So settling down with a family compels you to forgo your sports car dream in favor of ‘more practical’ minivan or SUV? Well, that’s not be all and end all, really. Why? Just take a look at the Dodge Durango Shaker Concept. The normally tamed Durango SUV is one of the six Mopar-customized creations to hit up SEMA 2016 and it broke every rules in the SUV rule book. First, it is not tame at all – if its 6.4L HEMI engine lurking under the functional custom shaker hood that kicks out 485 horses and 475 lb-ft of torque, can help it and it surely don’t look tame either – thanks to the various custom works that practically turn it into a lean, mean SUV.

Dodge Durango Shaker Concept

These works include Mopar cold-air intake, custom chrome Mopar cat-back dual exhausts located right smack in the center rear, SRT six-pod big brakes and rotors, functional brake ducts up front, a custom lower kit that drops it 3 inches nearer to the ground, a set of aggressively-looking (and massive) 22-inch Mopar wheels, custom fender flares, open grilled design for better airflow into the engine bay, Satin Black chin splitter and side sills, color-matched mirror caps and rear spoiler, and a custom filler door which is essentially the entire quarter panel of a Dodge Challenger slapped right onto the Durango.

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Dodge Durango Shaker Concept

And then there are the Viper seats. Yes, “are” because there are altogether six of these Katzkin leather with B5 Blue stitching seats spread across the three rows – at the expense of fold-down cargo space, but I guess it don’t matters cos, it can still ferry six person – though the comfort level is questionable in those sports seat. I am guessing, you may have to pit stop more often on a road trip. Just saying… Oh, it has got the steering, a performance flat-bottom variety, from a Dodge Charger SRT, while more Mopar bits completes the interior setup.

Granted, Dodge Durango Shaker Concept is something money can’t buy, but it sure offers you a hope that SUV isn’t all that bad and also, if you are willing, it can be as badass any performance sports car you ever wanted. Which means, a lot more people will get to witness your ‘achievement’ at the traffic light as oppose to just you alone. Isn’t it wonderful?

Images courtesy of FCA US LLC.

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