot is real but you get the idea.

Midnox / Tiffen via Gizmag and Geeky Gadgets

new leather smartphone wallet from Landmarks & Lion

Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet 544x238px
(credit: Landmarks & Lions) Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet | US$46.00 |

we tend to forget things. among the things that we usually forget to take with us are mobile phone, wallet and keys. so it is a good idea to combine a wallet with a smartphone case/holder like the beautifully crafted Landmark & Lions Smartphone wallet. that way, you will have one less thing to forget or forgetting two things together at the same time, depending on how you look at it. on the up side, you have one less thing to worry. the Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet is handcrafted with cotton canvas and svelte goatskin and is good enough to hideaway an iPhone or iPod touch while stashing a couple of credit cards. we are not sure about bills, though. the Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet can be customizable to any smartphone. all you have to do is specify your smartphone’s make and model when ordering.

despite being a handcrafted leather goods and customizable, the Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet is surprisingly not overly priced. the Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet retails for $46 and is available via the Landmarks & Lions web store.

via Cool Materials

Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones: budget with style

Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy Headphones 544x344px
(credit: Tokidoki) Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy Headphones | US$59.99 |

Tokidoki announced a new collaboration headphones with fashion headphones brand Skullcandy. the result is this Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones. for a price of just $59.90, i dare say it’s more for fashion statement then audio quality. i may be wrong but as usual, any music gear always requires a serious audition. however, on the style end, the headphones covered with Tokidoki signature graphics and accented with pale gold chrome hardware is definitely a looker. Continue reading Agent Tokidoki X Skullcandy headphones: budget with style

turn your iPhone into a sleek home/office fixed line phone

iFusion SmartStation 544x311px
(credit: iFusion) iFusion SmartStation | US$149.00(pre-order) |

back in December last year, we featured Hashy Top-In docking station that turns your iPhone into a fixed line phone. that was a neat idea but it doesn’t look as polished, especially with its the 3.5 mm cable jutting out. well, there’s a new kid on the block that will fix the aesthetic ‘issue’ of the Hashy item and this new kid is the iFusion SmartStation.

the SmartStation is an integrated communications docking station for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 that harness the power of Bluetooth wireless technology, turning your iPhone into a traditional hands-free speaker fixed line phone. i’m sure you still remember how a fixed line phone looks like, don’t you? needless to say, it is designed to look like a traditional fixed line phone complete with a handset and coil cord.

the SmartStation has a built in dock connector that syncs and charges your iPhone while docked, and an audio line out port allows connecting to separate powered speakers if louder audio is required. using A2DP Bluetooth streaming, users can also enjoy their music in their iPhone over the SmartStation’s built-in speaker.

the iFusion SmartStation is available in either black or white and has a pre-order price of $149. it will start shipping sometime this month.

Thanks to Abu Beeman for the tip!

Gresso presents LUXOR WORLD TIME GOLD mobile phone

Gresso Luxor World Time Gold 544x588px
(credit: Gresso) Gresso Luxor World Time Gold | US$30,000.00 |

even though i favor smartphones over traditional mobile phones, i do appreciate a well crafted piece of mobile phone. especially one that’s exquisitely crafted and put together. joining Gresso luxurious line of mobile phones is the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold, a luxuriously crafted mobile phone for the rich folks who never got around using a smartphone (or perhaps, those who hate being out-smarted by a smartphone). aside from its striking 18K gold body, the Luxor World Time has a specially designed six independent clocks that took up just 2 millimeters of depth of the 12 millimeters thick phone.

the clocks display time of the five major business centers in the world, namely, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and Moscow. the sixth time is customizable to the user’s liking. the main screen is of two-sided sapphire crystal treated with antireflective coating and the back panel features a luxurious black Italian leather. simply dazzling. among the sea of touchscreen phones, isn’t it nice to see the traditional key pad again? well, not just any key pad. each key is made of an unique durable crystal sapphire, hand polished with diamond tools and the numbers and alphabets laser engraved.

needless to say, such intricate piece of art does not come cheap. the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold has a hefty price tag of $30,000 and is available from either Gresso official dealers or Gresso web store. fortunately, smartphone is still the communication device of choice for me, else i wouldn’t have a clue how to find that kind money for such a beautiful phone.

REETI is a robot and a media center PC rolled into one

REETI Robot Media Center PC 544x368px
(credit: Robopec) REETI Media Center PC | US$tbc |

there are times when we felt miserable watching a movie alone at home. thanks to the folks from the French firm Robopec, you might not be that lonely anymore. Robopec recently showcased the REETI which is both a media center PC and a robot. what’s impressive is that this robot, which looks to be a cross between a Shrek and frog, is capable of showing a range of emotions and response to both speech and touch. catch the REETI presentation after the break to see for yourself. i know, i’m impressed.

REETI Robot expression - Bored 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Gaze 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Sad 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Satisfied 720x480px REETI Robot expression - Stunned 720x480px

REETI has two independent cameras built into its eyes and has the ability to track people. seriously, the tracking part does creep me out. words are that REETI would be seeing production at some point in time but i certainly hope that they will have more design and color options by then. in the mean time, check out the presentation video after the break.

REETI via DVICE / Engadget