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simple concept that will solves our everyday issue

Comfort & Not Leak - Pan Strainer img1 544px
(image credit: Withings)

this particular concept design by Wei Min goes into the category of “simple concept that solves problem that we thought we should live with.” so what is it? well, it is flexible strainer mesh complete with a rubberized frame that will fit snuggly on the edge any pot or pan. so what’s it function? extremely simple! it allows user to separate the food from the liquid without the use of the regular strainer, leaving both of your hands free to hold the pot.

no technical wizardry here, but simple and should be very effective device. if you ever try doing the straining act, you would definitely appreciate the Comfort & Not Leak – Pan Strainer. yes. believe it, that’s what it is called.

images bar 150x67 Comfort & Not Leak - Pan Strainer img2 544px Comfort & Not Leak - Pan Strainer img3 544px

via Yanko Design

Knife Locker not only locks but sterilizes your knives too

Knife Locker img1 544x311px
(image credit: Min Seong Kim)

up to today, stowing away your kitchen knives is nothing short of mundane. they are either stuff into some wooden block or stick on a strip of metal/wood with magnets. whichever way, it encourages bacteria to hop on for the next ride to the next steak or meat. the Knife Locker, designed by Min Seong Kim, is not those locker that you find in the bathhouse but it literally locks your knives with just a turn. the knife itself is the key, so there’s really no key to lose.

all you have to do is to insert the knife into the slot and turn it 270-degree counterclockwise and walah! your knife is locked and at same time, the UV sterilization built-in will kicks in, indicated by the lit blue LED ring of light, and sterilizes your knife. blue lights again? i might just mistaken it for another Tron-inspired gadget, but really it is not.

images bar 150x67 Knife Locker img1 544px Knife Locker img2 544px Knife Locker img3 544px

via Yanko Design

Spiral Garden System is the garden of the urbanized future

Spiral Garden System img2 544px
(image credit: IIDA)

we see future in two aspects: concrete and steel structures replaced greeneries, and physical socializing becomes whole lot lesser. i don’t know about the rest of the pops but i see bleakness in the future. something has to be done to encourage a little more greens and more real socializing instead of Facebook. well, presented here is the vision of four designers, Benet Dalmau, Saida Dalmau, Anna Julibert & Carmen Vilar that could prevent the human of the future from being zombiefied.

introducing the Spiral Garden System which is a self-sufficient, sustainable public garden. the people of future, who has sudden craving for greeneries, could just head on to this beautiful light structure where within lies native vegetation coexisting with urban orchard along a walkway that spirals skyward. these greeneries are shared and planted for the neighborhood and thus encouraging them to be involved in the creation and up-keeping of this garden, which no doubt will improved the social relations greatly.

the funny thing is, people tend to associate this type of social gathering with older folks but maybe, that will not be the case for the people of the future. socialization will be great, at least not until some neighbors started vying for the fruits of the labor. nevertheless, at least there’s some sight of light in the bleakness. however, i just don’t see the ‘self-sufficient’ part, though. we also noted that people of the future probably won’t be able to do frisbee throw in there.

images bar 150x67 Spiral Garden System img3 544px Spiral Garden System img4 Spiral Garden System img5

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concept theme park goes the vertical way, right in the middle of the city

Vertical Theme Park night scene 544x311px
(image credit: Ju-Hyun Kim)

theme park is land intensive and often, far away from city centers. it not only takes up huge land mass and visitors have to travel long distances just to experience the theme park. it is no coincident that traveling, usually by automobile, chalked up carbon emissions. what if we could have a theme park that doesn’t take up huge land mass and it is near to majority of the population? apparently, this is what New York-based architect Ju-Hyun Kim has in mind and the concept? it’s an urban vertical theme park right smack in the middle of New York City.

