Kyle Buckner Designs’ The iTable is a coffee table sound dock

The iTable 544x508px
(credit: Kyle Buckner Designs) The iTable | from US$tba |

whenever there’s an ‘i’ preceding a product name, you know its meant for some iOS devices. that said, you will know that Kyle Buckner’s the iTable featured here is a table for iOS devices – just think of it as an oversized sound dock for your iPhone or iPod that is also a coffee table. completely handcrafted by the man himself, this industrial design furniture turns from a coffee table to a sound dock and vice versa with just a swipe across its front table top. check out a demo video after the break. (point of interest: 0:20). Continue reading “Kyle Buckner Designs’ The iTable is a coffee table sound dock”

Nixon popular wristwatches given the raw finish treatment

Nixon Raw Steel watches 544x311px
(credit: Nixon) Nixon Raw Steel Wristwatches | from US$348.99 |

to be honest, i am not quite sure if this is Nixon’s handy work or somebody else’s but what matter most is these time pieces look super wicked cool. if you think the glittery colors of the world of wristwatch makes you look a little sissy, than perhaps these stripped down Nixon Raw Steel wristwatches will make you feel a whole lot manlier. instead of the shiny chrome or gold (or whatever), these watches are of pure raw steel finish which are sure to turn heads. these are the perfect examples of minimalism at its best. despite being raw finish, the watches still maintain it’s original form and functionality. currently, there are three raw steel that you can choose from: Chronicle SS, 42-20 Chrono and the 51-30 Chrono but of course, if you have huge pockets, there’s no stopping you from grabbing all three of them. there’s nothing like a cold, chunky raw steel on your wrist. yes? Continue reading “Nixon popular wristwatches given the raw finish treatment”

Nintendo unveils next generation Wii at the E3 Expo [videos]

Nintendo Wii U 544x480px
(credit: Nintendo) Nintendo Wii U | US$tba |

Nintendo steals the show in this year’s E3 Expo with its next generation Wii console, dubbed the Wii U. it has made waves when it first introduced the original Wii console despite its resolution being less than ‘idea’ and now the new Wii U is set to make waves in the gaming industry once again. one of the most notable improvement over the original Wii is its full HD 1080p video capability, which is long overdue. finally, we will have a opportunity to see Mario in its hi-res glory as opposed to the now almost-pixelated form. Continue reading “Nintendo unveils next generation Wii at the E3 Expo [videos]”

Gresso presents an iPhone with six world time on its back

Gresso iPhone 4 Time Machine 544x408px
(credit: Gresso) Gresso iPhone 4 Time Machine | US$6,000.00 |

i wonder why would we need six other time zones at the back of our iPhone when you can easily set your iPhone to view this timings with the built-in clock function. however, if you really can’t spare a few seconds poking through the clock app to get those timings, Gresso has an answer for you: the iPhone 4 Time Machine. it is not a real time machine per se but rather it is an iPhone 4 but with six independent Swiss movements built into its back. Continue reading “Gresso presents an iPhone with six world time on its back”

Sony Playstation Vita has not one but two multitouch surfaces

Playstation Vita 544x560px
(credit: Sony Computer Entertainment) Sony Playstation Vita | US$249.00 |

finally, official words on the Playstation Portable successor: the Playstation Vita. ‘Vita’ does sound a little off too me but according to Playstation ‘Vita’ means ‘Life’ in Latin which is what this next-generation portable entertainment system is all about. the PSVita as it is called, features a 5-inch multi-touch enabled organic LED (OLED) display and an unique multi-touch pad on its rear. Sony has also incorporated sixaxis into this device, thus allowing tilting to be included in games. Continue reading “Sony Playstation Vita has not one but two multitouch surfaces”

Sony debuts new 3D display and PS3 accessories at E3

Sony Playstation 3D Display 544x408px
(credit: Sony Computer Entertainment) Sony Playstation 3D Display | US$499.99 |

E3 is up and running, and it is indeed unfortunate that we can’t be there in person but nevertheless, that doesn’t stop us from highlighting some goodies that surfaced during the expo. first off is an exciting announcement by Sony Computer Entertainment. among the many announcement at the E3 Expo is the 24-inch full-HD 1080p 3D display. besides its obvious 3D capability, this particular screen offers a neat feature that will give two player experience a boost. Continue reading “Sony debuts new 3D display and PS3 accessories at E3”

Mercedes-Benz marks 60 years of Unimog with bold concept [updated with more photos!]

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Concept 544x368px
(credit: Daimler)

Mercedes-Benz utility truck Unimog has come a long way since its founding in 1950s. this year marks the 60th year of Unimog and beside the earlier announced collaboration with LEGO for the scale Technic model, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an Unimog concept based on the proven off-road mobility of the U 5000 model. the concept was formally unveiled on the June 3 at the Customer Center of the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Wörth. Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz marks 60 years of Unimog with bold concept [updated with more photos!]”

meet Schumacher Mi3, the world’s fastest RC car

Schumacher Mi3 544x488px
(credit: via Top Speed)

frankly speaking, Radio Controlled model (or some called it Remote Controlled model) is the last thing you would expect to have a ‘world’s fastest’ tag to it but in this case, this is exactly what this DIY RC car has achieved. meet Schumacher Mi3, touted to achieve a shattering 161.76 mph (about 260 km/h) top speed and is hence, crowned the world’s fastest RC car. if i were you, i’d stand way clear when this baby is streaking around. i used to pilot a RC truck that made 60 km/h and i already found it hard to keep it in control, hence at 260 km/h, the Mi3 just made it into the insane territory. Continue reading “meet Schumacher Mi3, the world’s fastest RC car”

LG’s V300 All-In-One is looking sleek and very iMac-like

LG V300 AIO PC 544x428px
LG V300 All-In-One | US$yba |

in the recent, Computex Taipei, LG unleashed its first all-in-one (AIO) PC which features the innovative Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR), commonly found in 3D TVs. this is yet another Intel collaboration with PC maker, so we should expect lots more in terms of processor and graphics department which turns out to be true. the V300 comes equipped with Intel’s latest processor, Sandy Bridge Core i7, 8GB of RAM, AMD Radeon HD6650M graphics, a 750GB 7200rpm hard drive and BluRay drive. of course, it has a superb display that’s completely 3D capable and multitouch enabled. Continue reading “LG’s V300 All-In-One is looking sleek and very iMac-like”

Sideshow Collectibles 12-inch Superman action figure

Superman 12-inch Figure 544x328px
(credit: Sideshow Collectibles) Superman 12-inch Action Figure | US$209.99 |

have you forgotten about Superman, specifically the movie Superman? i know the last big screen Superman wasn’t quite a success but i am sure we still fondly remembers Christopher Reeve’s role and here’s a chance to collect a piece of the classic 1978 Superman. new from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys is this Superman 12-inch Figure sculptured based on the 1978 classic Superman film. this collectible is crafted with the likeness of Christopher Reeve and features movie-accurate costume, and a detailed light-up figure stage replicating the Fortress of Solitude. Continue reading “Sideshow Collectibles 12-inch Superman action figure”