Avatar: The Last Airbender Ramen Bowl With Chopsticks: Show Your Allegiance To One Of The Four Nations

Regardless which Avatar The Last Airbender nations you favor, fans of this America animated TV series are going to dig the new Avatar The Last Airbender merchandises which includes these super cool, Avatar: The Last Airbender ramen bowls.

Must-Try Items For Increasing The Comfort Levels In Your Home

Having a comfortable home to relax in is essential to many of us. If anything, this is more important than ever, particularly when amid the colder winter months and having to spend more time than ever at home, in line with the current government guidance on Covid-19.

FORMED: Concrete Basins Minus The Industrial Aesthetic

Concrete is decidedly industrial, aesthetically, but these Concrete Basins by FORMED do not look, in the tiniest bit, industrial. I guess it is perfect for concrete object lovers who prefer a less in-the-face industrial vibe. Or just anyone who appreciate a unique basin.

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Using Technology

Your house is the place you call home, the place where you enjoy relaxing, perhaps even working. In your home, you enjoy quality time with your family and friends, and building memories. You may think your home is energy efficient, especially if it is a new build, but is it?

NASA Rocket Lava Lamp Is The Perfect Marriage Between Two Icons Of The 60s

There’s no association between Lava lamp and space exploration, but somehow, it feels so apt to have a retro rocket lava lamp. More so when NASA, the name synonymous with very expensive space exploration (and now, Mars exploration), is associated with it.

Evangelion Unit-01 Entry Plug Is Now 4+ Feet Long Huggable Cushion

Evangelion Entry Plug Float is cool. But it will be strange to put a swimming float on display. Plus, I would imagine hugging an inflatable PVC resin isn’t exactly a cushy experience. That said, if you prefer an Entry Plug that look more at home in the living or the bedroom, the Evangelion Original Entry […]