this vertical theme park scape like any other skyscrapers in the city comes complete with thrill rides, children rides and amenities that you would expect of a typical theme park. going skyward not only reduce the land required significantly, and being in right in the city means less traveling and accessibility via public transportation systems to the theme park is possible. indirectly, this will reduce our carbon emissions and less gas being used by the visitors for those who still do drives to the theme park. admittedly, we do have enough land space but it is the traveling which contributes to the carbon emissions and also the gas used to reached this places that impact the environment. not to mention, walking around the park to get from ride to ride could be an extremely tiring activity.

having a skyscraper as a theme park seems like a logical way, since we already have some on top of buildings. so why not take a bolder step? don’t let the prospect of vertical theme park scares you off. it will have rides and amenities that are on par with any typical theme parks. the vertical theme park will includes favorite thrill rides such as the Flume Ride, Roller Coaster (that scales down the peripheral of the building), kiddie rides such as the Vertical Carousel, Ferris Wheel and family spots such as the Sky Promenade and Space Theater. for extreme thrill seekers, there’s the City Diver – bungee jumping, the city-style, from 550 feet above ground.

of course, staples such as eateries and other service facilities will not be left out. now, as a side advantage (of being in the city), everyday white collar workers can hit the theme park any time of the day to relief themselves of the stress they had accumulated in their offices. in business point of view, it will be more business everyday and not just during holiday seasons. certainly an interesting concept that theme park lovers will love to see it becomes a reality someday. concept design is out, now it is time for some bold company (with excellent engineering brains) to take on the challenge. anyone?

images bar 150x67 Vertical Theme Park - concept 800px Vertical Theme Park - concept 800px Vertical Theme Park day scene 800px
images bar 150x67 Vertical Theme Park - Carousel & Observation Deck 800px Vertical Theme Park - Roller Coaster & Flume Ride 800px Vertical Theme Park - Deep City Divers 800px
images bar 150x67 Vertical Theme Park - Ferris Wheel & Sky Promenade 800px Vertical Theme Park - Space Exploratorium 544px Vertical Theme Park - overall concept plan 800px

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iRobot Scooba 230 is the smallest floor washing robot

iRobot Scooba 230 img1 544px
iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washing Robot | US$tbc |

i am sure most of us are familiar with robotic vacuum cleaner, iRobot Roomba which takes the chore of vacuuming the floor off our hands. but the Roomba is big and it doesn’t cover wet area such as the laundry area and bathroom, so in comes the Scooba, the newest and smallest cleaning robot from iRobot.

measuring just 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter, the petite Scooba not only differ in size from the Roomba but also its capability. the robot cleans your floor with its three-stage system which washes, scrubs and squeegees your floors. being tiny, means it is able to reach those hard to reach places, including under the furniture.

asides from the sensors and electronics, inside the machine is an active-reservoir that separating the fresh cleaning solution and dirty water. as the robot cleans, the fresh cleaning solution reservoir shrinks, while making room for dirty water collected during the cleaning process.

i am tired of mopping even though i have only a small area to cover. in any case, i would love to have of these.


Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso

Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso img1 544px
(image credit: Nespresso) Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso | US$3,350.00 |

how many of you here likes coffee? and how many here loves Polo? (the game, not the designer wear) if you raise your hand for both, then you are in luck. Nepresso Argentina has limited edition machine, dubbed CitiZ Polo Machine, specially designed by contemporary artist Alejandro Moy.

being limited edition means, it is… well limited and thus, only 100 of this machine will be available for sales which started last year on October 14. as an added exclusivity, this Nespresso machine will comes with a special leather bag. it looks like the bag would fit the machine. if so, why would i be lugging a $3,350 dollar machine around?

not surprisingly, Nespresso was the Official sponsor of the 117th Argentine Polo Open Championship and sponsor of the Argentine Association of Polo Players in 2010 – hence this special edition but there might not be as many Polo fans compared to iPad users.

