Nissan has created office chairs which we could only describe as lazy employees’ dream come true. Inspired by the company’s latest Intelligent Park Assist technology, Nissan has developed the world’s first self-parking chairs. Yes. You heard that right. Chairs that return to their original positions when office folks are done with them. Nissan did not actually make the chairs. Instead, it modified some Okamura office chairs, giving them motor that will power the 360 degrees roller system necessary for motion. The chairs work in sync with four ceiling or wall-mounted motion sensing cameras, one at each corner of the room, to determine the position of each chair and with the help of WiFi, the program then coax the chairs to move back to the preset position.

Self-parking won’t happen automatically, though; someone has to make a quick clap to get the chair moving and as such, we would imagine casual clapping is strictly forbidden in such office environment as all it takes is a clap to throw employees into disorientation when chairs start to move back into their original position with employees still on them. No, wait. Actually, that will be totally hilarious. The idea seems simple enough, but the working is definitely no and the setup wouldn’t be cheap either and so, do not expect such intelligent chairs to appear in offices anytime soon. Basically, these self-parking chairs are Nissan’s effort to promote the automaker’s latest Intelligent Park Assist technology. And no, it is not April yet. Catch the videos after the break.

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