The rise of high-speed internet has delivered benefits almost too numerous to count across a range of sectors; including the pursuit of news and information, shopping, communication, and entertainment.

From the humble dial-up speeds of the mid to late-90s, accessible only through desktop PCs or bulky laptops, to the high-speed connections available on laptops, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. The progress made over the course of a couple of decades has been incredible.

One industry in particular that has experienced growth is the gambling industry, which has capitalized on the evolution of the internet to deliver an all-round better service to players. Whether they are experienced gamblers who also play offline, or newbies just out for a bit of fun.

In this article, we will focus on how technological leaps have helped to further the gambling industry.

Live Odds
Sports betting has been around for years, with players traditionally visiting local bookmaker to place their wager. These bets usually range from single matches to multi-game accumulators, with some also eager to predict who’ll win competitions several months down the line.

Those types of bets remain popular today, but the development of internet processing power has helped create a much more ‘live’ experience, where online bookmakers are able to alter odds on the fly without the customer even having to refresh the page.

Games like football can change in the blink of an eye, especially following the introduction of VAR, and web technology allows developers to make changes to the interface almost instantly, ensuring the odds presented are reflective of the action unfolding.

Technology Furthers The iGaming Industry
Photo by Dries Augustyns from Pexels.

Lottery Betting
Another traditional stream of gambling has been the lottery. The UK’s National Lottery was introduced in 1994, since giving away jackpots rising to in excess of £170m, and has helped inspire Brits’ interest in the broader lottery concept.

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Lotteries like the UK draw are enjoyed the world over, and the power of the internet has brought each of them to within a couple of taps for players on home soil. Many services offer players the opportunity to wager on the outcome of overseas draws, such as Irish Lottery betting, helping to unlock a whole new sector possible within the industry.

Whilst new technology has helped bring classic betting into the 21st century, the last ten years, in particular, has given rise to new external innovations, and none bigger than the world of eSports.

eSports players compete against one another at some of the world’s biggest video games, often remotely, and the industry has skyrocketed in popularity during the last decade. Now recognized as a major sport globally, fans can bet on the outcome of esports matches and competitions.

So, while technology has helped advance the betting industry, innovations outside it have also provided a boost.

The online gambling landscape is ever-changing and, as technology marches onward, it’s likely that more and more possibilities for the industry will be unlocked, creating new and exciting opportunities for all types of gamblers.

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