Polo CitiZ Machine Limited Edition Nespresso img2 544px
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a tissue box in the form of an iconic factory design

Smoke Tissue Case img1 544px
(image credit: Je Sung Park/W-Works)

factory packed tissue box can be such a dork. we put on some form of case or cover over them in an attempt to beautify them and also, to stop advertising its brand in our homes. however what we do to cover it up, it is after all, oblong in shape but here’s a tissue case that changes the dull shape into one that is funky and recognizable to all of us. i would say it’s iconic, in a way.

designed by Je Sung Park for Weekend Works, this tissue box, dubbed the Smoke Tissue Case, takes on the form of a familiar icon of a factory. you know? those series of one-sided angular roof? awesome idea and design. we have the penchant for nice and unique design, needless to say, we love this.

tissues are dispensed via the top, which reminiscent of smoke spilling out from the factory. white tissue may not be as realistic, so time to find some grey or black tissues to add to the realism of what industrialization has been spitting out. they are stackable too – and if you managed to get enough of them, you could create an art wall. sweet.

images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case img2 544px Smoke Tissue Case img3 544px Smoke Tissue Case img7 544px
images bar 150x67 Smoke Tissue Case Discovered in Amazon 544px Smoke Tissue Case Drowning Polar Bears 544px Smoke Tissue Case China's the World Factory 544px

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warming up with Bullerjan furnace that looks like a V8 engine

Bullerjan Furnace Design 544px
(image credit: Bullerjan) Bullerjan Furnace | from US$2,000.00 |

we never thought wood burning hot air furnace still exists, not to mention it could look so good. the Bullerjan Furnace has eight pipes on each of the top and the bottom sides, which reminiscent of a V8 engine. the bottom eight pipes draw in cold air, while the eight pipes on the top throws out hot air, giving you the warm for this cold winter season. the Bullerjan is also known as Free Flow hot air furnace, was reportedly developed by Canadian lumberjacks.

hot air and the apparent similarity to a V8 engine aside, the Bullerjan is available in six capacity sizes ranging from 6 to 45 kW and has accessory, in the form of enclosure, to go with it. though it looks awesomely cool, and probably complements the V8 muscle car in your garage, i won’t be needing this anytime of the year. sad. do they have one that generates cold air instead?

images bar 150x67 Bullerjan Furnace Classic 544px Bullerjan Furnace Stone 544px Bullerjan Furnace Industry 544px

via Core77

a wardrobe that kills virus, remove odors and wrinkles in one step

LG TROMM Styler img1 544px
(image credit: LG Electronics) LG TROMM Styler | approx. ₩1.9 million |

everything seems to go a little too ‘high-tech’ these days, even the wardrobe isn’t spared from the ‘high-tech’ treatment. the TROMM Styler is a ‘wardrobe’ of the future that removes wrinkles (aka irons) and odors by steaming. this steaming process also sterilizes and dries the clothes hanged in the TROMM Styler.

the TROMM Styler was showcased in IFA 2009 as a concept and will be available in Korea. we are not too sure when is ‘next year’ though. was it 2011 or 2012? in anyway, the TROMM Styler, which will cost around 1.9 million won (approximately US$1,687), will certain to make you humble abode looks a little more futuristic.

we just hope if this took off eventually, they will have more option for the front face. perhaps, a bamboo clad facade for the Styler? or maybe a bigger Styler or sliding doors for the space constraint apartments? well, that’s just a thought.

images bar 150x67 LG TROMM Styler img2 544px LG TROMM Styler img3 544px LG TROMM Styler img4 544px

via Akihabara News

the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though

Michael Tompert's book burning 544px
(image credit: Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild)

Apple products are beautiful and functional, and it turns so even they were being thrashed unforgivably. surprise? when an iOS device was being shot at, blow-torched, sledge-hammered or ran over by train, it became a piece of art. it may sound ‘sadistic’ to Apple fans but this was exactly what artist Michael Tompert of San Francisco did. Continue reading the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though