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your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Smart Baby Monitor | US$tbc |

another gadget that adds to the host of things iPhone can do. in fact, not just for iPhone, it will work just fine with iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, LCD TV – basically just about anything that has a screen and of course, with WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity. one of the two new products from Withings, is the Smart Baby Monitor, which (obviously) is video camera that lets your monitor your baby anywhere in the world. Continue reading your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

back to basics: Just5 launches original Spacephone

Just5 Spacephone img1 544x311px
(image credit: Just5) Just5 Spacephone | from (approx) US$128.00 |

before smartphone, the basic function of a mobile phone was to keep us connected (via voice calls, of course) wherever we go. it is hard to imagine any firm would venture into any other type of phone other than a smartphone. virtually every new phone introduced lately are smartphone but if you are one of those that does not need or simply don’t want to have anything to do with smartphone, and at the same time, refused to conform to the mundane looking non-smartphone mobile currently in the market, then Just5 might have an alternative for you.

in an age of smartphone, Just5 chose to go the other way and launches a simple, yet effective Spacephone. the Spacephone performs the basic task of making and receiving calls, text messages and does one very special thing: turn heads. it turn heads probably because it isn’t a smartphone or simply because of its huge keypad in bright color. the Spacephone comes in five deliciously bright colorful hues and for those funky at heart, there’s the limited edition BESTINSPACE Spacephone with all five hues slapped onto one phone.

incidentally, BESTINSPACE was also commissioned as the sound designers for the music tone for Spacemobile. the soft touch coating gives this mobile a slip-free user experience. the last time i held a coated phone, it was the Nexus One which certainly feels great to hold. the Spacephone comes package with a lively candy-orange charger (as opposed to usual but boring black items), stereo headsets, documentation and manual, packed inside an equally cheerful box packaging.

the ease of use and its huge keypad, would also appeal to senior users who find the mobile of today a little too complex and with keypad that’s just too tiny.

images bar 150x67 Just5 Spacephone img1 800px Just5 Spacephone img2 800px Just5 Spacephone img3 800px
images bar 150x67 Just5 limited edition BESTINSPACE Spacephone 800px Just5 Spacephone - cheerful packaging 544px

MOBIUS solar-power case doubles your iPhone juice

Eton MOBIUS 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON MOBIUS | US$tbc78.00 |

Eton is not new to everything that’s solar-powered and coming soon is the solar-power case for iPhone 4, dubbed the MOBIUS. not much real info is available at this point but the MOBIUS is touted to double your iPhone battery life with its enhanced monocrystal solar panel built onto a durable protective case – all without adding much bulk to your phone. the MOBIUS debuts at this week CES 2011 in Las Vegas, though there are no words on its pricing yet. Continue reading MOBIUS solar-power case doubles your iPhone juice

motorMOUTH II turns your car audio into Bluetooth-enabled system

SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II img1 544px
(image credit: SCOSCHE) SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II stereo handsfree & streaming audio car kit | US$79.99 |

these days, most gadgets are Bluetooth-enabled if not WiFi-enabled. even car audio are getting Bluetooth equipped but do not fret if your car audio doesn’t has Bluetooth. there’s always the SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II stereo handsfree & streaming audio car kit that will turn your car audio into a Bluetooth-enabled system with A2DP streaming capability – as long your existing audio has an auxiliary audio input.

when plugged in and pair with, for example, your iPhone, this nifty gadget allows you to perform handsfree phone calls played through your car stereo speakers and stream your music from your iPhone to the car audio system. in fact, audio streaming will work with any A2DP devices. included in the package is a ‘Y’ audio splitter which allows portable media player to be plugged in at the same time.

for some cars that has its AUX input at the center console, motorMOUTH II can be routed to the dash area using the supplied AUX relocation cable. i thought the price tag of $79.99 is a little on the high side but it’s still a much cheaper option than changing the entire dash unit.

images bar 150x67 SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II img2 544px SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II img3 544px SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II img4 544px

charge up your devices on the go using passive kinetic energy

nPower PEG img1 544px
(image credit: Tremont Electric) nPower PEG | US$159.99 |

portable chargers for our ever juice-hungry devices are not new. the norm is to get the portable charger charged up and carry it with you for those just-in-case situation. what if the portable charger ran out of juice as well? not a good thing, especially when there is not a single wall outlet in sight. nPower PEG or Personal Energy Generator from Tremont Electric is the world first hybrid portable charger that promised to address this issue.

encased within this bicycle pump-looking device is a miniaturized kinetic energy harvester which translates your everyday motion into electrical energy and store them in a built-in 1000mAh lithium polymer battery, ready to charge your portable devices. the PEG measures 9 inches tall with a width of 1.5 inches at its widest part and weighs in at 11 oz. (312 grams). placed in your backpack, for example, the PEG will constantly be charged while you are moving around and even works when your biking or traveling in an automobile.

