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the Host Lamp is a humidifier powered by a light bulb

The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 544x788px
(image credit: Minsung Bae) The Host Lamp is an excellent idea but it will be a shame if it’s using incandescent light bulb

we can’t live without lights, so we have lamps in our rooms. for those who felt the need to use a humidifier, why not combine the lighting and the humidifier into one? this was the concept behind this beautiful appliance, dubbed the Host Lamp, designed by Minsung Bae. the theory goes that heat generated by the light bulb could be harvested to power the humidifier via Thermo-Electric Modules or TGM. the TGM generates a voltage when there’s a temperature difference on each of its sides.

an aluminum heat sink is used to captured the heat generated by the light bulb, while TGM is being placed between this aluminum heat sink and the humidifier’s water container. the electrical energy produces through the TGM is then used to charged the battery that powers the humidifier. simple concept but what’s important is: will it really work? aesthetically speaking, the Host Lamp looks beautiful, except for the chimney-like humidifier vent, which we are not quite fond of. we are also concern about the brightness factor of the lamp and what kind of light bulb will be used. surely, we can’t be using incandescent light bulb, right?

images horizontal 544x38px

The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x868px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px

via Yanko Design

Mercedes Benz F1 deconstructed and hung for display

Mercedes Benz World F1 display 544x311px
(image credit: Mercedes-Benz)

we are familiar with ‘exploded view’ of vehicle in illustration for prints, but what about an ‘exploded view’ in real life? well, this was what exactly Dutch artist Paul Veroude has done to a Mercedes GP Petronas F1 car in his installation art, entitled “View Suspended II.” this particular Mercedes GP Petronas F1 was deconstructed and its 3,200 components hung in an exploded view display at Mercedes-Benz World exhibition in Surrey, UK. it is indeed a sight to behold, especially to all racing fans (F1 fans in particular). Continue reading Mercedes Benz F1 deconstructed and hung for display

Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook = unique hanging solution

Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook main 544x544px
(image credit: PBTeen) Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook | US$39.00 |

nuts about cycling? then you should really get one of this: Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook. the Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook is essentially a metal bicycle handlebars – a racing bike handle, to be exact – with a black bike silhouette decal for hanging your gears and helmets. perfect for cycle-nuts. it looks like a real bicycle hanging on your wall and in fact, it took us sometime to figure (from the picture, of course) that only the handlebars are a real 3-D item for hanging. we smirked at ourselves for being fooled. very clever indeed and it should look perfect next to your racing bicycle hanged on your wall.

the Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook retails for $39 and is available at PBTeen.

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Road Bike Decal + Handlebar Hook image2 800x800px Road Bike Decal Handlebar Hook image1 800x800px

8-bit pixel trash can – holds your real world deletes

BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can 544x542px
(image credit: BrittLiv)

if all those high-resolution display is making you miss the pixelated 8-bit graphics, then this 8-bit look wooden trash can might just appeal to you. inspired by the paper pixel trash can, BrittLiv, a carpentry enthusiast, decided to make a real life pixel trash can out of wood and it turns out to be so gorgeous that we felt compelled to help spread the word. constructing a trash can out of wood is nothing new but for it to look like your beloved 8-bit graphics? priceless. if have the same aspiration, head on down to

BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - lid on 600x600px BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - lid off 600x600px BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - view from the top (lid off) 600x600px

via Technobob

Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Sippy Sure main 544x448px
(image credit: Sippy Sure) Sippy Sure – The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup | US$8.99 |

i would imagine one of the most stressful thing about caring for a child is feeding him or her medicine when required (aside from the endless food fight engaged daily). i don’t have a child of my own to quantify this but judging from my sister’s experience with her daughter, i would think an invention like Sippy Sure would definitely helps to ease the process of giving medicine to the children. made out of high impact FDA food grade plastic, Sippy Sure is BPA free and dishwasher safe too. Continue reading Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Kross Faucet breaks out of the traditional faucet design

Kross Faucet - black 544x388px
we continue our worship for beautifully designed faucet with the Kross Faucet by ISMA Creative Faucets. on the first glance, the Kross Faucet doesn’t look anything close to faucet but it is one and function like one complete with a matching square handle for temperature and volume adjustment. we just wonder how the stream would look like, would it be a rectangular stream? nah. we are just kidding. anyway, it looks pretty awesome and it will definitely feel at home in any contemporary interior. the Kross Faucet is available in black, nickel and white. colors that speaks of contemporary.

