iWrench Stand props up your phone by wrenching it

iWrench Stand 544x333x
(image credit: Strapya) iWrench Stand for iPhone 4 or iPod | ¥430.00 | www.strapya-world.com

if you are those with an insatiable appetite for toilet-related equipment, then you probably want your mobile devices to bear that toilet-esque mark too. iPlunge has probably satisfy you a wee bit, so how about adding a wrench to the collection? you know, the tool that you use to settle those wretch sink problems? meet iWrench Stand, a tiny accessory that props up your smartphone or MP3 player like the iPlunger does but with a twist, literally. well, actually it takes more than a twist. design to look like your real deal pipe wrench, it comes complete with an adjustable jaw that can be adjusted to wrench to one side of your phone, propping it up. in that sense, it could fit more than just the thin iPhone but also thicker devices. not exactly a straight forward way to prop a device up but it is definitely scores on the conversational department. if you hook up a ring at its end, you could even use it as a keychain. neat. the iWrench can be yours for just ¥430 (US$5.60). Continue reading “iWrench Stand props up your phone by wrenching it”

video: Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film)

Portal: No Escape Live Action Short Film 544x262px
(credit: screenshot from Portal: No Escape video)

if you are huge fan of Portal video games, here’s a live action short film created by Dan Trachtenberg that you would probably like. don’t worry, the film was not shot in first person perspective, so you won’t get nausea like you probably would when playing the game. cinematography-wise speaking, it may not be as exciting as the game but overall, it still makes a good entertaining viewing. i think both fans and non-fans will like it. of course, Portal gamers will better relate to it. so let’s not wait any longer, hit past the jump and join me for some live action Portal: No Escape. Continue reading “video: Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film)”

Lossa Engineering 1978 Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle

1978 Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle 900x600px
(credit: Lossa) 1978 Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle | US$tba | www.lossaengineering.com

there is something magical about giving old things a new lease of life. this is especially true when it comes to vehicle – just any vehicle but for today, i saw something that had my heart fluttering with excitement and that something is this 1978 Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle as custom by Lossa Engineering. maybe its the white that caught my eyes or perhaps, it was the familiar silhouette that i once had a glimpse as a child. whatever it is, you can’t agree it this two wheelers is a looker. though it looks like it has came to the future from 1978 but under the hood (and outside), it is bless with lots of custom work such as relocated battery, a GSXR front end and rearsets, Brembo brakes front and rear, custom sprocket carrier, custom intake manifold and handmade steel tail section, just to list a few. above all, the white paint job with a dash (or two) of red and polished metal make it totally wicked. so how much is it? i have no idea, but as the rule of thumb in buying: always contact the person in question and enquire. in the event, they don’t sell it, i suggest you use your persuasion skill to beg for one. really. it is that beautiful. hit past the jump and check out a few more stunning images of this awesome classic. Continue reading “Lossa Engineering 1978 Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle”

Land Rover Defender given the touch of luxury by Vilner

Vilner Studio Land Rover Defender 900x600px
Vilner Studio Land Rover Defender | US$na | www.vilner.eu

we are accustomed to seeing souped up cars with luxurious interiors but going the luxe way for the interior of an automobile destined to go off-road is far and few between. however, that’s exactly what this Land Rover Defender was given: a luxury touch by Bulgarian customizer. what can i say? it’s so awesome that it beckons you to spend a night or two in it, instead of pitching tents or on your comfortable king sized bed, if you happens to be at home. heck, i would even hold a meeting in there than the conference room. Continue reading “Land Rover Defender given the touch of luxury by Vilner”

Sony’s new a77, a65 DSLR, NEX-7 and NEX-5N cameras

Sony Digital SLR 544x288px
(credit: Sony) Sony a65 DSLR (from US$900) / Sony a77 DSLR (from US$1,400) / Sony NEX-7 (from US$1,200) / Sony NEX-5N (from US$600) | www.sonystyle.com

shutterbugs would most definitely be delighted by Sony’s onslaught of announcement thrown at us yesterday. in a span of a day, it has not only announced the new Handycam but also four other interchangeable lens digital cameras. among the announced shooter are a65 and a77 DSLR, NEX-5N and NEX-7 compact digital camera systems. first off, the pair of DSLRs are touted as “Sony’s latest refinements to its Translucent Mirror Technology”, making these duo “the fastest, most responsive interchangeable lens cameras in their class.” Continue reading “Sony’s new a77, a65 DSLR, NEX-7 and NEX-5N cameras”

