Custom N64 Tie Fighter Mk II and SNES Snow Speeder

Custom N64 Tie Fighter Mk II and SNES Snow Speeder 900x600px
(credit: CorellianCustoms) Custom Nintendo 64 Tie Fighter Mk II (US$209.99) / Custom Super Nintendo T-47 Snow Speeder (US$184.99) |

if you happens to be a huge Star Wars and past-era Nintendo console fans combined (which is a rarity, i think), then you would probably be delighted by these custom Nintendo machines from Etsy seller CorellianCustoms. at this moment, he has two custom consoles: one being the a Super Nintendo in the guise of a T-47 Snow Speeder and the other, a Nintendo 64 living its life as a TIE Fighter Mk II for sale over at his Etsy store for $209.99 and $184.99, respectively. not exactly cheap for consoles of the bygone era but i guess, you can’t really put a price to the marriage between Star Wars and Nintendo consoles, can you? Continue reading “Custom N64 Tie Fighter Mk II and SNES Snow Speeder”

Mobiado Grand 350 Aston Martin luxury phone

Mobiado Grand 350 Aston Martin Phone 544x588px
(credit: Mobiado) Mobiado Grand 350 Aston Martin Phone | US$tba |

before the Mobiado Aston Martin Concept Phone becomes a reality, here’s a latest offering from Mobiado to tie you over. dubbed the Mobiado Grand 350 Aston Martin Phone, this gorgeous communication device is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for the elegant hard surface that can endure day-to-day usage. the aluminum framed the equally sapphire crystal and like all Mobiado phone, the attention to detail is impeccable which include infrared (IR) window (yes, it has IR!) created out from a solid piece of ruby crystal, stainless steel screws, and perfectly round buttons crafted from a combination of sapphire crystal and stainless. Continue reading “Mobiado Grand 350 Aston Martin luxury phone”

Michael Schumacher 20th Anniversary Gold-Plated Helmet

Michael Schumacher 20th Anniversary Gold-Plated Helmet 900x900px
(credit: Schuberth) Michael Schumacher 20th Anniversary Gold-Plated Helmet | €tba |

Germany-based head protection specialist Schuberth is celebrating Formula One living legend, Michael Schumacher’s 20 years in Formula One with this limited edition replica helmet plated in gold. the helmet, adorned with graphics that pay homage to Schumacher’s 29 years in the business is clad in 21-carat of gold plating. simply called the Michael Schumacher 20th Anniversary Gold-plated Helmet, only twenty of the gold plated 1:1 replica helmets will be made available for purchase. according to Schuberth, “there will also be additional replicas with gold paint” but no specifics were given for its availability and price. Continue reading “Michael Schumacher 20th Anniversary Gold-Plated Helmet”

Aston Martin V12 Zagato for mid-2012 with limited units

Aston Martin V12 Zagato 900x570px
(credit: Aston Martin) Aston Martin V12 Zagato | £330,000.00 |

ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show debut, Aston Martin has announced the availability of the hand-assembled Aston Martin V12 Zagato. two models will make their appearance at this prestigious motor show. the pair nicknamed ‘Zig’ and ‘Zag’ will go on show along side with the “largest display of contemporary Aston Martins ever seen at a motor show.” i shall spare you the lengthy read on how what ‘Zig’ and ‘Zag’ are but for the curious minded, hit past the jump for the official press release. Continue reading “Aston Martin V12 Zagato for mid-2012 with limited units”

Maserati GranCabrio Fendi designed by Silvia V. Fendi

Maserati GranCabrio Fendi 900x600px
(credit: Maserati) Maserati GranCabrio Fendi | US$tba |

we thought the 500 by Gucci is the last we would see in Italian automaker and Italian fashion brand collaboration but we were wrong. Italian luxury automaker Maserati has teamed up with fellow Italian designer fashion brand Fendi for a special edition and no doubt, limited Maserati GranCabrio, dubbed as Maserati GranCabrio Fendi. on the exterior, the Fendi x Maserati GranCabrio GranCabrio is distinguished by a special dray grey with an iridescent golden finish – a three-layered color finish which Maserati calls it the Grigio Fiamma Fendi. Continue reading “Maserati GranCabrio Fendi designed by Silvia V. Fendi”

