Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch

I have experience with a luxury timepiece, which I was fortunate enough to ‘observe’ for an extended period and let me tell you this, at the end of day, I was crying out for illumination and that’s coming from a very well known luxe watchmaker. Now, that is something a diver won’t want at a depth of say, 330 feet. This is where Chronologia Dive Watches want to fill in. This handsome dive watch features Trigalight illumination technology, which is a self-contained illumination technology using Tritium (H3 gas tubes) trigalight.

This innovative technology is applied to the watch hands and various number indicators around the watch dial. It is capable of providing continuous light source for up to 25 years without leeching on the watch’s battery and neither does it require exposure to sunlight for recharging like traditional luminous watch. Here’s how the Trigalight Illumination works:

“Small glass tubes are coated with luminous zinc sulphide. The glass tubes are then pressure filled with the Tritium gas and sealed with a laser. Once sealed, the tritium gas begins to deteriorate thus emitting electrons which excite the zinc sulphide powder thereby giving off a cold, continuous light.”

Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch

Powered by Swiss quartz movement, this 46mm dive watch is built tough but yet it won’t weigh you down – thanks to its carbon fiber case, which is join by an aluminum rotating bezel, a stainless steel caseback, and silicon straps with pin buckle. The watch is water resistance to 20 ATM (200 meters or 660 feet) and is outfitted to sapphire coated mineral glass.

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Basically, the Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch has everything you may expect of a high-end dive watch, but at a fraction of the cost and we are talking about prices ranging from €129 to €311 (around US$142 to US$342), depending on the model (basically, chrono and non-chrono) and how soon you back the campaign on Kickstarter.

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