At the recent Milan Motorcycle Shows (EICMA), Italian scooter maker Piaggio revealed the 2023 Piaggio 1 Series electric scooters. The Piaggio 1 is not only stylish but environmentally-friendly* – thanks to it being electric. There are three models in the new Piaggio 1 lineup, plus a special edition with fashion designer Feng Chen Wang. The three models and a special edition are Piaggio 1, Piaggio 1+, Piaggio 1 Active, and Piaggio 1 Active FCW.

2023 Piaggio 1 Series Electric Scooters

It is worth noting that there is an FCW edition for the regular 1 in Europe. The 1 and 1+ are essentially moped versions and the Active is the actual motorbike. All models of the Piaggio 1 have a removable battery that will allow it to be removed and charged at home or in the office.

The new Piaggio 1 electric vehicles promised quicker acceleration – as much as 14% on the Piaggio 1 and 1+ – thanks to the almost double peak power of 2.3 and 2.4 kW, respectively. Both models top out at 45 km/h (28 mph) and have a range of up to 55-100 km (34-62 miles). Note the range is when the vehicle is running in ECO mode.

For riders who demand more performance, the Piaggio Active 1 which has a peak power of 3 kW is the obvious answer. Piaggio said the Active 1 boast almost a 12% increase in acceleration. Though it is not clear what is the baseline. Anywho, it has a top speed of 60 km/h (about 37 mph) and a range of up to 85 km (53 miles) in ECO mode or 66 km (41 miles) in SPORT mode.

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2023 Piaggio 1 Series Electric Scooters

For riders who want more performance and style, there’s the Piaggio 1 Active FCW. The Piaggio 1 Active FCW, as the product name implies, is based on the Active 1 but is a unique paint job created by the designer.

With the FCW edition, the electric scooter is dressed in an original livery that combines the natural element of water with the phoenix, reproduced by hand using the traditional Chinese brushstroke technique.

Meanwhile, the regular 1 is offered in Forever Grey, Forever White, and Forever Black, along with three two-tone liveries, Sunshine Mix, Arctic Mix, and the new Flame Mix.

2023 Piaggio 1 Series Electric Scooters

The Piaggio 1 has a listed price of US$2,999, though it is not clear how much the 1+ sells for. Meanwhile, the Piaggio 1 Active retails at US$4,399 and Piaggio 1 Active FCW is listed at US$4,699. The aforementioned Piaggio 1 FCW has a listed price of €2,999 in Italy.

2023 Piaggio 1 Series Electric Scooters

All images courtesy of Piaggio.

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