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Star Wars Dart Board featuring artwork by Adam Hughes

Star Wars Dart Board
(photos: Gentle Giant) Star Wars Dart Board | US$99.99 |

everybody loves a game of dart but in case you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to own one dartboard game set for decorative sake, especially if the dartboard is styled after your favorite movie, Star Wars. the highlight here is obviously its dartboard case that’s crafted from quality hard wood and featuring the artwork of comic book artist Adam Hughes much sought-after (and sold out) lithograph “Last Daughter of Alderaan” from the 2006 Star Wars Celebration. the artwork features a desert sun backdrop with Princess Leia in her famous metal bikini that Jabba the Hut lust after so dearly, her hand clutching a Vibro-Ax. on the hardware design, the dartboard is pretty much a standard flair with metal rims, while the case features metal hinges and magnetic closure. Continue reading Star Wars Dart Board featuring artwork by Adam Hughes

Splinter Works Vessel – Hammock Bath Tub

Splinter Works Vessel - Hammock Bath Tub
(photos: Splinter Works) Splinter Works Vessel | US$tba |

to ordinary folks, hammock and bathtub has no absolute relation but UK-based design studio managed to combine these two seemingly unrelated objects into a beautiful and uniquely different bathtub, dubbed the Vessel. drawing its inspiration from a suspended hammock and taking advantage of the strength that yields from high tech material such as carbon fiber, the team has created an unique bathtub that will literally elevate your bathing experience. finally, stainless steel hardware and gold leaf are added to further improved its overall aesthetic. the end result is a one of the kind bathtub that will probably make you want to spend your time bathing. Continue reading Splinter Works Vessel – Hammock Bath Tub

Social Shower Curtain brings Social Network to your bathroom

Social Shower Curtain
(photos: Spinning Hat) Social Shower Curtain | £14.99 |

with the proliferation of social network, Facebook in particular, it is not surprisingly to find the ‘ultimate facebook addict’ who can’t leave a minute without logging on to it. we can think of two occasions that you probably can’t click your life away, and they are: in the shower and when you are in the toilet tending to your ‘business’. well, we can’t actually recommend anything for the latter, saves for the fact that you could probably bring your phone into the toilet, which you can spare us the detail. however, on the shower part, there’s actually something that could relieve you of the pain of not being able to log on even for that few minutes. meet the Social Shower Curtain, a shower curtain that features your showering activities ‘real time’ and it comes complete with a cool transparent window, ‘displaying’ your most ‘recent’ photo’. Continue reading Social Shower Curtain brings Social Network to your bathroom

Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf

Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf
(photos: Umbra) Umbra L Conceal Shelf | US$35.00 |

getting your collection of books organized and still not look way too geeky like Stephen Hawkin’s library can be quite a challenge. instead of messing with uninspiring bulky shelving, why not do it in a more stylish way like using the Umbra L Conceal Shelf? granted that there’s nothing magical in this minimalist shelf but we actually adore the floating effect that it gives to the books sitting on it. the L Conceal consists of an angled bent wood shelf with two hidden metal brackets and it can be mounted in a variety of positions, adding a stylish flair to your otherwise mundane wall. so you can either go for the standard shelving and make your room looks like an Ikea showroom or you could add some contemporary artistry on your ordinary wall. Continue reading Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf

The Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor

The Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor
(image: The Craftsman) The Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor | from US$3,000.00 |

funny that i have stumbled upon this lawn tractor just after i have slogged through mowing the lawn yesterday. so this is something that a guy who did a backbreaking chore would dream of. meet the The Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor that’s destined to hit the stores come this February for a premium sum of between $3,000 to $6,500. astronomical sum for a lawn mower but just look again, this is not your run-of-the-mill mower but one that is certain to uphold your style-factor even when you are doing your grass trimming chore. at the heart of the CTX is a 30-horsepower motor mated to a hydrostatic auto gearbox that is good for up to 8 mph forward speed and 3 mph, going the opposite way. Continue reading The Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor

Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer

Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer
(photos: Porter Cable) Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer | US$47.98 |

to be honest, we just love how the Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer looks. perhaps, it is because that it looks like a hand gun and clad in a futuristically stylish design that entices us to post it here. we probably won’t be needing to know where energy leaks or if it ever did, and there’s certainly no animal hiding within our walls that warrant such beautiful tool to track them down. in any case that you do need to do the above mentioned, the Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer is the one that let you do it in style and have your friends envious about you being the high-tech dude. oh, did we mention that there is a built-in LED that cast on the wall with either blue for cooler spot, or red, indicating it is a warmer spot? now you know. Continue reading Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer

Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light
(photos: Jake Dyson) Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light | £550.00 |

we are familiar with the classic articulated desk lamps but that kind of look doesn’t necessary appeal to everyone. so, in come the Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light that introduced a whole new way of adjusting the position of your light and adding to that, it features “advanced thermal management” system that stretches the lifespan of the bulb to a mind-boggling 37 years or more. the accompanying 8.8W LED light outputs a warm white light that’s easy on your eyes and the lamp functionality is packed with high-tech features such as touch switch, touch sensitive dimming and light level memory. in short, it has both functionality and beauty, well… at least in the industrial design perspective. Continue reading Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/ flash
(image: Jason Hull) Vintage Camera Nightlights | US$tba |

night lights for kids. don’t they just look overly cute or monotonous? even as an adult, i have always wanted to use nightlights but just because of the aforementioned, i didn’t. however, if those nightlights look like Flickr user, Jason Hull (aka Jayfish)’s creation, i would have grab it in a heart beat. what Hull did was, he converts old cameras dating back to the 50s ad 60s into awesome looking nightlights. as much as he love converting those vintage imaging devices into cool nightlights, he refrain from putting cameras that are in pristine condition or rare under the knife, which should give vintage camera enthusiasts a sigh of relief. vintage camera lovers will be glad that he only uses camera that are “lightweight plastic” and those that are produced in quantity which are easily source from the open market. Continue reading vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet – hybrid tool

Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet
(image: Wera Koloss) Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet | US$107.99 |

are hammer and ratchet the most used tools at home or at work? i am inclined to think so when we stumbled upon this hammer-ratchet hybrid tool. our passion for home improvement has our eyes trained on them in an instant and yes, you did not read wrongly, the Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet is indeed a hybrid tool combining a drop-forged hammer head with a heavy duty reversible ratchet that features a fine tooth mechanism and a minimal six 6-degree return angle. a “multi-component” Kraftform handle provides you the grip required when you are pounding and ratcheting away. Continue reading Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet – hybrid tool

Glowbar – because sometimes we need to pry in the dark

Glowbar - the Glow-in-the-dark Crowbar
(image: Glowbar Inc.) Glowbar Classic | US$79.99 |

do you feel the insatiable need to pry in the dark? yes? good, then i have a perfect tool for you: the Glowbar Classic. no. that’s not a typo, in fact, it is very aptly named as this is a Crowbar that glows in the dark. forged from high-carbon steel for extra strength, this wrecking bar is coated with hyper-phosphorescent powder coating that gives it a glow that is said to be “ten times brighter than conventional glow-in-the-dark items.” though i still can’t comprehend why would anyone need a crowbar that glows in the dark. or perhaps, the main purpose of its glow-in-the-dark function is for an easier location of the crowbar in the dark shed? come to think of it, may be all tools should have glow-in-the-dark coating so we can save a lightbulb for the tool shed. no? anyway, the Glowbar Classic cost $79.99 a pop. novelty or functional, you be the judge. another look after the break. Continue reading Glowbar – because sometimes we need to pry in the dark