Prop Store Marvel Television Live Auction

Marvel fans, specifically fans of Marvel TV series like, you know, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, you will want to know about this props and costumes auction. Organized by Prop Store and Marvel, the Marvel Television Live Auction will happen on August 12-13, with online bidding already underway.

Prop Store Marvel Television Live Auction
345. Matt Murdock’s Second Iteration Red Daredevil Cowl

Expect to see instantly recognizable show props like the different iterations of Daredevil costume, a few versions of Elektra Natchios’ Sais, Nelson and Murdock Attorneys at Law Office Plaque, a variety of Luke Cage’s iconic hoodie – including the bullet-hole ridden version and the one that been through an explosion, Luke Cage’s Surgery Bath, and Danny Rand’s Iron Fist mask to go on the block.

Also in the catalog are less recognizable, but no less important items like Murdock’s bloodied suit (reminder: don’t ever let you mum go near this, or your investment may be gone) and eyewear, Fogwell’s Gym front door sign, Jack Murdock’s boxing robe, assorted Fisk release protest signs, Pop’s Swear Jar, Cage’s ‘Little Green’ book, and Colleen Wing’s Cage Fight getup – just to name a few.

Just to be clear that these auction items are not replica. They are actual props, costumes and stuff from the production of these TV shows. That said, some, if not all the lots, do sport slight wear and tear from them being used in the production. Then again, those “battle scars” are just what make them so valuable to collectors.

Obviously, you need to consult your bank account’s health before take the dive because, key props won’t come cheap. For examples, Matt Murdock’s Red First Iteration Daredevil Costume and the Red Daredevil costume from Season 2 and 3 are expected to sell between $30-50K each, while the protagonist’s first iteration VFX cowl, around $6,000-8,000. The various Cage’s hoodie have estimated prices that range from a couple to a few thousand dollars. Likewise for the Iron Fist’s mask.

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There are of course less significant pieces which you may be able to bag for less, but still those items, which are in the hundreds range, adds up because, surely you can’t be getting just the Ben Urich’s newspaper clippings and notes in a distressed Converse shoebox only, right? In short, you ought to be filthy rich want to be a collector. Interested collectors can familiarize themselves with the lots by scrutinizing the entire catalog by hitting up this link HERE. Don’t ask why Jessica Jones isn’t part of it (the auction). I want to know too.

676. Danny Rand’s Stunt Yellow Iron Fist Mask

Images: Prop Store/Marvel.

Source: Engadget.