Kross Faucet - white 544x388px

via Yanko Design

Megatron appears in a scrapyard somewhere on earth!

China Junkyard Megatron main 544x368px
(image credit: ZCOOL)

we read about a Chinese man who built a homemade tank (without the artillery, of course) but perhaps, that’s was nothing compared to what this man who called himself, Steel Legend, did. Steel Legend actually built a junkyard version of Megatron from the movie Transformer 2 with nothing but scrap metals. this Megatron serves as a metal sculpture and measures 4.5 m long, 3.2 m wide, 2.5 m height, and weighs a hefty 5 tons. just check out the intricate tracks which reportedly had at least ten modifications before its final form. i’m totally awed. Continue reading Megatron appears in a scrapyard somewhere on earth!

ultimate breakfast combo: slices of toasts and radio

Breville Radio Toaster 544x488
(image credit: Breville) Breville 2 Slice Radio Toaster | £49.99 |

if you are one of those who needs a little music and toasts to kickstart your day, Breville has a solution for you. introducing the Breville Radio Toaster, or is it a Toaster Radio? either way, this nifty kitchen gadget will ensure you get your daily morning fix for both music and toast – simultaneously. sounds wonderful. isn’t it?

on the toaster end, the Radio Toaster features a 2-slice variable wide slots catering to both thin and thick slices of bread and the variable browning control ensures the toast turns out exactly the way you wanted it. it also supports common duty expected of a modern day toaster such as reheating and defrosting, and it allows mid-cycle canceling, in case you decided to abort the whole toasting thing.

beyond its retro-ish appearance, it has a non-retro element slapped onto it – which is the toaster’s music department in the form of a FM/AM radio with ten preset radio channels. an illuminated digital display shows you what channel you are on and an auxiliary-in is present, just in case you find the morning radio sucks and you needed an MP3 to save the morning from turning into a disaster.

the Breville Toaster Radio retails at £49.99 (about US$81) which is inexpensive, considering it has two functions rolled into one. sure, you can always have a toaster and a music player on your breakfast table, but why not cut the clutter with a one piece gadget and in the process, freeing up the space for more toast? sounds like an awesome idea.

Tovolo teago lets you enjoy loose leaf tea on the go

Tovolo teago portable tea press main 544x544px
(image credit: Tovolo via Firebox) Tovolo teago | US$12.00 |

rejoice tea lover! you no longer need to suffer with stuffy teabags while you are on the road. introducing Tovolo teago which lets you brew you own loose-leaf tea wherever there’s hot water. the Tovolo teago is essentially a portable compact tea press that squeezes the flavor from your favorite brand of loose tea leaves. a handy cap is provided to contain the drips after you’re done with the tea brewing. i want one!

the Tovolo Teago portable tea press cost $12.00 a pop and is available at amazon and Firebox.

the world’s smallest aquarium contains only 10ml of water

Worlds Smallest Aquarium main 544x360px
(image credit: Anatoly Konenko)

meet the world’s smallest aquarium that despite its miniature size, still gives the tiny fishes a ‘full featured’ aquatic experience complete with multi-colored pebbles, seaweed and even an aeration device. the miniature tank created by Russian artist Anatoly Konenko, measures just 30 x 24 x 14 mm and holes a 10ml (0.34 oz) of water. check out the setting up of the miniature aquarium video (with a rather haunting soundtrack) after the break. Continue reading the world’s smallest aquarium contains only 10ml of water