If you find the act of opening a fridge and checking the expiration date of the items you stash in there a chore, well, here’s a good news: LG’s new flagship Door-in-Door fridge, InstaView. maybe just the answer you are looking for. InstaView is exactly what it sounds like: it lets you see through the fridge to see what you have in there without the need to have Superman’s x-ray vision. Just simply knock twice the integrated screen on the left door of refrigerator and voila! the display will present to you a view of the inside. But seeing without opening the fridge is not the only thing it affords you. By using the Smart Tag menu, you can add virtual stickers and tags on the screen to identify what foods are stored and the corresponding expiration date for each item.

LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

With the information available to this smart fridge, it will remind you of foods that are nearing expiration. So, what kind of sorcery on Earth makes this possible? Well, actually, the fridge isn’t really transparent; it is equipped with a 2MP panoramic super wide lens camera that captures image of the interior from various angles and relay it to the display, and this also means you can remotely check the inside of the fridge on your smartphone too. LG has solved the age-old practise of calling home to ask somebody to check if the milk is running out, or if its expiring. Utterly brilliant.

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LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

In addition, InstaView makes paper notes a thing of the past as digital memos and to-do lists can be created right there, on the display. And it didn’t stop at visuals; InstaView also grant you access to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service which allows you to literally talk to the refrigerator. We are not sure if anyone like talking to a fridge, but if you do, then good news is, it won’t be as crazy as it sounds because Alexa will help you dig up recipes, play music, reach out to your car service center, set kitchen timers, snoop out the weather and more – all you have to do is ask. Alexa will, of course, hook up with Amazon to place Prime-eligible orders like groceries, compile a shopping list et cetera.

Now, that, my friends, is a true smart refrigerator. Looking at what LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator has to offer, it is without doubt the future is here. Well, almost, cos’ LG has not explicitly expressed when it will arrive nor how much will it cost.

LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

Images courtesy of LG Electronics.

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