It started with Chroma extending its reach to electric skateboards and then into the interior of an automobile. Then Razer when on to partner with Chinese EV maker NIO for a Razer cobranded EV and now, it has done it again but only time, it is an actual gaming-focused car called HYCAN V09 Razer Edition Concept MPV (or Minivan as folks in N.A. calls it).

HYCAN V09 Razer Edition Concept MPV

Billed as a “mobile E-sport fortress”, the HYCAN V09 Razer Edition Concept MPV is based on the Chinese EV brand HYCAN V09 Multipurpose Van and has the interior modified to equip with a gaming setup for two people. The predominantly black and gray interior with Razer green accents features a half-glass wall dividing the front and center row.

On the upper half of this divider are two 165 Hz Razer Raptor gaming monitors and stowed away in the bottom section are a pair of Razer Blade 17 gaming laptops. Two sets of Razer gaming keyboard and mouse, headphones, Chroma RGB lighting, and 5G connectivity complete the mobile gaming station setup.

Oh, wait. There is also a pair of airline-style seats complete with a table for the keyboard and mouse. Each executive seat features massage, ventilation, and heating functions. Between the two executive airline seats is a touch screen that offers access to the functions of the seat and also retracts the gaming monitors.

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HYCAN V09 Razer Edition Concept MPV

That’s right. The monitors can be retracted into the dividing wall. When retracted it reveals a glass window that allows the mid-row occupants/gamers to see what’s in front if they want to. There is a misting function on this “window” that will turn it opaque for privacy without having to raise up the monitors.

The center divider or wall is also where you find a Razer umbrella stowed away Rolls-Royce style in case it rains and you need to get out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, it does not appear to have a minibar or fridge to quench your thirst.

On the outside, the HYCAN V09 Razer Edition Concept MPV is presented in a matte black finish with Razer green accents and the Razer logo prominently splashed across the rear quarter panels. The Razer logo can also be on the center cap of each black wheel.

We are not sure if this gamers’ dream ride is available to buy. Probably not since it is described as a “concept”. However, we do know that there are some collaborative events with the EDG Esports Club involving some pro gamers. The MPV was displayed at the recent Shanghai Auto Show.

Images: Weibo (HYCAN合创) [CH].

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