FPlife Lockbook Is The World’s First Notebook With Fingerprint Sensor

Do you recall those notebooks with an integrated latch that locks with a miniature padlock? Yeah, that was how we used to secure the contents of the notebook. The FPlife Lockbook with Fingerprint Diary is a modern, high-tech spin of that notebook of bygone era. And yes, it does have a biometric fingerprint sensor, so […]

Pencil Dice Is A Pencil And Dice Rolled Into One, But Don’t Ask Why

When we were young we were taught that rough handling of any regular lead pencil will result in the lead inside to be broken. With this in mind, you probably wouldn’t throw it like a dice, or perhaps, wouldn’t even roll it. Or maybe you will be compelled to do so if you have the […]

Not Everyone Needs A Pencil, But If You Need One, Grafton May Just Be It

In this digital age, the relevance of pencil seems so, well, irrelevant. I conclude that there are two broad categories of people who still choose pencil over digital devices. First, is those who appreciate “hand art” and the second, those who simply can’t accept technology. I can’t help it if you belong to the latter, […]

S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen Is A Pen That Is Also A Pricey Toy

How many times can you say your pen is also a toy? And nope. Twirling your pen does not count. So, I guess it is a no? However, in the case of the S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen, the pen is indeed a toy, or if you will, a scale model. Interesting notion […]

Microwave-To-Erase Notebook Makes Notebook Keep Up With Digital Age

In this digital age, taking digital notes is no doubt more convenient over the good’ol pen and paper because, any mistake made, you can simply delete it and therefore, it kind of makes zero sense to want to go back to ancient way of doing things, but if, just what if, there’s a notebook that […]

Xiaomi Wants To Give You 365 Blessings Via A Vintage Chinese Calendar

As we all know, Xiaomi is more than a handset maker. It makes a variety of home appliances and… no, wait. It actually makes just about everything and now, even calendar. No, not a digital version on a digital display. That will be so predictable and so very unnecessary in today’s context. We are talking […]

Montegrappa Game of Thrones WESTEROS Fountain Pen: All-In-One Houses Writing Instrument

The old adage ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ was probably a statement made to avert nasty confrontations, but try telling that to the folks in the world of Game of Thrones. They probably won’t concur, but that does not mean a pen is any less important in this fictional world where political and […]

You Can Show Your Extreme Love For Pizzas With This 2018 Pizza Calendar

It is officially a week into October of the Year 2017 and you know what this means. Apart for being the month to drink extra barrels of crisp, golden brew, it is also time to hunt for a calendar. Well, that is, of course, you still insist on an awesome, tangible calendar that will show […]

This Pencil Is So Dope That You Don’t Need To Write To Want To Own One

In this digital age, I find myself less dependent on traditional writing instrument. TBH, I can’t even locate a notebook in my productivity stash. Nearly everything has gone digital for me. However, if this digital revolution, which has been going on for years now, has not catch on with you, then it is safe to […]

Sirius’ SLICE Breaks Convention With Triangular-shape Notebook

In this digital age, if you are still taking notes with traditional pen and paper, we salute you. And if your really do, this notebook may pique your interest, especially if you are into unique objects that speak of your individuality and style. Meet SLICE, a notebook that breaks convention by going triangular. Yep. A […]