The jaw-dropping custom Indian Scout Bobber, Appaloosa, we saw last year has been upgraded to take on the ice surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia at the 2020 Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival (February 27-March 1).

The Appaloosa 2.0 has been modified to meet the challenges of racing on ice and the extreme Siberian conditions. To deal with the ice plain, Dunlop Europe-supplied SportSmart Mk3 tires have been hand-fitted with hundreds of studs.

Custom Indian Scout Bobber 2.0 Drag Bike

In addition, the cooling of engine has to be controlled too due to the extreme temperatures over at Baikal. To address that, the “mouth” of the fairing was closed off with a new carbon fiber nose cap while smaller cooling intakes were added to the side fairings.

The original NOS system was replaced too, with a Nitrous Express setup and the full suspension suite from Öhlins Racing now features a steering damper to keep the ride stable at higher speeds.

Finally, areas around the wheels were closed off inside the fairing to minimize the ice thrown up by the studded tires. This is to keep the pilot safe and also to ensure a clear view as the pilot rocket down the ice lake.

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Along with the upgrade, this upgraded custom Indian Scout Bobber is now wearing a new paint scheme designed by Benny Maxwell from Axesent, Japan and expertly applied by Matthias from Moto Painture.

Custom Indian Scout Bobber 2.0 Drag Bike

All images courtesy of Indian Motorcycle.

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