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2nd series Lightsaber Chopsticks: Star Wars Darth Maul & Mace Windu Lightsaber Chopsticks Set

Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks 544px
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yet another item from the ever popular Star Wars franchise. following up to the popular Lightsaber Chopsticks series (remember Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks?), Kotobukiya introduces the 2nd series which has 2 sets: the Darth Maul & Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Chopsticks set and the Darth Maul & Mace Windu’s Lightsaber Chopsticks set. with Lightsaber you can eat your sushi in the Jedi way while defending the galaxy from the rebel forces or the Imperial troopers – depending on which sides you chose.

the chopsticks’ lightsaber blades are casted in translucent material and measures 9 inches long. the Darth Maul chopsticks comes with a special bonus connector which lets you convert the Darth Maul chopsticks into a doubled-bladed lightsaber, just like in the movie. i’m not sure what you going to do with the chopsticks when you do that. each chopsticks include a translucent Star Wars logo chopsticks rest. may the force be with you (when are eating your sushi)…

the new Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks set will be available in November @ US$19.90 a set.

check it out @ KotoUS.

sculptured illumination: Hulger Plumen 001

Hulger Plumen 001 - designer light bulb 544px
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there are artists who uses light and the darkness to express their art. and then there are those who make light bulbs into art. well, in the art world, nothing is impossible. so here comes the world first designer bulb. you heard it right. it is a bulb. if you are like me who make every attempt to cover up those ugly energy saving bulbs, even if they weren’t installed, then this is the (expensive) solution. you have to tell yourself, you are buying an art – which is true – and lighting up is just a bonus it offers. frankly, i am tempted. by the way, this is a energy saving bulb, so it is capable of shaving up to 80% off your energy bills. with these good looking designer bulbs, who needs lamp shade?

visit Plumen Shop.

the Sensor can – trash can goes high tech

simplehuman - The Sensor Can(photo source:
simplehuman designs and manufactures sleek household wares such as trash can. yeah, trash can need not be monotonous looking object hidden away in some inconspicuous corner of your house. simplehuman takes the simple task of discarding trash a step further – introducing the sensor can. it is a trash can, but with a built-in advance sensor that senses your intention to use it, opens up and closes after you are done. no, you need not flip the lid or step on the paddle. the sensor can uses an adaptive sensor technology called multi-sense™ which syncs the can with your motion. what makes it so special is the sensor changes its sensing behavior to suit different situation. basically, the one sensor has 3 modes: the ready mode, the task mode and the stay-open mode.

in ready mode, there’s a focused space above the sensor (i.e. directly above the lid) known as the trigger zone, ready for you to throw your trash. the sensor in this mode does not ‘spill out’ of the front of the can, avoiding false triggering when people walks past the can. when an action of discarding moves over the sensor, the sensor changes to ‘task mode’ where the trigger zone extends and becomes more sensitive to activity. this mode prevents the can from closing on you (i mean your hand) while you are still discarding the trash (seriously, does it take so long to discard something?). time to clear the can? no worries. after more than 3 seconds of continual activity, the can switches to ‘stay-open mode’ where it stays open for 30-seconds, in the event that you turn your back to get a fresh liner – it stays open. very smart indeed.

asides from the multi-sense™ technology, the sensor can also incorporates feature such as odor removal, robust motor (for the lid), nylon discs under its based (gentle on your flooring) and custom extra strength fit liners, fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior. the sensor can uses 6 x C-size batteries which can last up to a full year. for a handsome amount of US$225.00, you can add this 40 liter high-tech trash can to your growing list of high tech products in your house. i said ‘handsome’ because that’s quite an amount for trash can, regardless. i want one, but i suspect my wife wouldn’t let me have one.

visit simplehuman website.

Solar Sun Jar & Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp

Solar Sun Jar(photo source:
green heads out there rejoice, cos’ here’s another cool stuff to show your love for the planet. comes Solar Sun Jar, a lamp made out with traditional mason jar (you know those jars that your mum use to store your favorite cookies?) with high-efficiency solar cell, rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps. placed the jar under the sun and it charges up the battery over a few hours. this energy is stored and can be use at night to power three LED lamps inside the jar. the jar is frosted, so the LED lights emitted is diffused and making it appears like sunlight. the Solar Sun Jar has no switch, cos’ in-built sensor will do the job of detecting darkness and lights up. there’s no paranormal activity but work of the sensor. being a mason jar, it is completely water tight. so there’s no need to worry about weather condition when you leave outside to charge. this also means you can add a touch of mystic coolness to your garden by deploying the Solar Sun Jar as a garden light or simply use it as a night light.