Mobiado Grand Touch and Grand Touch GCB mobile phone

Mobiado Grand Touch and Grand Touch GCB 544x388px
(credit: Mobiado) Mobiado Grand Touch and Grand Touch GCB | US$tba |

Canadian luxury phone maker has announced its first touchscreen phone. drawing its inspiration from gems, the phone sports sharp geometrical surfaces that reflects light differently due to its varying angles. two models were announced, the Grand Touch and the Grand Touch GCB. both phones are crafted with precision CNC machine with the former from solid aircraft aluminum, anodized to give it an elegant hard surface that can withstand day to day usage. the GCB, on the other hand, is machined out from solid brass and plated with gold. the touch luxury continues to the back with two pieces of sapphire crystal meeting at a sharp angle, with the battery cover taking up one piece of this precious glass. Continue reading “Mobiado Grand Touch and Grand Touch GCB mobile phone”

Skullcandy 2011 G.I. Tokidoki Headphones

Skullcandy 2011 GI Tokidoki 544x600px
(credit: Skullcandy) 2011 G.I. Tokidoki | US$79.99 |

following to the earlier released Agent Tokidoki x Skullcandy headphones, is yet another collaboration between Skullcandy and Japanese-inspired pop-artist Tokidoki, and the result is an awesome headphones splashed with thirteen different designs as touch by the pop-art maestro. music is a form of art and so is Tokidoki’s work, hence, this collaboration could only be described as a match made in heaven. beyond its artistic aesthetic, this pair of over-ear cans sport 40-mm drivers with a maximum output of 500mW. other features include inline mic and control switch, DJ articulation, and soft leather touch ear pillows. the 2011 G.I. Tokidoki is available now for an affordable $79.90 a pair. Continue reading “Skullcandy 2011 G.I. Tokidoki Headphones”

world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile goes on sale!

Putsch Racing Turbine-powered Batmobile 655x435px
(credit: Putsch Racing) World’s Only Jet Turbine Batmobile | US$620,000.00 |

remember the world’s only jet turbine batmobile developed by Putsch Racing? well, we have a piece of good news for those residing in the U.S. – this awesome jet-powered Batmobile mobile replica is up for grab for a cool sum of $620,000 via eBay. though, International buyers are also welcome but i would imagine the hassle of clearance, the tons of paperwork needed just to get this machine to your shore, that’s if jet-powered vehicle is a go for your country. nevertheless, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Batman fans who happens to have fairly large pockets, or should i say this vehicle is more suited for the real-life Bruce Wayne kind of folks. Continue reading “world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile goes on sale!”

Mos Eisley – Chalmun’s Cantina Environment

Sideshow Collectibles Mos Eisley Cantina 544x338px
(credit: Sideshow Collectibles) Mos Eisley – Chalmun’s Cantina 12-inch Figure Environment | US$249.99 |

if collecting Star Wars 12-inch figures has become a monotonous affair for you then perhaps, it is time for some Star Wars environment to spruce up the collections. here’s one that you can start with: the Mos Eisley – Chalmun’s Cantina 12-inch Figure Environment from Sideshow Collectibles. crafted to scale of 1/6, this infamous watering hole of the Tatooine desert is individually hand painted and finished, thus blessing each piece with its own unique quality and detail. it features working Catina lights in the interior and exquisite detail on both the interior and exterior. it even has a double-side window graphic which is removable. Continue reading “Mos Eisley – Chalmun’s Cantina Environment”

the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water

Billabong V1 Wetsuit 544x368px
(credit: Shane Dorian/Billabong) Billabong V1 Wetsuit | US$tba |

in the air, we have parachutes as a safety measure but what if you were pinned down by big waves in the water? Shane Dorian, one of the best big wave surfers on the planet has the answer for that. his invention is the world’s first inflatable wetsuit. think of it as a parachute for water but instead of bringing you down safely, it aims to bring pinned down surfer (or anyone for any reason) safely to the surface. this innovative idea struck Shane back in 2010 where he was nearly drowned when he was pushed down 25-feet below the surface, only to be held there by two more big waves. with this idea in his head, Shane contacted Billabong wetsuit designer Hub Hubbard and the rest is history. Continue reading “the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water”