With the return of twisted, nonsensical cartoons like Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Rick and Morty and the likes, it seems like a fitting time to bring back a twisted and gross toy from the 90s. We talking about the Gurglin’ Gutz, the squishy, stretchy, silicon globs of simulated eyeballs, brains and guts that made sucking slurp of gooey grossness when squeezed. It was a hit toy product that could be considered as one of the icons of the 90s.

Gurglin’ Gutz was originally created by the Diresta brothers and manufactured by 4Kidz, Inc. It was introduced in 1995 and sold over 10 million before finally retiring in 2000. Since then, Gurglin’ Gutz has turned into a cult toy product and being peddled on eBay for as much as 500 bucks. Thankfully, you need not drop that much for the original because, the grossest toy of the 90s is back and now it has more blood, better clarity, and improved elasticity and durability. In other words, it is grosser than ever before. Ewwww…

Gurglin’ Gutz Gross Squeezable Toy

Well, what can I say? If the devil ever need a stress ball, the new Gurglin’ Gutz would be it. The witches could have a go at it too if they ever feel stress over not getting enough children for the cauldron. The rebooted Gurglin’ Gutz is available in iconic four designs: eyeball, brain, belly, and heart, and in a choice of sizes: the classic 3-inch size (it is larger than the original, btw), as well as 1.5-inch clip-on size and an enormous 8-inch version. But the latter is only as Eyeball design.

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Gurglin’ Gutz Gross Squeezable Toy

Gurglin’ Gutz gross squeezable toys are available via Kickstarter in return for a pledge of $15, or at a bargain $20 for all four designs. The campaign is funded (though I am surprised it isn’t getting more attention) and therefore, your pledge for a product is a pre-order that will be delivered sometime in February/March 2019.

Gurglin’ Gutz Gross Squeezable Toy

All images courtesy of 4Kidz Inc.

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