if you are planning to take your FPS gaming experience to the next level, the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun is what you will need. the realism that this gaming gun is going to add to your FPS gaming is obvious: you will be holding on to a realistic looking assault rifle as you gun your way through the battlefield. it was unfortunate that the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun didn’t quite make the mark when it first hit the Kickstarter in October last year, but it is now back up on Kickstarter, all freshen up and updated and now features an Arduino innards and touted compatibility with major gaming platforms including Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, as well as next-gen consoles via download patch. as impressive as its aesthetic are its functionality; the controller is equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a host of buttons dotted around the gun, providing you with extremely realistic experience such as bringing the scope will trigger the game to zoom in for you and when you pull back the stock, a discreetly located button activates the breathing control for a steadier aim in the game.

other features include tilting the faux gun’s stock towards the screen initiate a melee or slash action, tap the magazine for action reload, tilting the rifle side-to-side for straddling side-to-side, and force feedback mechanism for an even more realistic FPS action. looking at the pledge video, which you can find below, if all talks are walked, it could probably be the closest thing you will get to a full-fledge FPS simulator, except you can save yourself the walking and the physical pain of being gunned by real paintball guns. you can help to make the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun become a reality by making a pledge of $159 or more. as always, it will only be realized if the project hits its set minimum funding goal.

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