Dragonfly All-electric 4-wheeled Electric Hyperscooter

What you see here is the new Dragonfly 4-wheel stand-up electric scooter, the “world’s first hyperscooter”. It may not be nearly as fast as the two-wheeled Segway GT Series and the single-wheel Bogode Master but what it has to offer is a ride experience unlike no other and of course, a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic.

Dragonfly All-electric 4-wheeled Electric Hyperscooter

Dragonfly is not just a ride for those who need to get from point A to point B. It is for folks who are into tech because, my friends, this thing is one hell of a high-tech ride… starting with the first-ever wishbone suspension with a fully adjustable hydraulic damped sprung suspension on all 4 wheels, adjustable first-ever deck tilts tension as well as full axle articulation.

Handling and ride comfort is further assured by four 10” pneumatic tires and anti-skid traction control.

The sleek ultra-low center of gravity platform you see there is made out of an automotive-grade 3K carbon fiber.

Dragonfly All-electric 4-wheeled Electric Hyperscooter

It further boasts four-wheel steering and a patented 3-dimensional full-tilt steering system that lets you carve the streets like you were on a snowboard. With this steering system, leaning side to side will actually turn the wheels – all four of them.

You can just lean in on slow turns to achieve the tightest 45° turn with a turning radius of as little as one meter (3.3 feet). Basically can make turns just like riding a skateboard and leave the handlebars to make tighter turns.

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And then there’s the four-wheel dual-braking mechanism (2 rear drums and 2 electric brakes front) that can pull it to a stop from 25 mph (40 km/h) in under 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Dragonfly All-electric 4-wheeled Electric Hyperscooter

The vehicle is powered by two 550 W motors for a total of 1,100 W and it is capable of a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). In addition to three forward speed modes, it also has a reverse gear.

Other notables include a 350 lbs (160 kg) capacity, built-in cruise control, up to 50 miles (80 km) range from its 20W removable battery, fold down for easy towing around and storage, automotive-grade twin headlights, pulsing side-light turn indicators on the handlebars, LED lightbar with turn indicators, and red brake lights in the rear, anti-theft locking mechanism with loud 90 dB alarm and automatic wheel locking, built-in smartphone holder, and a 7″ ride display.

You can take advantage of the 7” HD touchscreen ride display to show notifications from your phone by pairing it with Dragonfly.

There is a companion app that let you personalize the ride according to your ride preferences and habits. While it is an urban ride, switching out some components will turn it into an off-road beast. Did we mention that the Dragonfly is ridiculously light? It weighs just 39 lbs (18 kilograms).

You can learn more about this exciting new standup electric scooter over at Kickstarter where you can also make a pledge for a unit for a starting price of £1,750 (about US$1,905).

All images courtesy of D-Fly.