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a look at Apple’s new mothership campus

Apple new mothership campus
(photos: City of Cupertino’s Public Records)

i have love and hate feeling for floor plans but i absolutely love renders of proposed designs, so it is obvious that i did not really managed to scrutinize every bit of this recently published complete proposal for the Apple new mothership campus. i know i was pretty impressed by the renders. whether they will turn out to be like what it was rendered, is yet another story. anyway, if you love Apple and has an insatiable appetite for anything that comes out from the fruity company, then perhaps the following gallery of renderings and plans detailing the future campus would interest you. oh, among the plans, there are “proposed research and development buildings”, which could only mean one thing: more shiny new gadgets with new innovation coming our way in the future. Continue reading a look at Apple’s new mothership campus

Lil’ Vampire Pacifier makes your baby looks like a vampire

Lil' Vampire Pacifier
(image: ThinkGeek) Lil’ Vampire Pacifier | US$4.99 |

mums who can’t get enough of Twilight and Edward would probably wish that their babies are vampires. no, seriously, those blood sucking undead are just myth but if you are undaunted, ThinkGeek has a totally harmless and cheeky way to make your adorable little one into a vampire. though, you shouldn’t take it too literally. meet the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier that functions like any baby pacifier but at the same time, give your baby the awesome vampire’s fangs. best of both worlds, eh? vampire lookalike, and keeping the baby nice and quiet with its orthodontic nipple. the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier retails for just $4.99 a pop. Continue reading Lil’ Vampire Pacifier makes your baby looks like a vampire

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table
(image: Champion Pro Professional Football Table | £299.00 |

owning a football table or foosball table, if you prefer, is something of a dream of many. well, if you have yet to buy one, perhaps it is time to do so, especially when it costs just £299 (about US$467) to own one. let’s just say this is an earlier Christmas present for yourself. this fine foosball table here, aptly dubbed the Champion Pro, is crafted from MDF with smooth finish and features hand painted player figurines, and chrome steel telescopic arms with wooden ergonomic handles for the classic look. the Champion Pro measures 1500mm long, 760mm wide, and 910mm high and weighs just 70kg, making it easy to relocate around the house. check out more images of the Champion Pro after the break. Continue reading Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy

Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy
(image: Design3000) Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy | €5.49 |

the common problems among casual indoor gardeners are forgetting to water the plants and over or under watering the plant. however, with a nifty device like the Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy, those problem might be just things of the past. all you have to do is to fill up the cute little bird with water, plug it into the soil of your potted plant, and let the plant decides for itself how much water it needs. the water is drawn out of the birdie via the clay pointed end. the Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy can store and supply water to your potted plant for up to 4 days. i think it is a perfect device for a forgetful person like me but then again, i will have to make the effort to remember to top up the Bördy to begin with. Continue reading Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy

the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask – make wine, not war

the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask
(image: the20) the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask | from US$39.00 |

if you feel the need to uphold your manly image, then you shouldn’t let a typical wine bottle tame your masculine behavior down. heck, why should you pour your drink from a wine bottle anyway. there are no rules that dictate you should conform your manliness to stereotyping or norms of life. if you agree with the above statement, then the Ammo Box Wine Cask from the20 is the chiller cask of choice the next time you fill up your wine glass. this stylish cask is a repurposed decommissioned US Army ammo case inlaid with a 3-liter capacity refillable tri-laminate “eco-bag” and features a stainless spigot to dispense your favorite alcoholic beverage with ease. Continue reading the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask – make wine, not war

Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair

Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair
(photos: ThinkGeek) Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair | US$39.99 |

our hearts are warmed by the helpful droid that communicates in a totally incomprehensible digital noise. we know R2-D2 has as much fans as Star Wars itself has, judging from the host of official and non-official R2-D2 themed stuff that we have seen and heard. well, the time has come for this cute little drum-shaped droid to return the favor by giving us earthlings who are not from a galaxy far, far away, some helping hands. meet the Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair, the official licensed Lucasfilm collectible camp chair (some called it director’s chair) that is constructed from study nylon that allows it to be used anywhere, anytime. it even comes with a nylon shoulder bag for lugging along for your next road trip or camping adventure. Continue reading Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate
(photos: ThinkGeek) Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate | US$11.99 |

if Jabba the Hutt were to produce one souvenir for its Tatooine crime empire’s gift shop, the Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate would be it. the memorable scene of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) sealed in carbonite for delivery to Jabba the Hutt has inspired many novel products such as USB flash drive and unofficial coffee table, and now Han Solo in Carbonite exists as a gourmet dark chocolate too, allowing Star Wars fans to savor it, literally. though, we have not tasted carbonite but our bet is, this dark chocolate will definitely taste better than carbonite. the wonderful part is, this is an officially licensed Star Wars edible treat brought to you by the dudes over at Think Geek. i know what you are thinking, this is a real edible chocolate and not the usual gadgets and electronics that you have come to expect from Think Geek. Continue reading Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate

4moms origami: the world’s first power-folding stroller

4moms origami
(image: 4moms) 4moms origami | US$849.99 |

stroller is an absolute help to parents but one thing for sure is its rather cumbersome way of collapsing and unfolding them and i have a gut feeling that this is what 4mom’s origami has aim it sight squarely on. so what the heck is 4moms origami? to put it simply, it is a robotic stroller that folds and unfolds the stroller at a push of a button but of course, it has more tricks up its sleeve. the stroller is equipped to charge your mobile phone, keep tracks of your mileage that you have done with your little one, a cool LCD display, and generators in the rear wheels that charge the stroller as you walk. there is also daytime running lights, pathway lights (aka headlights) in case you love to venture in the dark with your child, a handy drink holder, and sensors that prevent you from accidentally chomping your kid when he or she is seated in the stroller. Continue reading 4moms origami: the world’s first power-folding stroller

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain walkable Roller Coaster

Tiger & Turtle - Tiger & Turtle
(image: Thomas Mayer)

we are familiar with roller coasters but have you heard of a walkable one? well, soon there will be one in Duisburg, Germany. this particular walkable, huge outdoor structure (or sculpture, if you like) entitled Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is sculptured after a roller coaster thrill ride complete with loop, bends and a roller coaster’s signature undulating profile. except that this ‘roller coaster’ does not have a ride to thrill us but instead, it has stairs for visitors to walk along the whole length – well, almost. of course, you don’t expect yourself to walk upside down, anyway, do you? which means, your walk should terminated around that loop point. kind of disappointing, eh? Continue reading Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain walkable Roller Coaster

Times Magazine LEGO logo by Sachiko Akinaga

LEGO Times Magazine Logo by Sachiko Akinaga
(image: Times Magazine)

we have seen many amazing LEGO creations since the start of this blog last October but still we just can’t get enough of custom LEGO work-of-art. the latest to grace our blog this time is the creation by Sachiko Akinaga for Times Magazine’s Winter Travel issue that leaves us in awe. billed as the largest LEGO creation by Akinaga to date, this detailed LEGO sculpture measures 6-feet by 6-feet (about 2-m by 2-m) depicts Times Magazine’s logo as a building created using LEGO, surrounded by expansive lawn complete with greeneries and features LEGO figures (aka minifigs) working out, and carrying out various leisure activities. hit past the jump for a few more look. Continue reading Times Magazine LEGO logo by Sachiko Akinaga