Sony announced new Handycam NEX-VG20 Camcorder

Sony Handycam NEX-VG20 Camcorder 544x399px
(credit: Sony) Sony Handycam NEX-VG20 Camcorder | from US$1,599.00 | www.sonystyle.com

Sony has taken wrap off the successor to its hugely popular handycam NEX-VG10. dubbed simply as the Handycam NEX-VG20 Camcorder, this E-mount interchangeable lens system boast a 16.1-megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor for recording cinematic full HD video and capturing of high resolution photos. full HD video shooting in AVCHD format now comes with a choice of either 24p or progressive 60p frame rates. Continue reading “Sony announced new Handycam NEX-VG20 Camcorder”

Hublot Chukker Bang watch for Polo Gold Cup Gstaad

Hublot Chukker Bang Watch 544x488px
(image credit: Hublot) Hublot Chukker Bang | US$tba | www.hublot.com

Hublot has announced the Chukker Bang time piece to mark the occasion of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, a prestigious polo event Hublot has been associated for the last four years. this particular time piece drew its inspiration from the game of polo and developed with input from one of the world’s best polo player and Hublot Ambassador Facundo Pieres. one of the highlight of this 44.5-mm diameter polo-centric time piece is its 7-min 30 counter which is exactly the length of one period of play, or “chukka” as it is called in the world of polo. Continue reading “Hublot Chukker Bang watch for Polo Gold Cup Gstaad”

RIM introduces new BlackBerry Curve Smartphones

BlackBerry Curve 544x388px
(credit: RIM) BlackBerry Curve Smartphone | US$tba | www.rim.com

hot on the heel of the recently announced BlackBerry 7 OS powered smartphones, are the new BlackBerry Curve smartphones. the Curve lineup includes 9350, 9360 and 9370 – all which are running on the new BlackBerry 7 Operating System. endowed with a sleek and slimmer form factor, the Curve features goodies such as 5-megapixels camera with flash, 800 MHz processor (no mention of processor specific, though), HVGA transmissive TFT display, microSD/SDHC card slot (supports up to 32-GB), GPS (with aGPS), geo-tagging, audio and video playback and Wi-Fi connectivity. other highlights include built-in support for Near Field Communication (NFC), improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and better social network integration. the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphones is slated to be available from carriers in Canada this month and from other carries around the world from September onwards. pricing is of course, carrier specific. Continue reading “RIM introduces new BlackBerry Curve Smartphones”

en&is’s MegaPhone: power-free, ceramic iPhone speaker

en&is MegaPhone 900x600px
(credit: en&is) en&is MegaPhone | US$tba | enandis.com

Italian designer duo Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa, collectively known as en&is, has a sleek proposition on how iPhone sound should be amplified. their creation, aptly dubbed MegaPhone, is a minimalist ceramic horn that passively amplifies the iPhone sound without the need for electrical power. though the concept of natural amplification is not new, their design is something to behold. in another words – awe-inspiring. the setup consists of a beautifully curve horn, handcrafted from ceramic, that sits on an equally beautiful handcrafted thin wooden frame. as with the powered counterpart, its application includes conference, music playback or even FaceTime. no word on whether the MegaPhone will see eventual production but in the event that it does, i’d take two of these. no kidding. this work of art is a looker anytime even without using it as intended. check out a short video clip of the MegaPhone in action after the break. Continue reading “en&is’s MegaPhone: power-free, ceramic iPhone speaker”

Logitech Fold-up Keyboard and Joystick for iPad

Logitech Fold-up Keyboard and Joystick for iPad 544x388px
(image credit: Logitech) Logitech Fold-up Keyboard for iPad 2 (US$129.99) / Logitech Joystick for iPad (US$19.90) | www.logitech.com

Logitech has announced a couple of new accessories for your iPad that addresses both work and play department of your life with your iPad. the first is the Logitech Fold-up Keyboard for iPad 2 that, unlike the conventional folio-style keyboards, features a full-sized keyboard for ease of typing. though it is not purportedly dubbed as a case but the keyboard attaches to the back of the iPad 2 much like one. when not in use, the folded keyboard turns off automatically and hide neatly underneath your iPad 2 – acting as a form of protection for your tablet. once unfolded, the keyboard wakes up instantly and is ready for you to use. the best part is, the Fold-up keyboard works seamlessly with your Apple Smart Cover too. Continue reading “Logitech Fold-up Keyboard and Joystick for iPad”