What you see here is the LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Accelerator Card, aka Graphics Card, by LEGO Ideas member Bhaal_Spawn. It is one of those reasonable supported LEGO Ideas submission and you know it is totally cool, but at the end of the day, you know that it won’t ever make it as an official set.

LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Graphics Card

I mean, there is no real theme to it, such as say, a pirate ship, or a cake shop. A graphics card is just one of the many components of a personal computer and it alone will not make sense to anyone who isn’t a PC enthusiast.

I was a PC enthusiast. I used to build my own PC, rigged with fancy RGB lighting and so, as you can imagine, I was struck with a sense of nostalgia by this creation. The fact that Bhaal_Spawn go to length to create the packaging struck me even more.

LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Graphics Card

I recall buying GPU and sound card (remember SoundBlaster???) and was asked if I wanted OEM or retail edition. The former is the same item but without the retail packaging. It was just an anti-static bag. Ah, those were the days….

Anyways, Bhaal_Spawn’s proposed set it cool, but I am afraid it lacked the meat, so to speak, even it has the supporters behind it. I mean, if you are a good enough LEGO builder, you would be able to whip up one right now and so….

LEGO 3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3D Graphics Card

Images: LEGO Ideas (Bhaal_Spawn).

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