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Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden, made by Gaia and Gino

Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden 700x420px
(image: Aruliden) Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden | US$140.00 |

between chucking your tiny aquarium with messy bits of underwater decor and leaving it entirely naked, there is a middle path solution known as Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden. it holds about 9.5-liter (2.5-gallon) of water where your priced fishy can roam around the beautiful textured landscape that reminiscent of an underwater ridge. it is quite a sight to behold, so it is of no surprise that Fishscape Fishbowl bagged the Red Dot Design Award 2011’s High Quality Design award. this gorgeous piece of glass work was created from hand-blown glass and manufactured by Turkey-based Gaia & Gino. the Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden is available for purchase with a price tag of $140. larger views of the Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden after the break. Continue reading Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden, made by Gaia and Gino

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key. great, now everyone knows my secret

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key 544x368px
(image: ThinkGeek) Sprinkler Hide-A-Key | US$5.99 |

hiding your spare key under the doormat tradition is not widely practice here as, opposed to somewhere else. however, if are still practicing the under-the-doormat ritual, the Sprinkler Hide-A-Key might be a much viable and safer alternative. leaving your spare key under the doormat is a no-brainer for thieves but if you really have to, why not put them in this little water-tight plastic container and stick them into the ground in your yard along with the rest of the real sprinkler heads? since it looks like just any sprinkler heads, no one would have suspected you hid anything there. Continue reading Sprinkler Hide-A-Key. great, now everyone knows my secret

how to make a retro-look Atomic Age Clock

DIY Atomic Age Clock 544x468px
(photos: Meg Allan Cole)

this is dedicated to all DIY and retro-decor loving folks out there. while furniture makes the main statement of your retro inclination, minor details like hanging pictures, clocks et cetera, to further emphasize your exquisite taste. instead of splurging hundreds of dollars on off-the-shelf items – if you can find any, why not built one yourself. this is where Meg Allan Cole comes in. in her recent feature on Craft: Video, she lets you in on how to create a mid-century era Atomic Age Clock to add to the retro feel for any retro-inspired home decor. my retro inclination is not as strong but Meg’s Atomic Age Clock did manage to catch my eyes because i thought this particular version looks equally at home in any contemporary set-up. Continue reading how to make a retro-look Atomic Age Clock

Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamps

Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamp - Clear Lacquer 900x500px
(photos: Business Wire/Liternity) Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamp | US$tba |

the days of exclusive use of carbon fiber for automotive industry is coming to an end. it seems like carbon fiber is infiltrating our everyday lives, including bathtub, shoes, wallets and now, desk lamps. introducing the Liternity Victory Carbon Series desk lamp. as the name suggest, it is a desk lamp crafted solely out of carbon fiber and complementing this cutting-edge material is the embedded ultra-thin OLED (organic light emitting diode). the Victory desk lamp sports a “V for victory” design that has two ‘arms’ with two OLEDs on each, stretching over the surface to offer a “diffuse light over the entire surface.” though no specific where given on the wattage of the OLEDs. each Victory lamp is individually handmade and due to the unique nature of the carbon fiber, no two lamps will be alike. Continue reading Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamps

N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub 544x360px
(credit: Corcel) Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub | €tba |

why am i asking this question? because, there exist a bathtub that is crafted out from carbon-fiber material and it is not just any carbon fiber material but the best that its maker, Germany-based Corcel, can find. the firm described it as “an object of desire offering clean lines, generous space and distinctive character. magical attraction not only for your eye.” i won’t argue with that because i was totally drawn to it despite it (the bathtub) breaks the tradition of bathtub making by using a material that is predominately used in the automotive industry. there’s an unexplainable aura about this black thing that holds 330-liters of liquid – it feels sophisticated and at the same time it has a dark sinister feel about it. i don’t know, i can’t make anything out of it. simply put, i just can’t take my eyes off it, yet i don’t know why. Continue reading N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?

