KettlePizza – wood-fired pizza at your backyard

(photos: KettlePizza) KettlePizza | from US$129.95 |

have you ever wonder why grilled food goes well with a bottle of cold one on a hot sunny day at your backyard and not wood-fired pizzas? the answer is obvious but if it wasn’t, let us drop you a hint: you probably don’t have an easily storable wood-fire pit at your backyard. that’s why. however, you could change your routine beer-grill food practice into, you know, the beer-grilled food-pizza combo, if you have the KettlePizza. it is a stainless steel pizza oven that sits between the top and bottom of your standard round kettle grills, turning it into a pizza oven complete with a high temperature thermometer and a front opening for feeding/retrieving your pizza. it’s just that simple. there’s nothing magical but just an awesome contraption that expands your choice of food at your next backyard BBQ party, plus who doesn’t love a good authentic wood-fired pizza? prices of the KettlePizza start from $129.95 for the 18.5-inch model and $139.95 for the 22.5-inch model.

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