Cynaps – a Cap with Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset

Cynaps - a Cap with Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset
Cynaps is billed as the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled headset that utilizes bone conduction, discreetly installed into a cap, to transmit audio to your inner ear. in layman terms, it basically uses vibration to make this possible but as to how clear it is or whether it will even achieve the targeted audio transmission is anybody’s guess. anyway, the story goes that with the Cynaps installed in your cap, it serves the same purpose like any regular Bluetooth headsets out there. meaning you can make and take calls, listen to your audio when paired with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and when paired with your computer, you can use it to Skype chat. the trade off is obvious, the cap has to be on at all times – indoor or outdoor – which clearly, is not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey. though it has some obvious and not-quite-obvious benefits such as not binding yourself to the earphones or headphones, better hearing for folks who have difficulty in hearing and its creator, Max Virtual, claims that it will not exert pressure on your eardrums like conventional headsets do. with the Cynaps freeing up your ears, you can even wear protective earplugs and still be able to enjoy your music. the Cynaps boast a tiny battery pack that could stay on for 30 days and has an average talk time of between six to ten hours. the control is located at the bill of the cap, so taking of calls or controlling of the music like skipping through the music and volume adjustment is as simple as clicking the cap’s bill. intriguing concept, it is. if are brave enough to embrace this idea, then head down to Cynaps’ INDIE GOGO to show your support. a Cynaps in Full Jean Hat will set you back at $60 but as with any crowdfunding platforms, that will only go through if the funding meets its goal (which is $20k). a product video is available for your scrutiny after the break.

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