KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops

KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops
KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops | US$29.95 | kusashoes.com

according to some health fanatics, walking barefooted on grass is actually good for your health. while we love to give barefooted walking a go, we are not exactly fond of the pebbles and stones that are poised to ambush our delicate feet (not to mention those nasty dog poops serve up by your neighbors’ best friend). so, the KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops present an attractive option: walking on grass and getting the in-touch-with-nature sensation of walking on grass barefooted, anywhere. anytime. it features an artificial turf (known as Syn-Turf) on the insole that lets you feel like you are walking on the real grass without any footwear, minus the fear or anxiety that those nasty pebbles will take a bite into your soft soles. plus, it will definitely be the talk of the town wherever you go. need a walking conversational piece? then this is it. yours for just $29.95 a pair and available with several ‘trim’ colors (the grass is still green, though) and one floral-style for our lady friends. well, we have to say this is the best flip flops we have seen since the Keyboard Slippers.

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