Oēno’s Wino Sipper Wine Glasses

Drinking Red Wine From These Wine Glasses Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Drinking wine is a modern day aristocracy, largely enjoyed by classy people. However, this act of sipping on a say, Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar, won’t be all that classy if that red liquid stains your teeth, isn’t it? Obviously not and that, my classy friends, is why there’s the Wino Sipper Wine Glasses by Oēno. Costing a non-extravagant price of $24 for a set of two, Wino Sipper is designed to let you savor your favorite red wine without clumsy spillage and most importantly, without staining your teeth and it achieved this feat by incorporating a spout of sort at the bottom of the wine class so you could consume the content as you would drinking from a straw.

Wait. Can’t you just use a straw instead? Well, of course you can! But that wouldn’t be as classy, would it? No, it won’t. Besides, the sight of a Wino Sipper filled with fermented grape juice looks kind of cool, cos’ it appears to have tiny feet, which together with built-in glass straw, makes it like some awesome creature (though I can’t really figure what creature). Speaking of which, the ‘creature’-like three-point base offers additional stability so ham-handed folks can say goodbye to tipping over forever. Anywho, if smoking a pipe can look cool, then I am damn sure sipping on Wino Sipper could too. Would it not? You can learn more in the video below.

Images: Oēno.

Wino Sipper via Geekologie