Hard Graft Card Case / Heritage

Hard Graft Card Case / Heritage
(photos: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Card Case / Heritage | €39.00 | www.hardgraft.com

in the 21st century, our lives pretty much revolve around countless cards. that is to say, an average person will likely to have credit cards, bank cards, membership cards, and business cards, all stuffed into the poor wallet. in this case, it makes good sense to keep those myriad of cards stash away in a separate and equally classy card case, like the Hard Graft Card Case. and since it is classy, it means you could just grab it with your cards for occasions where you only needed cards and leave your cumbersome wallet at home. the Card Case’s premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, 100% wool felt and the subtle branding, gives it the vintage-inspired minimalist look and yet not look too monotonous. it has the option to add a black elastic ribbon that aids in keeping your cards together while they are nested in the card case – at no extra cost at €39 (or US$50) a pop. as usual, all beautiful things deserve a few more closer look, which is available after the break.

Hard Graft via Cool Material

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