Pixel Mouse – 8-bit style hand-pointer wired mouse

Pixel Mouse 544x544px
(credit: via RED5) Pixel Mouse | £14.95 | www.red5.co.uk

if you lament the fact that the pixelated world is being left behind, then perhaps this Pixel Mouse should lift your spirit a little. never mind the fact this is a wired mouse with nothing special to shout about but it is after all, a novel mouse and just by looking at its jagged edges should really put a smile on the face on any pixelated geeks out there. shaped after a giant Windows pointing hand, this is sure to eliminate the monotony from your computer desk and plus the fact that it cost just £14.95 (about US$24). a small price to pay for reliving the joy of pixelated era in its full solid glory. hit past the jump for a couple more look.
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Pixel Mouse 544x544px

Pixel Mouse 544x544px

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