Dyson Hot. no really, that’s their latest fan’s name

Dyson Hot Fan Heater 544x488px
(credit: Dyson) Dyson Hot Fan Heater | £269.99 |

at the first look, you might thought this is just another model of Dyson Air Multiplier fan but it is not. well, actually it is but with the added functionality of heating. yes, this sleek little fan can heat up your room, evenly in no time with a user settable temperature of between 1 to 37 degrees celsius and that’s not all. once the desired temperature is reached, the heater stops and the built-in thermostat or sort constantly monitors the room, turning the heater back on once it detects a drop in temperature. if you have used heater with the heating elements exposed before, then the smell of something burning should be a familiar scent to you but not with the Hot since its heating mechanism is tucked away beneath its sleek bladeless fan, burning smell will becomes a thing of past. Continue reading Dyson Hot. no really, that’s their latest fan’s name

Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella – need i say more?

Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella 544x688px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella | £20.00 |

i guess i don’t need to detail much as the name of this latest product from Suck UK says it all. doesn’t it? it is your run-of-the-mill brolly with a little touch of magic. well, not exactly. this predominantly black umbrella has print of little droplets that are white when dry, and magically turns into colored water droplets when contact with water. actually, not really that ‘magically’ per say as these droplets are printed with special ink that lets them do this pretty neat trick. so perhaps, it is time for man folks to pick up a brolly again – until someone comes up with a color changing raincoat – plus, it cost just £20 (about US$32) a pop. Continue reading Suck UK Color Changing Umbrella – need i say more?

the Walrus Chair and Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera Rhino and Walrus Chair 900x722px
(image: Maximo Riera) The Rhino Chair and Walrus Chair | US$tba |

after awing the world with his impressive Octopus Chair, Spaniard artist Maximo Riera continues his Animal Chair collection with the Rhino Chair and Walrus Chair. again, the theme continues with the union of the magnificent animals with furniture. like its predecessor, the Rhino Chair features an inner frame along its body to support the weight and reinforce its balance. in the wild, facing the Rhino is equivalent to facing an imminent danger but with this particular chair, you will get to face and admire this magnificent creature with all its mightiness without being intimidated. due its “superlative size and presence”, Maximo regards the Rhino Chair more of a throne than simply as a chair, which i couldn’t agree more. this is one Rhino that won’t trample on your fireplace, best of both worlds. Continue reading the Walrus Chair and Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

Defusable (Alarm) Clock inspired by Hollywood movies

Defusable Clock 544x388px
(image: Nootropic Design) Defusable (Alarm) Clock | US$tba |

dragging yourself out of the bed each morning is a mammoth task for most of us and unless you have a super effective biological clock ticking in you, you would likely need a little help from your best (and most hated) friend known as alarm clock. here’s one alarm clock conjured up by Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design that will lend you a little helping hand in making sure you actually wakes up than simply hitting the snooze button. we have alarm clock that needs to be defused to stop the ever irritating ringing but never before one that look so much like the real thing or at least, as real as what Hollywood movies have portrayed. that said, this is one alarm clock that you wouldn’t want to bring it out of your home. Continue reading Defusable (Alarm) Clock inspired by Hollywood movies

a desk lamp crafted out from tripod and camera

Camera Desk Lamp 544x363px
(credit: kootoyoo) Steampunk Wrist Monocular | US$tba |

usually what i see that excites me, it appears here on this blog, and this camera desk lamp is just one of the many that tickles my senses. created by Melbourne-based coffee-loving mum, Kristy, this camera lamp is the perfect lamp for any photography enthusiast. it is a lamp that reminds you where your heart is – photography. this awesome lamp comprises of the camera – which is the lamp and a tripod, and since it sits on a tripod, it can be adjusted to sit on the desk as a desk lamp or on the floor as a floor lamp. absolutely brilliant. though, Kristy did not give details on how the lamp was fitted into the camera nor any detail of camera was given. Continue reading a desk lamp crafted out from tripod and camera