Delizio Uno Coffee Maker

Delizio Uno Coffee Maker
Delizio Uno Coffee Maker | about US$106.00 |

regardless of culture and races, almost everyone around the world enjoys a cuppa of hot caffeinated drink and that includes the Swiss whom are renowned for their watchmaking masteries, though, they are generally not known for making a machine that turns out our favorite caffeinated beverage but it looks like Swiss firm Delizio has proved that they are equally capable of designing a sexy coffee maker too. honestly speaking, the Delizio Uno you see here did in fact (almost) sweep us off our feet. coffee maker, traditionally has been on the rounder side of things and bulkier but the Uno came along and kind of straighten things out with its clean, minimalist design that would make any kitchen (and its style-obsessed owner) proud. this capsule coffee maker measures a mere 10.6 cm wide, which is by far the slimmest coffee maker we have read about or seen. other features include a quick 15 seconds heat up, precise manual controls for the amount of water you desire per cup and a semi-automatic capsule ejection with integrated collector. available via Office World for 99 Swiss bills or about $106 in Yankee dollars. though we are not sure how you can get your hands on one, less you are in Europe. speaking of which, perhaps it is a good time to hook up with some old friends over at that side of the world?

Delizio [SW] via Cool Material

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