the nPower PEG works with devices that charges with USB 2.0 standard, thus it will not work with iPad and laptops. the nPower PEG is set to retail at $159.99, and it will comes with nPower PEG, iGo cable, iGo adapter tip of your choice and an USB cable (for quick-charge the PEG from an USB port). it is a coming soon product, but you can reserve yours over at nPower website.

images bar 150x67 nPower PEG img2 544px nPower PEG img3 544px nPower PEG img4 544px

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in the age of digital music, there’s still a CD player that cost $77k

Metronome Technologie Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport close-up 544px
(image credit: Metronome Technologie) Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server | approx. £50,000 |

it is hard to believe that at this age of digital music, there would be any CD player going around, not to mention one that cost a whopping (approximately) £50,000. new from French firm, Metronome Technologie, is the Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport – a top load CD transport which features the Philips CDM12 PRO 2 pickup mechanism with custom modifications and a new clamp.

wow. unbelievable. not the specs, but the price tag. then again, there are some who still swear by cassette tapes today, so why not the Compact Disc? for those who have extremely, ultra, super-duper deep pockets and swear by CD technology, this is the one for you.

images bar 150x67 Metronome Technologie Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport img2 544px Metronome Technologie Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport img3 544px Metronome Technologie Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport img4 544px
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holy matrimony between Morpheus Music Server and Music Center

Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre with Penaudio LS 544px
(image credit: Sonneteer) Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server | US$tbc |

this week, we celebrate the holy matrimony between Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server and Morpheus Music Center. may we wish them a harmonious and happy days ahead. nah. obviously, both Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server and Morpheus Music Center are not humans but are the latest products from British luxury music systems brand, Sonneteer. hand made in UK, the music server will be showcased in this week CES 2011 working harmoniously with the music center and hand-crafted loudspeakers, Penaudio.

lets bring our attention to our groom.. i mean the music server. the Morpheus Music Server rips music CD and stores them in its 3TB hard drive. for those who experienced corrupted hard drive will appreciate that this music server employs two drives which mirror each other (i.e. RAID technology), therefore in the event that one of them should fail, your stored music will still be safe and sound. the ripped contents are catalogued with essential info such album name, artist, song titles et cetera and Morpheus Music Center ready.

this hand crafted, engraved aluminum coated music server, sits silently in on corner while the music center pull off music from it and if you have more than one music center, other music centers can also pull off music from the music server at the same time. it also has a Bluetooth option which enables streaming of music from iOS devices, Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and devices. so how much will it cost? no words yet, but i am sure it will be announced this week at the CES 2011.

images bar 150x67 Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre action shot img1 544px Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre action shot img2 544px Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre img1 544px
images bar 150x67 Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre - Ruby Red 544px Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre - close-up 544px Morpheus Music Center with Stand 544px
images bar 150x67 Morpheus Music Server - Ruby Red 544px Morpheus Music Server - Black - rear 544px Morpheus Music Server - Black - close-up 544px

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feel your game with the world first tactile controller for iPad

Ten One Design Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad img1 544px
(image credit: Ten One Design) Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad | US$24.95 |

there are console gamers and then there are iPad gamers. if you belong to the latter, then here’s a piece of good news for you. Ten One Design has started taking in pre-orders for the world first tactile controller for iPad, Fling. basically, it is a physical joystick constructed out of transparent materials which allows clear, unrestricted view of your game. Continue reading feel your game with the world first tactile controller for iPad

TETi Extreme speakers are speakers with a twist – literally

Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers img1 544px
(image credit: Book of Music) Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers | from US$9,920.00 |

unconventional speaker enclosure is not new, specially for the high-end, down-right ridiculously expensive loudspeakers. but the TETi Extreme Loudspeakers from Book of Music takes unconventional with a twist – literally. according to Book of Music, the twist of the speaker is intentional and it is a result of “careful design and experimental refinement to maintain a proper phase relationship between the two drivers.”

the TETi Extreme Loudspeakers feature a two way no conventional enclosure and spots a 6.5-inch paper cone woofer. price for being unconventional starts from $9,920 (each – not pair) for a stock finish and $10,481 for the special liquid-rubber coating. apparently, finishes can be custom too, at a higher price, of course.

Book of Music TETi Extreme Loudspeakers img2 544px

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LG Smart TV Upgrader refreshes your outdated HDTV

LG Smart TV Upgrader 544px
(image credit: LG Electronics) LG Smart TV Upgrader | US$tbc |

i always find it intriguing whenever some ‘odd’ functions device comes into the market. it makes me think “is there really a market for the new device?” i have the same thought when i read about the LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600, a little black box that promised to give any old HDTV a new lease of life. Continue reading LG Smart TV Upgrader refreshes your outdated HDTV