Framework repairable and upgradeable laptops will soon join by a larger 16-inch model. The new Framework Laptop 16, as it is called, is not just a mere size bump. And it does not just carry forward the same design philosophy around upgrade, repair, and customization from the Framework Laptop 13; it takes it to the next level with a fully configurable input deck and modular, upgradeable graphics – in addition to the obviously higher performance point.

Framework Laptop 16 Laptop

In addition to configurable ports aka the Expansion Card system, the new Framework Laptop 16 boasts a new Expansion Bay system to allow for upgradeable, modular graphics. This means you will be able to replace the graphics independently of the rest of the system like you would with a desktop PC.

Since the Expansion Bay system on the Framework Laptop 16 is to the back of the system, it allows it to extend beyond the laptop’s original depth or be thicker. This means it has the flexibility to accommodate generation-over-generation changes in mechanical, thermal, and electric requirements for GPUs.

Framework Laptop 16 Laptop

The caveat is that the laptop may not be as sleek or streamlined. Moreover, the PCIe x8 interface also allows a range of other non-graphics use cases, such as increased storage space. The documentation for this interface is open source, which means developers are free to create modules on it.

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And then there is the Input Module system which modules are hot-swappable, allowing them to be reconfigured at any time. The Input Modules come in three sizes: Small, Medium (Numpad Modules), and Large (Keyboard Modules).

“Many of the Small module options enable color customization, but it’s also possible to build functional modules like an LED Matrix or haptic slider. For Medium modules, in addition to numpads, secondary displays and macro pads are workable. For Large modules, we’re developing both regular backlit keyboards in a range of languages and an RGB backlit version.”

Framework Laptop 16 Laptop

Since the firmware that the Input Modules utilize is open source, this means the community is invited to create their own modules which can range from jog wheels, sliders, touchscreen displays, and more. Hmmm. Does that sound like a certain keyboard? Input does not end at the keyboard; even the touchpad can be repositioned based on your preference. Left, right, center. The decision is yours to make.

Anyhoo, the Framework Laptop 16 spells an exciting time for mobile computing. The full specifications, the exact availability, and pricing will be revealed when the laptop is available for pre-order in Spring. Framework aims to start shipping sometime in late 2023.

Images: Framework.

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