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Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

Katz Bat Mirror 544x418px
(image credit: Katz) Bat Mirror | €290.00 |

what? a mirror featured here??? yeah but this isn’t just any other mirror. at a glance, it looks to be just another gothic, arty wall mirror but if you scrutinize closely, the mirror is actually the Batman logo. if Batman has a mirror, it would probably look something like this. not a bad idea cos’ the Dark Knight can check out how he looks before he heads out to bash up the villains. you know, life ain’t a bed of roses for a public figure like Batman and even a superhero needs to look sharp, don’t they? well, you can do the same too for just €290 (about US$412). i mean, just ‘the looking into the mirror’ part, the ‘bash-up-the-villians’ part is entirely optional. Continue reading Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

Burglar Blaster ward off burglars with pepper spray

Burglar Blaster 544x388px
(image credit: BedBunker) BedBunker Burglar Blaster | US$600 |

there are several ways to protect your house. there are the preventive measures such as locked doors, windows and metal grills and then there are the deterrent measures such as home security system with alarm, and security cameras. what if the burglars are not daunted by these measures? they would be inside your house in no time. scary thoughts, eh? just imagine those possessions that you bought with your hard earn money will be wipe out clean in minutes. Continue reading Burglar Blaster ward off burglars with pepper spray

Dear Ingo: Ron Gilad’s contemporary take of a chandelier

Moooi Dear Ingo Lamp 544x488px
Moooi Dear Ingo | US$3,695.00 |

chandelier has an age long history dating as far back as the Medieval period but of course, back then it was candles instead of light bulbs. to be honest, i’m not a huge fan of those glittery shiny lightings of today, however, this particular lighting caught my eyes instantly. overall, the form does reminiscent of the creepy crawly that we know but knowing that it is a lighting, i thought it’s more like a contemporary chandelier with the added bonus of articulations. designed by Ron Gilad, the Dear Ingo features 16 articulated desk lamps connected to a central ring core and comes in either black or white power coat finish. according to the information sheet which put the description as “Ron Gilads hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat delicious line between the abstract and the functional.” honestly, i have no idea what it means but heck, all i know is Dear Ingo is one cool piece of lighting and the same goes to its price tag of $3,695. wow.

via Oh Gizmo!

Shovel Master makes shoveling a less backbreaking chore

Shovel Master 544x311px
Shovel Master | US$24.99 (pre-sale) |

using a standard shovel to do your shoveling chore tends to hurt your back after sometime. whether you are shoveling snow or sands, it’s literally a backbreaking chore. luckily we have inventor like Howard Rosenshine who came up with the idea of Shovel Master. Shovel Master is an add-on handle attachment that attaches to your existing shovel, giving you the extra leverage while enabling you to keep your back straighter. made out of bent oak with plastic grip, Shovel Master features a stainless leaf spring mechanism which provides an added power to your shoveling action. Continue reading Shovel Master makes shoveling a less backbreaking chore

Kross Faucet breaks out of the traditional faucet design

Kross Faucet - black 544x388px
we continue our worship for beautifully designed faucet with the Kross Faucet by ISMA Creative Faucets. on the first glance, the Kross Faucet doesn’t look anything close to faucet but it is one and function like one complete with a matching square handle for temperature and volume adjustment. we just wonder how the stream would look like, would it be a rectangular stream? nah. we are just kidding. anyway, it looks pretty awesome and it will definitely feel at home in any contemporary interior. the Kross Faucet is available in black, nickel and white. colors that speaks of contemporary.

Kross Faucet - white 544x388px

via Yanko Design

you have croc skin bag, why not a croc skin tiled bathroom?

Petracer Savana Collection main 544x480px
the sign of luxury doesn’t necessary means gold, diamonds and all sparkling stuff (sparkling wine included), it could very well be crocodile skins. why not? croc skins has been used for making bags, so how about porting its use in the form of crocodile textured bathroom tiles? the Savana collection from Italian firm, Petracer has just that for you and perhaps more. well, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just croc skin textured tiles, perhaps you like to consider the authentic looking zebra tiles or maybe for the wild-at-heart, the leopard print tiles? once you don up your bath with such a savanna-them, it is time to get some real savanna plants and flowers to go with it. we have a particular love for the orange crocodile skin textured tiles, cos we think they look really wild – just like us.

via Trendir

Mosaic Sweden classic bathtub is of mosaics and lion’s feet

Mosiac Sweden bathtub
Mosaic Sweden Bathtub | US$na |

we are not even sure if this is available commercially yet, due to our lack of knowledge in Swedish language. but one thing we do know is this beautiful bathtub was showcased along with a series of mosaics for floors and walls in the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. nevertheless, this is one exquisite bathtub that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the old world charm. this standalone bathtub with lion’s feet as its footings, has its exterior covered in mosaic pattern conjured up by Swedish designers Emily Solklippa & Hanna Wsetin-Skogh. captured in the mosaic pattern is the Swedish summer flowers as the main theme and “was based in the desired for a pattern associated with happiness and joy,” says Emily & Hannah.

click on the image after the break to view a bigger image of this wonderful bathtub as well as a sample of mosaic patterns from Mosaic Sweden.

Mosaic Sweden via Born Rich

imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

Shark Bath by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design 600x500px
we are a huge fan of everything beautiful, and this beautiful and somewhat futuristic bathtub designed by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design, had us in an instant. if only all things in life is as beautiful as this. inspired by the oral cavity of the magnificent predator of the sea and aptly named the Shark Bath, the cradle with handle-like tub features an overhead shower system and additional jet sprays situated on the inside of the ‘handle’. we are totally captivated by the Shark Bath not withstanding the fear we still have 36-years after JAWS. build it please! Continue reading imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

One Liter Limited faucet limits your water usage

1-Liter Limited Faucet main 544x580px
how to educate people to conserve water? you can spend hundreds of thousands to campaign for water conservation or install the One Liter Limited faucet. designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon Oh, the One Liter Limited faucet’s curvature form has an upper glass tube-like contraption that limits a person usage to the amount of water within it, which is of course, 1-liter.

if you have big hands and used up the 1-liter, you have to turn off the tap and wait for the glass tube to refill with water. indeed very troublesome but we will learn to adapt and our children will grow up with the notion that faucets only dispense 1-liter on each use. perhaps that’s how our future would be: having a faucet that would enforce a ‘everyday is a water rationing day’ lifestyle.

via Yanko Design

shower unit turns into a bathtub just like a tulip bloom

Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit
not everyone has the luxury of space at home, especially city dwellers. increasing population in the city results in smaller homes, hence everything else within has to downsize, including our bathrooms. having small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to live without the good old bathtub. what if you can summon a bathtub when you fancy and stow it away when you are not using it?

this is exactly what designer Piotr Pyrtek has in mind for the Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit. designed with small bathrooms in mind, this unit sits compactly upright as a shower unit with a silhouette resembling a tulip flower. when you feel like a good bath, a portion of the unit flips down and you have a glass bathtub complete with underwater jets, hydromassager and programmable sequences to take the stress of your day away.

though the unit was inspired by nature, but it look unmistakably futuristic. we love it. we say built it. it is a fresh change to see ‘futuristic’ design for our everyday stuff other than vehicles. don’t you think so? we will need a tulip-inspired wash basin to go with this.

via Yanko Design