Touch Sensitive Dog Lampyou asked your dog to sit, paw, roll over. how do you like to ask him to light up your study table? now you can with the Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp. well, not a real dog though. i assure you that no animals will be harm in the process. with just a pat on the touch sensitive ‘head’, the lamp can be switched on and off, and brightness can be adjusted through 3 distinct level. the Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp is made of solid acrylic plastic body and uses a 40W (Max) E27 bulb. did i mention that the ‘head’ is adjustable? very cool.

available @

iLOQ Privus – electronic locking system

iLOQ Privus - electronic locking system 544px(photo source:
key lock is probably the last thing you would defined as ‘high tech’. wait till you hear this. iLOQ, a Finnish company, specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative high security electronic locking solutions, has a lock systems which is worthy of the words ‘high tech’. Privus is a cylindrical lock which you can define access rights. you may ask: what access rights? isn’t by duplicating the keys for whoever needs it grants the access? it’s far more than that. Privus is an electronic locking system, and the best part is no batteries and cables are involved. need new keys? you can make it yourself, right there and then.

what i like about this lock is, you can remove the access for certain keys if the holders do not have the right to access anymore. it also lessen the number of keys you may carry if you install the Privus to more than one property or locations, and programmed it to a single key. i know what you are thinking. there are bound to have risks but if you have a bunch of keys that you need readily always, this could be a good news for you. you can also limit access to a key if situation requires, such as keeping certain part of your office or house off-limits to guest. hmmm. why does it begin to sound like hotel’s card keys? nevertheless, being a tech head, i am all for this system.

visit iLOQ website.

Brinno PeepHole Viewer – look who’s knocking?

this is a very interesting product. it is a cross between a conventional optical peephole and a wall/ceiling mounted security cam. the PeepHole Viewer replaces the traditional optical peephole and let’s you view who’s knocking via the 2.5″ TFT-LCD. the PeepHole Viewer is a direct replacement for the traditional optical item. image is captured through a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS camera, project to the 2.5″ TFT-LCD with a viewing angle of 96DEG or 99DEG, depending on the model. power comes from 2x AA batteries which means it is totally cable-free. Brinno don’t need to sell me the PeepHole Viewer’s benefits, just the concept alone has won me over – except that i don’t have a Peephole to start with. but it certainly makes sense to use such device, as oppose to sticking your face to the door just to get a glimpse of who’s knocking on the door. that’s what i call home improvement. Continue reading Brinno PeepHole Viewer – look who’s knocking?

B52 Ejection Chair by Motoart

Motoart's B52 Ejection Chair(photo source:

a perfect work of art for aviation-fans or any aviator. Motoart is a company that specialized in converting aircraft parts into sculptures and working furnitures. whether you are a serious aviator fan, aviator or just want to stand out from the masses, this would be the choice for furniture. i am certain that this will be a conversation piece in a party. featured here, is one of the many custom furniture by Motoart, a office chair customed out of a B52 Stratofortress. each chair comes with the original, intact ejection pin, complete with “remove before flight” warning tag. and no, you can’t eject yourself out of a boring board meeting, if that’s what you were thinking. as for pricing, you got to contact Motoart via their enquiry form.

visit Motoart website.

Magic Wand programmable TV remote – control your TV with gesturing

Magic Wand programmable TV remote - control your TV with gesturing(photo credit: ThinkGeek)

if you are an aspiring wizard or a wizard wannabe, this is a must have. a magic wand that can learns up to 13 commands to make your remote controlled appliances do your biddings. there are no buttons here, just magical gestures such as flicking the wand from side to side to flip through the TV channels or twist of the wand to up the volume. with it’s remote control learning ability, you can do more than just controlling your TV. i am sure it’s going to need sometime to master the symphonic gesturing but isn’t it cool that you can do your magic with your appliances without buttons? well, at least, this is as close as you can get to realizing your wizardry dream for now. i suspect it’s going to give you some sore-wrist in the beginning. Continue reading Magic Wand programmable TV remote – control your TV with gesturing