There are many smartwatches in the market, but not many have made claims as a “healthcare smartwatch”. The Veepoo Watch Rig caught our eye for being one such “healthcare smartwatch”.

Veepoo Watch Rig Healthcare Smartwatch

Veepoo Watch Rig claims to offer multiple health monitoring functions, including EKG/ECG, continuous heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability (HRV) alert, blood-oxygen saturation level (SpO2) monitoring, scientific sleep tracking, and sleep apnea analysis, and heart rate variability.

The multitude of health monitoring functions is in addition to the usual smartwatch functions including push notifications from your smartphone and of course, activity tracking which, in this case, covered 10 popular sports.

Veepoo Watch Rig is, according to the Shenzhen-based medical device maker, currently going through clinical trials in China, where if passed, it will be certified as a Class II medical device.

Veepoo Watch Rig Healthcare Smartwatch

As far as EKG/ECG goes, it touts medical-grade terminals and claims medical-grade Lead I EKG/ECG signal frequency that can reach as high as 512 Hz.

Electrocardiogram function is the obvious highlight here. With an effective reading, it supposedly can detect a series of heart diseases such as atrial fibrillation and premature beat.

All told, Veepoo Watch Rig is capable of tracking and analyzing 13 types of cardiac diseases.

Veepoo Watch Rig Healthcare Smartwatch

Unlike most smartwatches where most functions stop at the app. Veepoo Watch Rig can generate and export medical EKG/ECG waveforms through exclusive health management software VeepooHealth.

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In addition, it boasts an EKG/ECG emergency mode where, when feeling heart-related discomfort, the user can fire up ECG recording in just 3 seconds to record the data.

Veepoo also claims its continuous SpO2 monitoring is medical-grade too.

Veepoo Watch Rig Healthcare Smartwatch

Another star feature of the watch is the application of Lorenz scatter analysis of HRV (heart rate variability) in determining the overall health of the heart, as well as to determine the type and severity of most heart arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems).

To achieve its claimed accuracy, Veepoo Watch Rig uses a suite of biosensor and optical sensors, including 7 groups of Fresnel lens design, 6 LED light sources, 3 electrodes.

The device is, according to the spec sheet, IP68 rated, or was it IP67? Hmmm.

Anywho, it is worthy to note that none of these have been approved by FDA yet, but if you are willing, you can actually purchase the Veepoo Watch Rig Healthcare Smartwatch from for US$159.

Images: Veepoo.

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