Apple Watch is a pricey piece of equipment and so we are kind of stumped that it does not come with a dock or something of sort to, you know, prop it up in all its glory. In any case, spreading the watch out on the desk over the magnetic charger ain’t exactly the most elegant of ways to treat a 349+ dollars gadget, is it? But as always, you can trust that third party accessories makers will be quick to move in to fill the void and so they did (which we have seen quite a few, actually), and the latest to join the growing number of Apple Watch stand is The WAVE Apple Watch Charging Stand by SchuttenWorks which, in our humble opinion, is among the sleekest to date. So called because of its wave-like shape, the WAVE is crafted from natural wood and composed of two pieces, snapped and held together by a pair of cut dowels and six strong magnets.

The WAVE Apple Watch Charging Stand by SchuttenWorks

At the top of the stand is a precision cut recess to accommodate the stock Apple Watch magnetic charger and a channel is in place within that guides the cable to the bottom and out of the back. Finally, micro suction tape is implemented at the bottom of the stand to ensure it adheres to your desk and won’t lift off when you overcome the magnetic pull of the charger to remove it from the stand. Though no details on how the magnetic charger plate is prevented from being pulled from the stand. We are assuming the same suction tape is use to make sure it stays where it should or the cut out is tight fit to prevent any lifting from happening. Though we can’t be sure.

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Aesthetically, it is attractive and the wood built also helps to break the coldness brought about by modern technology which are mostly of metal and plastic. So where can you get this beauty? Well, its being crowdfunded on Crowd Supply, where SchuttenWorks is looking to raise 4,000 bucks to take the stand to production. A pledge of $60 will land yourself The WAVE in a choice of Oregon Walnut, Curly Maple or Pitch Black. If all goes to plan, SchuttenWorks expects to kick off shipping sometime in June 2015. Keep going for product video to learn more.

The WAVE Apple Watch Charging Stand by SchuttenWorks

The WAVE Apple Watch Charging Stand by SchuttenWorks

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