Wireless router hardly needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but if it can be modified to look more inspiring than simple black boxes with antennas poking upward, then we suppose we will be more incline to leave it on the desk rather than under the desk. No? I know I would, if the wireless router in this tiny space of ours is a USS Enterprise you see here. That’s right. The USS Enterprise model here is actually a wireless router. Pretty rad, right? We totally think so, even if we don’t count ourselves as real trekkies. Created by a pair of Star Trek enthusiasts by the name of Roland Schwab and Christoph Kauch, the enclosure is actually a Revell 1:600 model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and the inside is the innards of a Ubiquiti UniFi AP-Pro router, which is actually an enterprise edition (no pun intended) router boasting dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO support.

Custom Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router

The UniFi was chosen because the original chassis happens to be shaped like a disc, which would make it easier to fit the saucer section of the Revell’s model kit. While the surface area provides plenty of room for the router’s hardware, the height wasn’t as forgiving and so, placeholder between the top and bottom halves of the saucer section had to be introduced to accommodate the AP. Keen eye trekkies may have already notice that, but other than that, the Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router is as exact as it could to the original. Additionally, the spaceship’s bridge windows were left unpainted, thus allowing the LED from the AP to shine through. The duo also built a base out of wood which was custom to fit an Ethernet port extended from the AP above. Man, the result is so awesome that I feel like making one Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router myself.

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Custom Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router
Completed without decals.
Custom Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router
AP’s LED lights up the spaceship’s bridge.
Custom Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router
The UniFi AP Pro innards inside the saucer section.
Custom Ubiquiti USS Enterprise WiFi Router
Ethernet cable snaking down the stand to the base.

Imgur via Ubergizmo

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