Fans of Spider-Man may want to know that you can now enable Spider-Man dynamic content on Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon described it as adding new skill to your device in which, when enabled, will let you use the Spider-Man invocation word in addition to the usual Alexa to learn more about the wall-crawler. You can, for examples, say “Alexa, ask Spider-Man for my countdown,” or “Alexa, ask Spider-Man for today’s update.” So, as you can see, you will have ask Alexa to ask Spider-Man which is kind of lame, but it will be probably fun for the first ten seconds. Definitely a novelty and not nearly as cool as Star Trek wake word, “Computer.”

Get Spider-Man Skill on Alexa-enabled Devices

By enabling the Spider-Man ‘skills’, it will open up a host of other contents, including cast interviews, movie facts, a joke-a-day, and other “surprises” with related to the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie hitting the theaters July 7, 2017. So, now you know. And oh, it is free. The only requisite is for you to own an Alexa-enabled device.

Images: Amazon.

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