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make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

Robo-planters by M.C. Langer 544x625px
(credit: M.C. Langer)

recently, i’m kind of into this thing called Terrarium. naturally, M.C. Langer instructable on how to create a robo-planter attracts my attention 100%. if you are into desktop gardening, so to speak, you might as well make your desktop garden stand out with unique, one-of-the-kind look planters. brown plastic planters are so passe, don’t you agree? in fact, this series of robo-planters are not the first from M.C. Langer. he had earlier posted instructions on making a rare planters re-using home junk but i thought the latest robo-planters look way cooler. Continue reading make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

ninja shuriken coat hook is the coolest way to hang your coat

Ninja Coat Hook 544x408px
(credit: Spinning Hat) Ninja Coat Hook | £7.99 |

we have featured a number of novel way to hang your coat and this one looks like anything but conventional. meet Ninja Coat Hook, a coat hook (obviously) inspired by the traditional concealed weapons of the Japanese assassin, the Shuriken. put up a bunch of this and they will make your hallway looks like it has just been raided by a bunch of Ninjas. constructed out of metal, the Ninja Coat Hook is designed to look like the real thing, right down to the razor sharp looking edges but of course, it just look that way. the edges are, in fact, smooth and coat friendly so there’s no worry that it way shred your coat. pretty neat, huh? Ninja Coat Hook cost £7.99 a pop and is available on Spinning Hat web store.

turn your iSight into a security camera with Witness App

Witness App 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video) Witness App for Mac | US$39.00 |

with an annual turnover of US$3.1 billion for the burgling industry, you can’t be too lax when it comes to home property protection, isn’t it? if you own an iSight-equipped Mac and it’s sitting at home doing nothing while you are away. why not make it perform some security duty? Witness is a Mac app that will turn your iSight into a motion-activated security camera. in the event of an intrusion, the Witness immediately sends an alert to your iOS device along with the intruder’s mugshots and video. the Witness is available for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher for $39.

a free app, Witness Remote, also allows you to remotely arm or disarm your Witness on your home Mac. user can also access the website to stay on top of the happenings in your home, office or dorm room. i have one concern though. when iSight is activated, a tiny green light will appear next to your iSight. in that case, any burglar who has knowledge of newer Mac would notice it, don’t they? well, it’s just a thought.

Orbicule via CrunchGear

Stadler Form Q-fan puts a big Q around a fan

Stadler Form Q-fan 544x338px
(credit: Stadler Form) Stadler Form – Q Fan | €133.60 |

unlike most people who embrace air-conditioning unit, i favor fans more. perhaps that’s why i love the Dyson Air Multiplier so dearly and despite of it’s price, i got myself one. if you are also a fan of fans (sound weird, isn’t it?) but not so much of a blade-less person, the Stadler Form Q Fan might appeal to you. frankly, it is one of the coolest fan i have seen to date. crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and designed by Swiss Carlo Borer, the Q is in the shape of… well… the letter ‘Q’. the tip of ‘Q’ holds up the fan which would otherwise be rolling round. it is definitely going to be a conversational piece. the Stadler Form Q Fan retails for €133.60 or US$192.41 and is available over at check it out.

Stadler Form via Uncrate

old trumpet turned into a power-free iPhone amplifier

Analog Tele-Phonographer 544x408px
(credit: Christopher Locke) Analog Tele-Phonographer | US$400.00 |

don’t know what to make out of an old trumpet? artist Christopher Locke has a brilliant idea: turn it into a natural-amplifying speaker for your iPhone. check out the video after the jump to see the amplification in action. not that we are blowing the trumpet for Chris but it does work as it should and besides, it should be one heck of a conversational piece. aside from the obvious brass trumpet, the rest of this art gadget is constructed from steel and stainless steel. steel parts are coated with brown patina and the whole unit has been coated with a gloss clear coat, which explains its irresistible glossiness. Continue reading old trumpet turned into a power-free iPhone amplifier

Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

Katz Bat Mirror 544x418px
(image credit: Katz) Bat Mirror | €290.00 |

what? a mirror featured here??? yeah but this isn’t just any other mirror. at a glance, it looks to be just another gothic, arty wall mirror but if you scrutinize closely, the mirror is actually the Batman logo. if Batman has a mirror, it would probably look something like this. not a bad idea cos’ the Dark Knight can check out how he looks before he heads out to bash up the villains. you know, life ain’t a bed of roses for a public figure like Batman and even a superhero needs to look sharp, don’t they? well, you can do the same too for just €290 (about US$412). i mean, just ‘the looking into the mirror’ part, the ‘bash-up-the-villians’ part is entirely optional. Continue reading Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

steel legend turns scrap metals into Transformers sculptures

Steel Legend scrap metals Transformers sculpture 544x408px
(image credit: ZCOOL/’Steel Legend’)

remember the Chinese guy who build a Megatron tank out scrap metals? what we didn’t know was, he actually had a slew of other Transformers created out of scrap metals prior to creating the Megatron tank sculpture. pretty cool, huh? these include the recognizable Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, the Fallen and Jetfire – all created out of scrap metal parts. check out more images after the break. our favorite would be Jetfire and we thought Steel Legend did an excellent job for the scrap metal Jetfire. the movie version’s Jetfire was quite a looker as compared to the more boxy classic Jetfire. Continue reading steel legend turns scrap metals into Transformers sculptures

Burglar Blaster ward off burglars with pepper spray

Burglar Blaster 544x388px
(image credit: BedBunker) BedBunker Burglar Blaster | US$600 |

there are several ways to protect your house. there are the preventive measures such as locked doors, windows and metal grills and then there are the deterrent measures such as home security system with alarm, and security cameras. what if the burglars are not daunted by these measures? they would be inside your house in no time. scary thoughts, eh? just imagine those possessions that you bought with your hard earn money will be wipe out clean in minutes. Continue reading Burglar Blaster ward off burglars with pepper spray

Steampunk cufflinks are also 8 GB USB flash drives

Artype Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks 544x360px
(image credit: Artype/Rob) Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks | US$sold |

we are a little slow on this. at the time of this posting, this beautiful item are already sold but it is still worthwhile posting it. why? just check out the images after the break and you will probably agree with me. this would be a must-have for all steampunk fans. conceived and handmade by British designer Rob of Artype Design, this pair of cufflinks are handcrafted out from walnut and features no less than 30 individual parts from old pocket watches intricately embedded. this cufflinks not only serves as a fashion statement but also doubles as an USB flash drive with 8 GB capacity, wait… it’s actually 8 GB on each cufflink. Continue reading Steampunk cufflinks are also 8 GB USB flash drives

Dear Ingo: Ron Gilad’s contemporary take of a chandelier

Moooi Dear Ingo Lamp 544x488px
Moooi Dear Ingo | US$3,695.00 |

chandelier has an age long history dating as far back as the Medieval period but of course, back then it was candles instead of light bulbs. to be honest, i’m not a huge fan of those glittery shiny lightings of today, however, this particular lighting caught my eyes instantly. overall, the form does reminiscent of the creepy crawly that we know but knowing that it is a lighting, i thought it’s more like a contemporary chandelier with the added bonus of articulations. designed by Ron Gilad, the Dear Ingo features 16 articulated desk lamps connected to a central ring core and comes in either black or white power coat finish. according to the information sheet which put the description as “Ron Gilads hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat delicious line between the abstract and the functional.” honestly, i have no idea what it means but heck, all i know is Dear Ingo is one cool piece of lighting and the same goes to its price tag of $3,695. wow.

via Oh Gizmo!