this 1:8 Lamborghini Aventador cost 4.5 million euro

Robert Gülpen with his custom 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador 600x700px
(credit: RGE / David Kaiser) Custom 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador | €4.5 million |

big boy toys like the Lamborghini Aventador would be out of reach most common folks like us here but as ingenious species, we learn to satisfy those unreachable wants by owning a smaller scale model example. perhaps not, if the scale model is made from exquisite materials like carbon fiber for its scaled body just like the original car, platinum and gold crafted wheels, and diamonds on its miniature seats, headlamps and steering wheel. save for the carbon fiber, the rest are materials that you hardly find in a real-life automobile. Continue reading “this 1:8 Lamborghini Aventador cost 4.5 million euro”

HTC Sensation XE – Beats Audio comes standard

HTC Sensation XE 544x368px
(credit: HTC) HTC Sensation XE | US$tba |

if you are an audiophile who demand the very best audio even from your smartphone, then you are in luck. HTC has unveiled the HTC Sensation XE integrated with Beats Audio technology. though some may argued that Beats might not fit into audiophile class but we shall put that argument aside. so what’s so special about the XE version of the Sensation? basically, Beats has a hand in enhancing the audio experience of this Android handset and it comes with specially custom aluminum unibody construction Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones. apart from that, you will be getting a black handset accented with red and of course, the Beats’ logo to proclaim that this handset is NOT just any Sensation. sounds kind of weird for me to put it that way. doesn’t it? Continue reading “HTC Sensation XE – Beats Audio comes standard”

finally, [email protected] is on FaceBook!

TECHatmikeshouts on Facebook 544x311px
(credit: mikeShouts)

finally. we have made our mark on the world’s most used social network site, Facebook. yet another way of following this blogsite for news (well, maybe not that new newsboy but you get the idea), and everything that are tech-lifestyle related. don’t you just love that? if you are reading this, then chances are you are on this blogsite, so why not take this opportunity to ‘Like’ TECHatmikeshouts? it’s simple. just click ‘Like’ under the ‘Find us on Facebook’ widget on the right and follow a super short log-in procedure, and you are done. effortless. however, if microblogging is your media of choice, you can also follow TECHatmikeshouts HERE or click on the cute ‘Follow Me’ tab that appear next to the scroll bar. oh, our Facebook page is at: Continue reading “finally, [email protected] is on FaceBook!”

Soundmatters Foxl v2 for road-warrior audiophiles

Soundmatters Foxl v2 Portable Speaker 544x360px
(credit: Soundmatters) Soundmatters Foxl v2 Portable Speaker | from US$169.00 |

over the last couple of years we have seen many portable speakers popping out in the market which are mostly suffice for casual mobile party goers, thus cutting audiophile out of the enjoyment equation. which really shouldn’t be the case and that’s precisely what spurred Dr. Godehard Guenther, the man behind Soundmatters to create what came to be known as the serious audiophile-grade speaker in a tiny package, the Foxl portable speaker that debuted back in 2008. three years on, the Foxl is given a new fresh of life as Foxl v2 – Soundmatters second edition of its portable speaker – which is supposed to be blessed with even better sound with smoother, more extended bass, and more open highs. Continue reading “Soundmatters Foxl v2 for road-warrior audiophiles”

video: Playstation Vita in action at Tokyo Game Show

Playstation Vita at Tokyo Game Show 2011 544x306px
(credit: DigInfo)

Sony Computer Entertainment had a blast at the recent Tokyo Game Show (September 15-18) and the spotlight is of course on its upcoming portable gaming device, the Playstation Vita. over 30 game titles on around 80 handheld consoles are lined up for visitors to experience the Vita themselves. many will be flocking to the Tokyo Game Show which ends on the September 18 to catch a glimpse of what’s new in the gaming arena but for those who can’t be there (like us here), do catch a video of the Sony Playstation Vita in action, along with narration from Tetsuro Sakurai (Director of Marketing Department, SCE Japan) after the break. in the meantime, here’s an except of what to expect from the Vita: Continue reading “video: Playstation Vita in action at Tokyo Game Show”

