If you think jewelry in the likeness of the majestic panther with Tsavorite garnet is unimaginative or Peacock Brooch crafted with more than 1,300 gemstones is equally meh – even it is worth as much as a private jet, well, we have good news for you: perhaps, industrial look such as what the Écrou De Cartier is offering is for you.

Ecrou De Cartier Bracelet, Earrings and Bracelet

The Écrou De Cartier challenges the status quo of jewelry design by giving you a ridged band (read: threaded bar) with movable nuts. Cartier described the movable bits as “bolts” but they are really “nuts”. You now as in the nuts in bolts and nuts? Yeah, that.

Based on the concept of threaded bar and nuts, Écrou De Cartier offers an assortment of very industrial and very expensive jewelry that is sure to turn heads. Cartier said they are pieces that defy conventions. Well, I am pretty sure they are. Perhaps, a little too much? If you intend to buy the Écrou De Cartier, you may be interested in the Balenciaga Tool Bracelet too because, after all, they are both industrial.

Ecrou De Cartier Bracelet, Earrings and Bracelet

The Écrou De Cartier is available as a bracelet, brooch, earrings, as well as a ring, and in choice of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and rhodiumised white and non-rhodiumised white gold.

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If the industrial vibe is a bit much for you, there are pieces that have diamonds embellished nuts that help to quell the industrial look.

While the Écrou De Cartier collection may not appear as exquisite as say, the Panthère de Cartier ring, or the diamond-paved, ceramic love bracelet, they are not cheap. The prices start at US$2,430 and can run to as much as, wait for it… US$20,600. Hope you are still seated!

Ecrou De Cartier Bracelet, Earrings and Bracelet

Images: Cartier.

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