FEELREAL Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet

The point of virtual reality headset is to let you feel more immersive, but is it really that immersive? By the limitation of today’s technology, yes, audio and visual kind of does the trick, but before majority of us can get a grasp of virtual reality, a New York-based developer known as FEELREAL is convinced otherwise. They believe fully realistic experience is to involve all your five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and even taste. Well, maybe not the taste part. Anywho, the logic is, to feel really immersive, you got feel the cold, the heat, the breeze, the mist and even the smell. How else would you immerse yourself in the battle without whiffing up the gun power. Ok, maybe no gunpowder smell yet, but you get the idea what FEELREAL is trying to do here.

FEELREAL Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet
This mask unit goes under your existing VR headset

But what really is FEELREAL? Actually, there are two separate things there. The first is an add-on mask to popular VR headsets like those from Oculus, Samsung, Sony, and Zeiss, that will let you feel the heat and stuff, when you are slugging out with the orcs, and the second one is the complete package which the company calls Nirvana Virtual Reality Helmet that comes complete with optics to take advantage of today’s smartphone for visual, 3D audio system for immersive sound experience, plus everything the mask has to offer – blasting right into your sensory. The mask, which the helmet also equipped with, can blow cold air at your face, introduce heat by means of hot air, and even spray mist when appropriate (such as when you are near a waterfall, maybe?).

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FEELREAL Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet
A render showing the ‘innards’ of the Nirvana VR Helmet

Doing all those while you take in all the smell of the environment, served up by one of up to seven stored scents crafted by expert perfumers. And finally, the built-in vibrator will fire up at the right moment to further the interaction. But not too worry, choking your neck and feeling the pierce of bullets are not in the order. Phew! That’s the job of a particular vest. And oh, you see the cute little lips on the mask? It is not there to simulate kisses, it is actually where the microphone is. In fact, the mask never touches your face, it just dangles under the VR headset (or the Nirvana). So is FEELREAL, the mask and the helmet, the future of how we consume movies and play games? Probably. Why? Because sci-fi flicks have been telling us so and so it must be it.

The FEELREAL Virtual Reality Mask and Tron-ish Nirvana Helmet can be yours to experience within this year, or more accurately, July for the mask and the helmet in August. And you can get them by backing this ambitious project on Kickstarter. $250 will be score you an early developer kit version of the mask, which includes the SDK, demo and of course, FEELREAL Player, while 500 bucks will land you with the early prototype helmet, plus the demo, SDK, and FEELREAL player. Consumer version of the helmet will run you back at $600, if that’s what you are after. As before, FEELREAL Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet’s set delivery will only materialize if the campaign meets it modest funding goal of $50,000. Continue reading to catch a product video to learn more.