Crystal Rocked’s BlackBerry 9900 in platinum and crystal

BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel 544x322px
(credit: Crystal Rocked) BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel | £1,200.00 |

Crystal Rocked cannot stop turning out blinged out gadgets and their latest addition might just put a smile on BlackBerry users with huge pockets. finally, eh? the lucky BlackBerry model that has been given the luxe-up treatment is 9900. it has been through a dive in platinum and the bezel swarm with no less than 5,000 individual high grade Swarovski Chatons. so now business folks who rely on their trusty berries to go about their million dollars deal can now do it in the ultimate bling-bling style and if you want one, then you better act fast cos’ only 12 units are available but be prepared to be £1,200 (about US$1,893) poorer. the BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel is only available via email order. Continue reading “Crystal Rocked’s BlackBerry 9900 in platinum and crystal”

this is how a 43,280-brick LEGO Star Destroyer looks like

LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer 900x600px
(credit: Iomedes)

if you thought the LEGO Super Star Destroyer (#10221) was huge, then you have yet to see this non-kit, fan built LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer created by one Iomedes (aka Sylvain Ballivet). the mind-boggling 43,280 pieces of LEGO bricks used versus the 3,152 pieces of the #10221 kit, should let you in on just how huge is this scale LEGO model. inspired by one LEGO model designer, Erik Varszegi who had built one back in 2005 to promote the Star Wars Episode III movie, this LEGO juggernaut measures an incredible 2.44-meters (8-feet) long, and weights 82-kilograms (180-pounds) – a statistic which practically dwarf the LEGO Super Star Destroyer. all said, i hereby take my hat off to Iomedes for the patience and LEGO skills he possessed. only one word could describe this LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer: awe-inspiring. hmm, or was that two words? never mind. blast pass the jump for a video ‘tour’ and more images of this awesome creation. Continue reading “this is how a 43,280-brick LEGO Star Destroyer looks like”

N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub 544x360px
(credit: Corcel) Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub | €tba |

why am i asking this question? because, there exist a bathtub that is crafted out from carbon-fiber material and it is not just any carbon fiber material but the best that its maker, Germany-based Corcel, can find. the firm described it as “an object of desire offering clean lines, generous space and distinctive character. magical attraction not only for your eye.” i won’t argue with that because i was totally drawn to it despite it (the bathtub) breaks the tradition of bathtub making by using a material that is predominately used in the automotive industry. there’s an unexplainable aura about this black thing that holds 330-liters of liquid – it feels sophisticated and at the same time it has a dark sinister feel about it. i don’t know, i can’t make anything out of it. simply put, i just can’t take my eyes off it, yet i don’t know why. Continue reading “N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?”

Dyson Hot. no really, that’s their latest fan’s name

Dyson Hot Fan Heater 544x488px
(credit: Dyson) Dyson Hot Fan Heater | £269.99 |

at the first look, you might thought this is just another model of Dyson Air Multiplier fan but it is not. well, actually it is but with the added functionality of heating. yes, this sleek little fan can heat up your room, evenly in no time with a user settable temperature of between 1 to 37 degrees celsius and that’s not all. once the desired temperature is reached, the heater stops and the built-in thermostat or sort constantly monitors the room, turning the heater back on once it detects a drop in temperature. if you have used heater with the heating elements exposed before, then the smell of something burning should be a familiar scent to you but not with the Hot since its heating mechanism is tucked away beneath its sleek bladeless fan, burning smell will becomes a thing of past. Continue reading “Dyson Hot. no really, that’s their latest fan’s name”

BOSE SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker 900x600px
(credit: BOSE) BOSE SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker | from US$299.95 |

the portable audio market is an expansive one and thus almost every audio equipment maker out there are putting their stake in it. BOSE is no exception, albeit being a little wee late but nevertheless, their latest offering by the way of SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker looks like a seller. first off, it bears a clean, minimalist design that harkens back to the 70s’ small audio equipment’s design and instead of AirPlay, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that enables users to stream audio wirelessly from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled devices to it. if you know BOSE, you will know specifications are not something they tout about but rather, they wants you to hear for yourself. however, judging from its track record, it is of little surprise that BOSE pays such close attention to details in both aesthetic and audio design. Continue reading “BOSE SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker”