IDAPT i1 Eco – saving the earth while you charge your devices

IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger main 544x311px
(image credit: IDAPT) IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger | about €20.00 |

an universal charger that charges more than one device at the same time isn’t all that new but one that charges two devices simultaneously and does its part to saves the environment while doing it, is something new altogether. well, IDAPT just added one that does the aforementioned to its portfolio of universal chargers. dubbed the i1 Eco, this universal charger features two charging outlets – one being the interchangeable tip and the other, a USB port – enabling it to charge just about anything imaginable.

besides its dual charging capability and its huge compatibility list of over 4,000 devices, this eco-friendly charger is made out of recycled materials and features an auto-off system that turns the charger off while not in use. a restart button lets you wake up your charger when you need to juice up your devices. the i1 Eco uses the IDAPT interchangeable tip which ensure continuous compatibility as new tips will be introduced when new devices are launched in the market. the i1 Eco is aesthetically pleasing too. call me superficial or whatever, but aesthetic is one ‘feature’ that i looked out for besides the obvious functionality.

the IDAPT i1 Eco is expected to be available from second quarter of 2011 with a retail price of “under €20.00.”

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IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger image1 640x640px IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger image2 640x640px IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger image3 640x640px IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger image4 640x640px

Bone Collection Horn Stand: amplification without battery

Bone Collection Horn Stand main 544x448px
(image credit: Bone Collection) Bone Collection Horn Stand | US$24.95 |

before i proceed, i must clarify that i do not have an obsession with horns. just yesterday, we posted a non-powered amplification speaker from ARK, and now we stumbled across yet another similar item from Bone Collection – dubbed the Horn Stand. the amplification principle for the Horn Stand remains the same as the ARK’s item but the Bone Collection’s item is little more compact in terms of size (the horn is noticeable shorter). made from silicone, the horn resembles the olden time hearing aid but with a slip-on case which covers the whole of the iPhone 4’s bottom including the HOME button.

as the name suggest, the Horn Stand also doubles as a stand for your iPhone for both landscape and portrait orientations. an opening is also included to allow charging or syncing of your iPhone without having to remove the Horn Stand. Bone Collection Horn Stand is touted to be “washable, dirt and scratch resistant.” huh? scratch resistant are common words these days but how it really performs is altogether another matter. the Horn Stand is available in four colors and retails for $24.95.

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Bone Collection Horn Stand - white 640x480px Bone Collection Horn Stand - green 640x480px Bone Collection Horn Stand - brown 640x480px Bone Collection Horn Stand - black 640x480px

Bookback will have your iPad and iPhone 4’s back covered

DODOcase BOOKback for iPhone 4 main 544x311px
(image credit: DODOcase) DODOcase BOOKback for iPad & iPhone 4 | US$8.95 & $19.95 |

not everyone fancy putting on protective case on their iPad or iPhone, agree? well, for those ‘naturists’ who love having their iPad and/or iPhone 4 naked, DODOcase new BOOKback will have their back covered, literally. the BOOKback is essentially a reusable, peel and stick decal made from the same Moroccan book fabric as used on the original DODOcase. the BOOKback is also treated with the familiar “DODOcase” and logo, which are debossed on the BOOKback using the traditional hot foil stamping technique. this one a looker, though i would rather not go around naked with my iOS devices with just only the back covered. check out more images of the BOOKback after the break. Continue reading “Bookback will have your iPad and iPhone 4’s back covered”

Bone Collection’s USB Flash Drives disguise as Ninjas

Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive main 544x428px
(image credit: Fruitshop International) Bone Collection Ninja Flash Drive 4GB | US$24.99 |

USB flash drive comes in variety of shapes and sizes and here’s one that would have ninja-fans going gaga. beyond its sinister but adorable-look and its removable water-resistant silicone jacket, this ninja actually has a USB in its back. true to the ninja’s way, the Bone Collection Ninja Flash Drive features magnets concealed within it that let it scaled up any ferrous surface.

bow the ninja forward to expose the USB 2.0 interface. at this point, try not to let your imagination run wild *ahem* when you plug this flash drive into your USB. the Bone Collection Ninja Flash Drive comes in three colors: black, red or purple and is up for grab at $24.99 from Amazon. hmmm, kind of complements the sushi series USB flash drives, don’t you think so?

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Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - black 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - red 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - purple 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - plugged-in 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - on a mission 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - red & black on a mission 640x480px Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive - red & purple poses 640x480px

FruitShop via

ARKCANARY II is a naturally amplification for iPhone 4

ARK ARKCANARY II main 544x311px
(image credit: ARK) ARKCANARY II iPhone Speaker | US$13.00 |

this is probably the cheapest way to amplify the sound of your iPhone without draining those precious juice from it. from the guys who brought to you the chunky foam iPhone case, comes the ARKCANARY II, an analog speaker that reminisces of a gramophone loudspeaker.

the ARKCANARY II clips under your naked iPhone (or used with ARKHIPPO I), thus amplifying the sound naturally. it works on the same principle as the Koostik iPhone Dock, but a little less complicated and more portable. it also doubles as an iPhone stand too. sharing (or annoying, depending on the situation or your intent) has never been easier. blast it out loud to annoy your colleague who’s fervently working in the next cubicle or share your music to willing parties, its up to you. the ARKCANARY is not readily available but it is now requesting for support to make this product a reality via Kickstarter.

pledging a minimum amount of $10 gets you an ARKCANARY which has a original MSRP of $13. if you are keen, head on down to ARK’s page at Kickstarter to make your pledge. the ARKCANARY will comes in seven different hues for your choosing and is expected to be available sometime in March. strange that ARK decided to kick off a second CANARY even before the ARKCANARY I sees production.

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ARK ARKCANARY II image1 600x450px ARK ARKCANARY II image2 600x450px ARK ARKCANARY II image3 600x450px

artist in focus: Sculpture Artist Christopher Conte

Chris Conte Scarlett main 544x488px
(image credit: Dennis Blachut/Chris Conte) ‘Scarlett’ (2011) Cast bronze with stainless steel, 925 Silver, and Garnet.

Norway-born, New Yorker Christopher Conte is a self-taught biomechanical sculpture artist who creates beautiful sculptures based around future technologies, more specifically cybernetic organisms which Chris coined as Cybermechanical sculpture. having a degree in Fine Art from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Chris was a Certified Prosthetist for 16 years before going full-time as an artist in mid 2008. Chris often uses modern exotic materials ranging from bronze to carbon fiber combining with ancient techniques of construction for his one-of-the-kind art pieces. Continue reading “artist in focus: Sculpture Artist Christopher Conte”

Shoot A Brew will catapult cans of beer to you, literally

Shoot A Brew main 544x311px
(credit: Shoot A Brew, edited by mike) Shoot A Brew Cooler | US$295.00 (pre-order) |

throughout the history of beer consumption, mankind has tried every possible way to make life more of a party than a chore (when it comes to booze, that is). beer aficionados has conceived the possibility of mobile beer party with the Beer Bike, then there is an attempt to reduce the foaming-up by filling the beer from the bottoms up, and among other inventions which we probably have yet to discover. now these guys wants your cooler to toss the beer to you, literally. Continue reading “Shoot A Brew will catapult cans of beer to you, literally”

Mosaic Sweden classic bathtub is of mosaics and lion’s feet

Mosiac Sweden bathtub
Mosaic Sweden Bathtub | US$na |

we are not even sure if this is available commercially yet, due to our lack of knowledge in Swedish language. but one thing we do know is this beautiful bathtub was showcased along with a series of mosaics for floors and walls in the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. nevertheless, this is one exquisite bathtub that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the old world charm. this standalone bathtub with lion’s feet as its footings, has its exterior covered in mosaic pattern conjured up by Swedish designers Emily Solklippa & Hanna Wsetin-Skogh. captured in the mosaic pattern is the Swedish summer flowers as the main theme and “was based in the desired for a pattern associated with happiness and joy,” says Emily & Hannah.

click on the image after the break to view a bigger image of this wonderful bathtub as well as a sample of mosaic patterns from Mosaic Sweden.

Mosaic Sweden via Born Rich

ChiquiSafe gives your banana an armor to prevent bruises

Chiquita ChiquiSafe image 2 600x390px
whoever pitched the idea of a banana case must unspoken love for bananas and possessed a deep understanding of how the tender body of this yellow fruit will easily bruise at the slightest bump. designed by David Dos Stantos for REMORK DesignStudio, the (Chiquita’s) ChiquiSafe is a dedicated container protecting your beloved banana, before its journey ends in your stomach. we love this as much as we love the Donghnut To-Go cos’ we love donuts and we love bananas. we gotta have one. Continue reading “ChiquiSafe gives your banana an armor to prevent bruises”

this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe

NcSTAR AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcer main 544x544px
(image credit: Cheaper Than Dirt!) AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcher | US$19.97 |

i’m not sure what went through the mind of the inventor of this golf ball launcher. perhaps, the ammunitions price just skyrocket and these guys decided to put their assault rifles to good use or may be it is for venting their frustration over the game of eternal frustration? check out the web store description cum disclaimer: Continue reading “this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe”