You know how some botanical gardens have speakers planted among the flora to deliver soothing music for an extra relaxing experience? Well, with the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers, you can do the same for your home garden, backyard, and poolside too.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers Kickstarter

Even better is, there is no need to lay any cables, or even remove the speaker to be charged because Lodge is solar-powered. You probably cannot tell but the top, sides, and back of Lodge are covered with shatter- and chip-proof solar panels that ensure Lodge is always charged.

All told, it has no less than 180 square inches of solar panels, allowing it to be charged in a matter of hours and not days. When fully topped, you will be rewarded with over 15 hours of playback and with Bluetooth connectivity that offers 100+ feet of wireless audio streaming with up to 24 bit/96 kHz sampling – courtesy of a Bluetooth 5.3 audio chipset, there is really no cable to deal with.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers Kickstarter

The Lodge has a minimal, boxy design that reminds us of high-end monitors and bookshelf speakers. Under the hood, each Lodge has outfitted a tuned 3/4” tweeter, a 4-inch calibrated driver, and an integrated 4-inch tuned passive subwoofer that works with a 50-watt amplifier to fill your backyard with premium audio.

While it is essentially solar-charged, there’s a USB-C port for wired charging in the event there is no sun and you need it to be topped as soon as possible.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers Kickstarter

Rounding up the package is a splash and dustproof design that will enable it to stand up to life in your backyard/garden/poolside, and a Lodge Outdoor magnetic speaker stand.

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You can learn more about the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers over at its Kickstarter page where you can pledge for a speaker for 30% less, at US$210. At this point, the campaign is funded and so, all there is left to do is for Lodge Outdoor to fulfill the orders. Lodge Outdoor is expecting delivery to begin sometime in August 2022.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers Kickstarter
Lodge Solar Powered Speakers Kickstarter

Images: Lodge Outdoor.

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