downsized Koostik iPhone dock = mini koo

Koostik mini koo walnut 630x360px
(photos: Koostik) Koostik’s mini koo | US$70.00 |

most of us stash quite a bit of our favorite tunes in our iPhone, and we all know that without any form of amplification, the sound coming from iPhone is not something that we would call ‘music to our ears’. luckily, there are sound docks around to do the job but some of those are cumbersome, expensive and hungry for electricity. so here’s where the Koostik mini koo comes in. this beautifully crafted dock amplifies the audio from your iDevice by x number of times without the need for a single drop of electricity.
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yes, natural amplification is not new and in fact, they are in abundance and if i remembered correctly, Koostik was among the first to introduce this concept. now they are back, expanding its natural acoustic sound dock with this pocketable mini koo. the drill is the same: place your iPhone in the specially carved receiver that channels the sound from the phone’s speaker through a “trumpet horn” speaker, throwing the amplified sound out from the top of the mini koo. hand crafted from either walnut or cherry, the space-saving contraption should look pretty classy on your desk too.

the Koostik’s mini koo will set you back at $70. head on past the jump for a little sound test video for the mini koo after the break.

Koostik via Cool Material

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