Sometimes, wardrobe failed is not entirely the customers’ fault. And mind you, we are not talking about intentional wardrobe fail like Balenciaga is now famous for. To be clear, we are talking about fashion design fail that is so bad that the product looks like something rather, how do you say? Intimate? Well, such was exactly what Fendi has experienced recently.

The Italian fashion label has created quite a stir with its Fendi Touch of Fur Shawl. Yes. Using real fox fur is already enough to invite frowns in 2018, but Fendi has a bigger issue than drawing flak from animal rights group. It is how the shawl looks, or how it was presented, to be precise, that was the issue. You see, the Touch of Fur Shawl resembles the genitalia of females, complete with the “hair.”

Fendi Touch of Fur Shawl

So, yeah. It totally looked like a vagina. I am not going to lie. I was startled by what I saw too. When I first saw this from our source, I thought Geekologie have posted an image of a vulva. Well, that’s how uncanny the resemblance is. It is not just how it was designed to be worn that raised eyebrows, though; it was the color of choice, pink, that makes it looks like a lady’s southern ethereal.

I am sure at this point, anyone reading this is beyond flabbergasted. For me, I was laughing the entire time. Sorry. I just can’t help it. Anyways, words has it that Fendi have since pulled the £750 ($990 in stateside) item from its online store. However, if you are interested, the controversial fashion piece is still available in blue and red versions which are less labia-like. But really, I wouldn’t want part of the remains of a dead fox around my neck. Besides, as someone has pointed out, it will look like I was popping out of a vagina. There’s no need for me to feel all nostalgia about my existence.

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And oh, it turns out that it looks even more realistic when you flip it over:

Images: Fendi.

Source: Boing Boing via Geekologie.

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