Motorsports fans, the most important documentary since after SENNA is coming to Netflix. Netflix has recently shared the first official trailer of the documentary, SCHUMACHER, the first and only film supported by the family of Schumacher.

SCHUMACHER Official Trailer Netflix

Michael Schumacher’s career may have been put on a halt in a skiing accident in 2013, but to this day, his name remains synonymous with Formula 1. How far-reaching is this motorsport icon’s name is astounding. Even non F1 or motorsports enthusiasts know his name. Schumacher is the one name that even non-fans know.

Described as “the ultimate documentary of Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher,” SCHUMACHER features rare and exclusive interviews and previously unreleased archival footage that traces the portrait of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion.

SCHUMACHER Official Trailer Netflix

I believe it will be the documentary that lets us, fans, into what made this superhero of F1 tick. SCHUMACHER is set to stream on Netflix. However, when exactly it will drop is not clear.

Images: Netflix/YouTube (Netflix).

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